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  1. Iron Issue

    Iron Man seems to be a bit idk, easy to put it lightly. Access to the items from store should not be allowed unless there are necessary, i suggest maybe fix the starter items for the iron men/women. you know set the up with the basics to survive, bronze tools, basic tools and such. Anyway i don't think buying a rune scimitar as soon as you spawn is very "iron man" like.


    Warriors guild

    The drop table on the cyclops mobs really is not all that great, best item or only item's worth picking up are charms and the loop keys. I suggest maybe putting some rune items in there to spice it up, also goes hand in hand with iron man problem. i have spent a lot of time there as well. not like i spent 5 minutes there and said this aint shit. The drop rate is too high on the defenders i think too idk if it is because of the fixed x4/x3/x2 drop rate stuff but i got them a bit fast all the way to dragon in under 100 kills. i have like 750 kills now and ive probably seen over 100 dragon defenders, i just stopped picking them up.


    Anyway just a few things i think about while i try to sleep at night,





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