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Found 2 results

  1. Rules

    Disruptive Behaviour Any form of abusive language toward another player, their race, morals, religion or cultural beliefs is totally unacceptable and won't be tolerated. Advertising The advertisement of another community will result in an immediate and permanent suspension. Inappropriate Content Any pornographic material which is unsuitable for young people to view is strictly forbidden from both the server and the forums. Spamming Spamming on either the server or the forums will not be permitted. Auto-Typers are allowed but are not to be abused, the timer MUST be set to at least a five second delay between each message. Discord Act mature, and follow the other rules while using it, or you'll no longer have access to it. Misleading Links If a player is linking someone to Google, we expect it to open-up to Google. Sending any misleading links won't be tolerated. Hacking Any attempt at 'Hacking' or attempting to recover an account that is not yours will result in a permanent removal from the community. Punishment Evading Punishments are handed out to members to ensure the community remains a pleasent environment for everyone. Evading a punishment, whether or not you feel it were justified, will result in a worse punishment than before. Third Party Software The use of any third party software which automates any gameplay or gives you an unfair advantage over other players will result in a suspension. Cheating isn't fun, ruins the economy and ruins the experience for other people and will never be tolerated. We have an automated system which suspends players caught cheating; It's impossible for this system to detect you unless you're using illegal software, and so, all bans related to the use of third party software are unappealable. Denying the fact that you were cheating will only make the situation worse; You know you cheated and we know you cheated, don't let it happen again. Using auto-typers to perform actions such as ;;bank/;;empty, etc, will also result in the same punishment. Encouraging Others to Break Rules If player A asks player B to do something that is against our rules, whether or not player A knows that it's against the rules, player A will receive a severe punishment. It is every players' responsibility to know and understand the rules before you begin playing the game. Bug Abuse The abuse of a bug, glitch, or exploit is strictly prohibited and players who are caught doing-so will be permanently removed from the community. We want to make sure that server is a safe, trouble-free environment to enjoy, and have fun - abusing such things does not do that for us. We request that all players who find any flaws are to report them to Discord bug section or contact directly with Staff. Scamming Any form of scamming is totally unacceptable and will result in an immediate and permanent suspension. We do not refund anything that is lost through a scam. It is your responsibility to naturally not trust players claiming absurd things. Luring will NOT be tolerated. It's a malicious and cheap way to profit from another players' hard work. Inappropriate use of In-game Chat The in-game chat is there so everyone can communicate with one another in a calm and concise way. Arguing won't be tolerated. If you want to 'have it out' with another player take it to a private message. If another player is annoying you, add them to your ignore list. Asking for trivia answers won't be tolerated. The point of the minigame is to guess the answer and not everyone wants someone ruining it by telling everyone the answer. The only situation where this doesn't occur is if someone asks for the answer via private message. Trading in the friends chat will not be tolerated. There are several means and methods to trade; You can use the Grand Exchange, public chat, ::yell and any other friends chat if you wish to trade. Safespotting Bosses What do we class as safespotting? Using in-game mechanics to fully avoid damage from a boss. An example of this would be standing behind a large rock that a boss cannot get around so you don't get damaged them; Another would be attacking a boss, then running behind a large rock, etc, as to reset the boss' attack timer and avoid the hit, then repeating the action multiple times to avoid damage from a boss. This does not apply to minions such as , once spawned in an instance. Using the minions to stop the boss attacking you within areas such as that is not classed as safespotting. Multi-logging Multi-logging is allowed as long as the following things aren't done. Malicious Activity - Multi-logging with the attempt at performing any malicious act or wrong-doing. Skilling - Performing the same action, eg Woodcutting on more than 2 accounts at once. Bossing - When multiloged player fight with boss and another player who wants to join the fight, then the one whos multiloged needs to remove one of his account form the fight. Wilderness - Being logged into more than one account at a time, while both being in the Wilderness. Price Manipulation Manipulating prices via the Grand Exchange will not be tolerated. We see price manipulation to be you selling or buying an item for a lot more than the item is really worth, causing a fluctuation in the Grand Exchange price. Any attempt at manipulating an items price will result in a permanent suspension. Others There's several rules that we haven't stated because they're self explanatory and we want to keep the rules simple, for example, PvP Token Farming. If it's not allowed elsewhere, it's more than likely not allowed here. Breaking a rule that isn't physically stated here doesn't mean you're going to get a free pass.
  2. Suggestions

    Eliminate GW KC to enter Lvl 120 cap per skill


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