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  1. https://youtu.be/RgTlo8_sglU
  2. Want a Forums Signature? :)

    If you could make one for me that'd be sick I like Cyan, black and red, anything with those colours is cool, if you could make it have lighting in it that would be cool.
  3. Taelans Goals

    Hey guys, I just found this server and I'm going to be honest, I'm loving it so far, so I'm gonna make some goals I'd like to stick to as I play the server Note: I'm playing in veteran mode so I have a x25 XP Rate. INCOMPLETE tasks will be in RED COMPLETE tasks will be in GREEN IN PROGRESS tasks will be in YELLOW Mine 10,000 Coal (0/10,000) Mine 10,000 Iron Ore (0/10,000) Mine 5,000 Runite Ore (0/5,000) Smelt 10,000 Iron Bars (0/10,000) Smelt 5,000 Runite Bars (0/5,000) Smith 10,000 Iron Daggers (0/10,000) Smith 5,000 Rune Daggers (0/5,000) Fish 10,000 Raw Lobsters (0/10,000) Fish 10,000 Raw Sharks (0/10,000) Fish 5,000 Raw Rocktails (0/5,000) Cook 10,000 Lobsters (0/10,000) Cook 10,000 Sharks (0/10,000) Cook 5,000 Rocktails (0/5,000) Chop 10,000 Willow Logs (0/10,000) Chop 10,000 Yew Logs (0/10,000) Chop 5,000 Magic Logs (0/5,000) Complete 1,000 Agility Circuits (50/1,000) Thieve from 10,000 Thieving Stalls (1,500/10,000) Obtain 99 in every skill (0/27) Loot 1,000 Dragon Bones (0/1,000) Loot 1,000 Frost Dragon Bones (0/1000) Obtain 10 Rare Drops (0/10) Win 10 top prizes from spins (1/10) Of course, these tasks will take me an extremely long time, but I am set to this server and for as long as I am playing, I will be working on these. Please feel free to PM me ingame if you are interested in how my progress is going. (In-game name Taelan). I will update this thread as much as I possibly can, wish me luck. I'm gonna need it =)
  4. Hey everyone

    Hi guys, I'm taelan and yes that is my real name, I'm from England and I love to play football (soccer). I'm new to this server and I am loving it so far, if you would like to speak to me PM me in-game, my name is Taelan ingame too. I also have a goals thread, you can see it here:
  5. Donator shop

    Looks good


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