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  1. Clarkkulver's Return

    Man, it's been like... uh, half a year? Didn't mean to just disappear but other games popped up. I just wanted to check out the website, and here I find that the server is going through a large update. It really is nice to see that this server is still in solid development with a lot of great content being added. I'll definitely be around in game.

    I might not be able to attend this event, my laptop charger is dead so i won't be online for about a week or two. Though these double drop events are a great way to get the community together for some PVM masses.
  3. The Basic Colored Whips?

    You can dye an abyssal whip using the dyes from the trivia store.
  4. Timekeeper NPC and ;;timer command

    Ideally, this will answer the need for farming timers by having a general, all-purpose timer. Either through a Command or an NPC or Object that can be placed in multiple areas (such as farming locations), a player would be able to set a timer for either a custom amount of time or a preset amount of time, e.g the time it takes for a crop to grow. The best case scenario is for this to have an option for the timer to be displayed on-screen similar to the countdown for a server update.


  7. Just a few more suggestions & bugs

    It would be great if we could have the time remaining on our Ports ships listed in the Task Tab.
  8. Suggestions & Bugs.

    Rather than require a full ~13 million xp to prestige, perhaps a lower amount for expert players to prestige. And perhaps this would not just affect expert players. Maybe we can increase the amount needed for easy players to prestige to counteract the ability for them to prestige so quickly.
  9. Re-purposed VIP Tickets

    These tickets could be obtained from the PVM Point shop perhaps...
  10. Re-purposed VIP Tickets

    Rather than the VIP Hunter areas being filled the hunter creatures, have them be filled with unique skilling locations and mobs to kill. The skilling areas could include dwarf traders or elves to thieve from for herb and smithing supplies, or if a concentrated iron deposit could be coded into the game.
  11. What events do you want to see ingame?

    I was going to suggest some kind of Dungeoneering 'Party', but then remembered that New Dungeoneering exists.
  12. Player graphical glitch

    Tried using other head cosmetics only to end up with the same glitch.
  13. Player graphical glitch

    Equipping a piece of armour over an overridden cosmetic in the head slot forces the player's head to turn invisible and detach from the body during animations.


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