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Found 2 results

  1. Leeuni, Ayuni And Eruni

    Hey guys! I just got an awesome suggestion for PvMing. So basically u have 3 bosses. Gorillas. And I've always been fascinated about this trio. NO OTHER SERVER USES THEM TOGETHER. I mean why? U could make so much potential on it. The bosses are : - Leeuni : which is based on Melee attack - Ayuni : which is based on Ranged attack - Eruni : which is based on Magic attack So they all have their own attack style one casts spells other knocks u down, other ranges u. So basically we got a good trio. So if you go there you need to be able to tank all the hits incoming from all 3. Yeah a trio boss. Others server trio boss are some stupid custom made npc's. So this would already make it unique. All of them would have their special attack as example ; - Leeuni ; Will knock u down. Basically as u stun someone with a dragon spear in rs. Where u cant eat/drink potion. Only switch prayers and hope for the best. - Ayuni ; Will poison you & will spawn some of the monkeys from ape atoll (entrance)-(if u ever did Monkey madness the monkeys from the towers who shoot you.) Which would mean u would need to pray range till u kill Ayuni or kill all the monkeys. - Eruni ; He would smite you , like not really much. But which would mean u would need to check ur prayer points. And will also freeze you. So if ur melee u would not be able to move. As you see it seems like it would be impossible. Well yeah, we need some more multi bossing groups. this way people would start doing mass bossing and get to known more the players. As its very interactive gameplay. Yet it will still be hard even in group unless u coordinate good. Currently people are doing this. They hit a boss. Die. Hit again. Die. Just over and over which would result the boss would be killed afterwards. So basically this will be reversed. If u die by them they would re-gain all their hp. Which players cannot repeat the process of just hitting the boss over and over till they die. Now for the rewards. How about this Leeuni would drop : Annihilation (Chance at summer sun ring & summer storm ring) Ayuni would drop : Decimation (Chance at summer sun ring & summer storm ring) Eruni would drop : Obliration (Chance at summer sun ring & summer storm ring) There are 3 powerfull wapons. Annihilation would have slightly better stats than drygore and slightly less than noxious scythe. Decimation would have better stats than zaryte bow and slightly worse than noxious longbow. Obliration would have its own spell and better stats than Celestial staff and slightly less stats than Noxious staff. What are these rings? Well i've seen that everybody uses ring of wealth. I mean yeah it obviously helps better with ur droprate. But how about a ring with good stats & better droprate. BUT THATS OP! No it's not think of this. When ur going to face these bosss its because ur hunting Noxious weaponry. Which would mean u would near end-game. In the end game u basically dont care about bandos items or any others but having good armor to show off. Or to get all pets as achievement for urself. So basically there would be no harm for the economy. Yes than can obviously go for bandos armory. But I don't see any points in that as they would only get cash and I don't see why someone would sell their noxious weaponry for just "coins". Unless they wanna have stacks of gp's. Stats & Extras : Summer sun ring : Would give stats in : Strength bonus, Stab, Slash , Crush (basically for melee). Which also would come with an extra 5% droprate. Summer storm ring : Would give stats Range & Mage. Which also would come with an extra 5% droprate. ** I Do not know how much stats they would give it all depends on Zeus than** Let me see ur suggestion on these bosses & rewards in comments below and make sure to vote on poll and maybe it will get in-game!
  2. Suggestions

    Eliminate GW KC to enter Lvl 120 cap per skill


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