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Found 1 result

  1. Vex's Suggestion List

    Suggestions for server : - Add a npc health bar when u are killing it. - Add mystics to mage shop (not any mage armor on it except ghostly robes). - Add off-hand crossbow in g.e. & off-hands in dungeoneering shop. - Auto gold picker gives this message : https://gyazo.com/25b643416ad762ebeb3a3fd8772b8913 and when u filter it, it doesnt go away and it pretty annoying all those numbers ;-; - Fix crystal chest drops, like tin ores copper ores... i mean ur grinding pvming and as extra reward u get tin ores? Yeah... and they go for like 2M ea so mhm - Add something in-game where u can see the donator features. Or on forums. - Daganoth kings way too op. Cant hit above 100's. - Add other drops at Barrelchest, only gives coins. - Make new slayer rewards, still same from source (not hating), but perhaps abit more custom rewards would be nice. - Update the command ;;rules - Add Dwarf Multi Cannon, with a quest. And please not like other servers quest. Which is completed in like litteraly 2 minutes... - Perhaps a custom donor shop? @members zone. - A list to know what pets can be obtained and which you already have. Im sure some people will grind out all pets in end-game. - Add copletetionist cape stand. & trimmed one also. - Vote highscores don't work (well doesn't show the players). - Keep the server amazing with <3 from me :-D


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