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  1. Heya

    Welcome to the server Brandon Have fun and don't go too crazy on your 21st aha! ~Zod
  2. Just 1 suggestion.

    On the 1st line it ment to be "Or finishing as an developer" Sorry for the confusion i was half typing this and half watching another thing Cheers~ Zod
  3. Just 1 suggestion.

    Hai, it's me. Again. I was just wondering if we could get daily updates on what you're working on, or finishing as a player i find these uploads to be important. It gets a bit confusing when we don't see an update for a week or something. I personally think it would help with players moral not to mention people would know what is going on. Here's a list. In-progress; Working on; Not started; I think this will bring a new kind of community to the server and also feed the community still standing something to hope for. Cheers~ Zod
  4. Back again with a couple more suggestions and some bugs I've found. (A smaller list this time due to slowly finding less and less thing, also no nulls this time) Suggestions; Making the Tzhaar monsters in Tzhaar city drop tokkul (40-150) on an uncommon-rare chance to drop. Would be helpful for all players when they need to get an onyx. I've been doing a little bit of summoning lately and personally I'd like to just be able to left click "Talk to" Summona and it comes up with the options of the shop tiers. After 5,000 pouches done and only 85 summoning it gets a little bit tedious to keep right clicking and choosing the "Trade" option. Might just be me but, i thought that 1 less click could make all the difference hehe. (On expert mode anyway) ----------------------- Bug list; Mithril dragons drop mithril bars but, it picks up 4 at a time. Dragon hatchet drop from Dagganoth kings doesn't get announced to the server. Coal bag doesn't work. When clicking on it, it doesn't fill up with coal. It just does nothing. The shopkeeper at home buys Wyvern bones for 1gp. (Noted) these should sell for about 60-100k each. Will keep these coming as and when i find more Cheers~ Zod
  5. in-Game Name : Zod How Many Hours Playtime? Too many = 108H 29M 23S Age : Older than most people (25) How is your current state in the community? Are you well-known in the community, etc...? I'd like to say i'm pretty well known. Maybe not the most well known but the people that know me are chill with me How would you implement certain events? I would personally make an forum post about the event but, before that i would also find out as many time-zones as i could (Via google docs) and work out the average to find the right time to host the events. (At peak) Which ways would you use to advertise our server? Personally i've never been good at advertising servers since, i get a bit shy inviting people from random sites. But, i could always introduce it to my friends. But i will try my hardest. Why do you think you would fit for this position? I personally think i can handle this roll since i don't get angry against anything said, I just knock it off my shoulder. Also with this new empowerment i feel the community would take me more seriously rather than just a random player hosing events. I'm more than professional. I will always go the extra mile for the things i love (Family before this) But, yeah i feel like i can connect with the community that others wouldn't have. This is rank which requires hard work, which kind of motivation do you have? I'm no shy from hard work, I've worked on site (Labouring) for the most of my life. But, since i'm taking a break from working full time. I have all the motivation you need. At the moment i see this server going very big. I also want to make this community better and bring closer friendships closer together. At the moment we are a small community it would be nice to see a larger community but, as of right now i feel i connect with all players. ~Cheers Zod
  6. More suggestions & bugs

    Suggestions; I had the daily task to get 600 "Logs" but, i realised that it literally only counts when you chop down the normal trees. Personally it got very long and very boring quickly. I think every tree that you chop should count towards it. Only my opinion though. Having magical notepaper packs in the pvm shop 300 points for 30 papers. Would help with farming dragon bones and such. Maybe making frost dragons drop a few more noted sharks and herbs. At the moment it drops 1 noted shark and herb, i'd say make it drop 50 sharks noted and 15-25 noted herbs. Barrelchest boss currently has no drop table to view, other than the coins and anchor drop. To make the boss worth it maybe it could drop some skilling supplies for ironman players. (For explample; Herbs, Seeds, a few charms and maybe some raw cookables) When you examine an item it says the G.E price but, i think it would aslo be helpfull if it would say the high alch price too. --------------------------- Bug list; Iron dragons drop iron bars but, everytime you pick up 1 bar it gives you 3-4 and just fills the invent. Frost dragons drop teak logs but, everytime you pick up 1 bar it gives you 3-4 and just fills the invent. The overload table in donator zone says that you can only use it every 5 mins even when i didn't use it in hours, it was just because i was already overloaded. It should really just say "You are already in the effect of an overload" or something. When you have the Chaotic Kiteshield equiped you have to right click and choose "Provoke" option to see how much durability it has. This should be under "Check charges" Under the task tab where it says the weekly scores. It doesn't seem to be the same as the highscores board at home. I believe they are reset on different days. Dragon platebody from frost dragons doesn't get announced to the server when dropped, even though it's the same drop rate as the dragon full helm and visage. Nulls; Examining the plants in donator zone. Examining the plants in Yanille say "It's an (. Examining the cages in Yanille. Examining the spear wall just outside of Yanille. (Near bank) Cheers ~ Zod
  7. Suggestions & Bugs.

    Haio, i threw a quick list of some suggestions and below that area few bugs that I've seen. (Mostly minor) I'll keep adding to this when/if i find anymore. Suggestions; If you're playing on expert mode i don't think you should have to prestige to get those points due to it being very very long to get even 1 99. So, remove the prestige points for experts and instead make it so there's like a 1/500 chance of getting 2-3 points randomly from skilling. This way we can still get the prestige items without having to spend many days getting 1 item and it would not be so overpowered since, we would still get low points and the shop would be the same prices as the normal prestige shop. Personally i think the gems inside the donator store should either restore quicker or have an higher amount in there at a time. (I'm at 12.4k cut at 92 craft) When you catch/mine/craft and so on an item it says how many you've done exactly. Maybe if this message only came up in intervals of 50 or 100 done to not clog up the chat box.(I know you can turn off game) ----------------------------- Bug list; When burning sardines you get burnt shrimp instead. (Just wrong ID) When you're fishing at a low level and you get to level 14 fishing for example, it will stop you fishing and say you need 15 for anchovies. The loot beams don't dissapear. Gets a tad annoying when doing slayer and getting mad ckey parts. (Already posted this in disco) When at home and you're at the grand exchange clerk you cannot just click on the shops on the other side due to hitting the bank booths. (Just a small pathing issue) Entering Bandos doesn't require any KC. Nulls; Examining the red-stone rock. Examining the well at home. Examining "Deaths portal" at home. Examining the fairy ring next to fight caves. (Might be the same for other fairy rings too) Examining the sulfur Pit in tzhaar city. Examining the flower patch, allotment, compost bin and herb patch under the farming teleport. Cheers ~ Zod


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