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dungeoneering suggestion´s


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  1. 1. 1# should it be made so when u get a high kc in dung and teleport out it will be saved so u can walk straight to top and don't have to waste time getting new kc?

    • yes
    • no
  2. 2. 2# if question 1 fails, remove some rooms between the first room and the last room there are to many rooms right now.

    • yes
    • no
  3. 3. 3# should there be a boss at the end, you would get keys from dung mobs to kill the boss or use's ur kc every kill. it would drop chaotic's maybe or dung token's package's.

    • yes
    • no

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hello guys  

i have made some sugestions to make dungeoneering more fun and better

u can see all the suggestion in the poll: 

if u have any other suggestion that i can add reply plz i will add them

king regards,


ps. my english is not the best :P

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Hello Smokey,


Thanks for giving these suggestions.


Regarding question #1 & #2

- There is donator perk for dungeoneering. Which in place of 15 kills makes 5 kills to pass to other room.

If people would agree with q #1 & #2 it would not make sense having that donator perk, which in some case people bought already (including me).


- Too many rooms. I personally don't find it too many rooms. As I look at it this way. If I would need 200K for chaotic rapier, i'd need to pass to ice golems, in the whole trip to get to there i would get an approx of 25K tokens already. And also a bit of mix of npc's. As Ice golems are pretty boring & afk-able.


Q #3 I'd love to see a dungeoneering boss. Perhaps u could add Chaotic Remnant as drop, or a unique chaotic item such as Chaotic Spear. Would be interesting to see indeed. But I wouldn't do it with "keys". Perhaps u could add a special room with a boss which would require X level of dungeoneering for the boss. So people would have the motivation to keep training dungeoneering.


Thanks for the suggestions!


ps u can always improve ur english, didn't see any spelling mistakes. Just 'king regards'. 

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