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  1. Appeal

    Vex-Today at 22:58 i determine who i mute if it's a rule but not how the x player meant it wont be muted Your appeal is denied.
  2. Appeal

    I did not break any rules
  3. Appeal

    In-Game Name : Gary/Alice. • What are you appealing for (Ban, Mute, Jail)? jailed/muted • Who have you been punished by? Vex. • Reason for your punishment? Unsure was never given a reason as to why. • Why should you be unbanned/unmuted/unjailed? because I was simply testing the bug of which I found which obviously pissed people off as I am an ex developer of rs servers I grabbed camera pos/ memheaps which obviously zeus dosent want to assist in fixing the bug
  4. Farewell

    I am leaving helwyr3 and never returning, best of luck to kenneth (owner), mav, lv3, arrow, kevin, foxxy. I have been around for 2 weeks made 2b spent half of it on $50 donations, a big thanks to foxxy for supporting the community i wish everyone included a good farwell i am leaving for my own regards and concerns i will not support the server any further aka providing invention coding nor suggestions such as - $20 perk to halve fights caves and kiln minigames - implemention of invention - off hands chaotics - buffs for t11 magic armour celestial (99 defence and magic) - T92 melee armour malevolent addition - araxxor fix - vindicta - godwars 2 talos - vex is a cunt, dimitriuse is a horrid person. -arrow, likx, zeus, are awesome staff members keep doing what you do best. Bye.
  5. Pet Additions

    Feel Free tomake a comment
  6. Dicing

    Do we want this addition to helwyr
  7. Showcasing my new signature

    just to inform everyone no-one was abused in the making
  8. Would like to show off my new signature :3
  9. Divination Guide

    95 Incandescent (Wisp) South of the Poison Waste.
  10. what?

    Hello, this will be my introduction - you can call me by the name Kunt ingame and i will respond -ign gary- - i am 19 - real name is silse (willow) - peace out
  11. Divination Guide

    Level Wisp type Map Location 1 Pale (Wisp) West of Lumbridge crater, near the Divination camp. 10 Flickering (Wisp) North of Falador, near the Guthix memorial site, and Standing Stones. 20 Bright (Wisp) Between Varrock and the Digsite. 30 Glowing (Wisp) South-east of Seers' Village; just south of the flax field. 40 Sparkling (Wisp) South-east of Rellekka, near the Golden apple tree. 50 Gleaming (Wisp) In the centre of the Karamja jungle, north-east of Shilo Village. 60 Vibrant (Wisp) North of Mobilising Armies. Best travel option: Use ring of duelling 70 Lustrous (Wisp) North of Canifis, just to the east of the Slayer Tower. 80 Brilliant (Wisp) East of the Mage Training Arena.
  12. Garys Suggestions!

    -Farie rings fixed - All divination area's accesable! - Add agile agility armour through tickets or tokens ! Feeds back Welcome!
  13. Poll For Farming

    Please Use the poll link provided! All feed back for future polls accepted! https://www.strawpoll.me/15372920


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