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Update #2

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Fixed the attack animation of the FF

  • The Cyclops in Warriors guild and Cyclops in GWD Dungeon
  • Dag Rex
  • Dag Prime
  • Dag Supreme

Fixed The Glitch whenever you climb down the Daganoth area stairs you go down under the floor.

Temporarily removed the teleport option of the Zombie minigame till I fully finished the custom minigame.

Fixed the Attack Animation bug of Off-hand Scimitars and Defenders.

Fully fixed the database issue in Highscores where some players aren't saving, Also made that whenever you do the command ;;highscores it will save your stats instead of logging out to update and check your progress.

Fully fixed the Id's of the donation perks, where some perks aren't receivable automatically.

Fix the combat system, more accurate and decent 

Fix the effects of off-hands

added new animation for noxious staff hellfirebow etc

Fixed the correct attack animation of GWD weapons.



Guys if you have found bug or glitch please don't hesitate to post it here
or private message me here in discord or in-game.


Thank you!


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