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  1. https://youtu.be/RgTlo8_sglU
  2. Want a Forums Signature? :)

    If you could make one for me that'd be sick I like Cyan, black and red, anything with those colours is cool, if you could make it have lighting in it that would be cool.
  3. Hey everyone

    Hi guys, I'm taelan and yes that is my real name, I'm from England and I love to play football (soccer). I'm new to this server and I am loving it so far, if you would like to speak to me PM me in-game, my name is Taelan ingame too. I also have a goals thread, you can see it here:
  4. Taelans Goals

    Hey guys, I just found this server and I'm going to be honest, I'm loving it so far, so I'm gonna make some goals I'd like to stick to as I play the server Note: I'm playing in veteran mode so I have a x25 XP Rate. INCOMPLETE tasks will be in RED COMPLETE tasks will be in GREEN IN PROGRESS tasks will be in YELLOW Mine 10,000 Coal (0/10,000) Mine 10,000 Iron Ore (0/10,000) Mine 5,000 Runite Ore (0/5,000) Smelt 10,000 Iron Bars (0/10,000) Smelt 5,000 Runite Bars (0/5,000) Smith 10,000 Iron Daggers (0/10,000) Smith 5,000 Rune Daggers (0/5,000) Fish 10,000 Raw Lobsters (0/10,000) Fish 10,000 Raw Sharks (0/10,000) Fish 5,000 Raw Rocktails (0/5,000) Cook 10,000 Lobsters (0/10,000) Cook 10,000 Sharks (0/10,000) Cook 5,000 Rocktails (0/5,000) Chop 10,000 Willow Logs (0/10,000) Chop 10,000 Yew Logs (0/10,000) Chop 5,000 Magic Logs (0/5,000) Complete 1,000 Agility Circuits (50/1,000) Thieve from 10,000 Thieving Stalls (1,500/10,000) Obtain 99 in every skill (0/27) Loot 1,000 Dragon Bones (0/1,000) Loot 1,000 Frost Dragon Bones (0/1000) Obtain 10 Rare Drops (0/10) Win 10 top prizes from spins (1/10) Of course, these tasks will take me an extremely long time, but I am set to this server and for as long as I am playing, I will be working on these. Please feel free to PM me ingame if you are interested in how my progress is going. (In-game name Taelan). I will update this thread as much as I possibly can, wish me luck. I'm gonna need it =)
  5. Donator shop

    Looks good


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