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  1. Charm farming guide

    Didn't know this! Very good guide. Keep giving more like these!
  2. Update # 8

    Keep the good updates fam love em đź’ś
  3. What events do you want to see ingame?

    COSTUME CONTEST. Need to show my swag outfits
  4. Player Owner Shops

    This suggestion is from : https://gyazo.com/67e974bd426bb19e93731f207ecae77b When u right click a person it should show something like : "shop" When another player clicks u would see the player its shop. Where the player put hes items in which he wants to sell. So other people can look into it and perhaps buy. Which should come with the player setting the price on the "item". And quantity.
  5. Wilderness Rejuvination

    Suggestions for Wilderness : This is a suggestion list based on wilderness. Revenants ; Droptable incorrect. In which case they do not drop their armors. As : Vesta, Stratius, Morrigans and Zuriels. Brawling Gloves ; Brawling gloves gives extra XP in skills done in wilderness. They go to dust when depleted. Lava Strykewyrms ; T80+ weaponry drops (actually sort of item which upgrades items). Yes I did post this already in other suggestions list. But I really want em! Teleporting : Cant teleport out of wilderness unless lvl 20 and below. Now u can just everywhere. Thieving building Theres the castle (near chaos elemental) which has those chests. What about making them worth doing while in wilderness. (Give it drops like rune armory, just nice things to sell and make cash - better than the lvl 95 stall) Chaos Elemental Better drops for chaos elemental best drop rn is corrupt dragon sword. Lol. Exclusive drops wilderness npc's Make all npc's in wilderness drop something unique. Which can be transfered to points or gold. An event each hour in wilderness? Idk something to get people in wildy to get pkp. Wilderness Camps Seen this one some rsps armadyllian warband I think tis called when u kill all npcs u can loot from the "thing" basically gives EXP. Hope u like them :^)!
  6. Forum Donator Rank

    Gold member & support
  7. Agility Guide 1-99

    Good guide! Perhaps show what xp rate your on so people with higher/lower xp rate could see what they are going to get. And doesnt advanced barbarian also gives more exp? But u need 90 for that one. But good guide overall! Thanks for contributing!
  8. PvM Content

    Hey guys, As alot of you are PvMers, I thought of some suggestions for more pvm content. Some new bosses : - Blink As many of you know Blink is on every server. Yeah I know that im not "original". But its a great boss with potential good loot which could be added in the server. - Leeuni & brothers Leeuni has 2 other "brothers" maybe you could use them as a quest? Or perhaps for a trio boss. Could be a nice suggestion as you barely see them in-game. - Wildywyrm I just love wildywyrm. Pking the nubs *cough*. I mean great boss with risk of dieing and with good lootations. - Lava Strykewyrms This isn't a boss or anything but it's basically. They drop 3 pieces. Those 3 pieces can upgrade -; Abbysal whip, Dark Bow & Staff Of Light. And they are decent tier weapons. - Celestial Dragons This is somehow classed as a boss for me. BECAUSE they can be though when properly coded. On most servers they just hit mage & fire breath. Which yeah is pretty afk able. They drop Celestial gear. Which is nice magic armour. - Rise Of The Six Please make this happen! My favorite minigame. Which actually gives good reward and which is hard. - Donator Boss? Do good old yk'lagor or something. - Rune dragons Yeah these are classed as boss if they work properly. They do hybrid damage. Which you potentially knock u out. Which would also drop the 3 upgrade parts -(Emberkeen boots, flarefrost boots, hailfire boots) - Automatons Yeah not in-game yet & glvoes aswell. Which are pretty good. - And here is the best one. "Helwyr". If you could add this boss. It would be epic. As its our server name. With the boss. And which is actually most powerfull boss. (If no other bosses are coming which are more OP ) There u go hopefully most of these will come! Thanks for reading - Vex
  9. Staff-news!

    Congratz to Arrow & Likx, And thanks for having me as a staff member. Much appreciated <3!
  10. Dungeoneering Guide

    Guide Of dungeoneering Welcome to my Guide Explaining Dungeoneering If you like my guide make sure to post some suggestions/idea’s or anything else. Love is also appreciated! Starting Dungeoneering : To start grinding your chaotics there are is one thing you need to know : When teleporting to Dungeoneering you will have 2 options. Make sure to choose “OLD DUNGEONEERING” as new Dungeoneering is Still Buggy. Requirements : As Dungeoneering doesn’t really need requirements but it’s always handy to have these to start off you grinding : Combat Stats : - At least 43 Prayer - 70 Attack & Strength & Range & Defence ** Remember you don’t need this to start Dungeoneering. Just will be quicker for you. Inventory : Remember u don’t need those. But they sure do help out if u want get more tokens. Checking ur Dungeoneering Points : Task System Tab : Dungeoneering Perk n Feel free to skip this. This perk will make you get more EXP by doing dungeoneering. And aswell make all rewards -25% discount. Which makes Chaotic Rapier 200K to 175K Tokens Needed! Which is very usefull. Starting Dungeoneering : To Start Dungeoneering Go To Your Quest Tab And Click Minigames : 1st Page. 4th Option. Choose OLD DUNGEONEERING You’ve arrived Now : Dungeoneering Works With Kills. You Need 15 Kills To Pass To The Other Room Where Other NPC’s Are Which Give More Dungeoneering Tokens & More Dungeoneering EXP. First Of Rats : These Will Give 10-100 Dungeoneering Per Kill. After Getting 15 kills of these you can pass to Dungeon Spiders. As I Said they will give more Dungeoneering Tokens & EXP. And On & On Bets Method For Getting Tokens : Go through all “waves” until u come up to Ice Elementals. These Will give 1K Dungeoneering Tokens Per Kill. And Until you arrive here you will rack up a nice 15K Points already. Here You can also afk easily. Just don’t forget your prayers as they sometimes can hit. And if you also would need bones pick them up and use the Deposit Bank. Than its only the grinding left! Suggestion : Pick a Chaotic Rapier as its very good in-game.
  11. Welcome to Helwyr! What is Helwyr? We are a new revision 718 RSPS loading 800+ content, with every enjoyable element of real Runescape. Every skill is trainable, every boss killable. Dedicated developer and constant up-time to ensure the best possible experience out to date! But most of all, we listen to the players their suggestions and actually read them carefully and updating them if necessary. Who is Helwyr? Owner/Developer Zeus/Bandos Administrator *None* Moderator - Dimitriuse - Likx Support - Vex - Arrow How Do I get Started? Step 1 is to select what Xp rate you'd like. You're probably thinking "Why would I choose a Expert XP rate?". Well good question, the lower your xp rate the higher your drop chances will be. So for a longer leveling period you'll experience a better drop percentage in comparison to someone who chose Easy XP Rate. The table is as follows: "How do I know which rate is right for me?" I dont know. It's all up to personal preference. Some people have multiple accounts; one for bossing, Maxing, Skilling, etc. If you're in for a fun casual game experience there's no problem with that, or maybe you want the hardcore grind? In all ways we got'cha covered. Step 2 : You successfully made your account! So welcome to the server. “BUT VEX, HOW DO I GET ARMOUR AND ITEMS?” Well there a lot of shops as you can see when you enter the game. But also a Grand Exchange. Where you can buy a lot of items/supplies at +5% rate. As now all items are in the shops Grand Exchange is the place to go. “And how do I get to training?” Firstly open your Quest Tab and choose “Training”. Than Select where you want to go to training. *If you’re going for slayer in the beginning. Go to slayer tower for the slayer masters. Step 3 : Enjoy the game! How do I Make Money? 1. The fastest and simplest way to make money at level 1 is thieving. The lowest tier thieve stall at home gives you 1K/Per Thieve. While Scimitar stall (Level 95) gives 10-15K + a random scimitar. 2. If you are mid-tier Pvmer and need money, Do Barrows. Not only do you get Barrows-Armour. But also runes and even sometimes (frequently) 1-2M cash. Only thing you would need is a main class to kill these brothers. A whip is even good enough and a few prayer potions and you can get straight to grinding for barrows armour and money. 3. Once you have a few levels you can start to kill higher tier enemys for better drops. Some of the best mid tier slayer monsters include: Abyssal demons, Glacors and Frost Dragons. All these things drop decent tier items that you can either sell or keep or even alch them. Always remember people are willing to pay decent money. Worst case scenario things can be sold to the general store at home (little north/west) for a decent price. I always suggest asking in friend chat to see if anyone wants to buy first. 4. End game boss grinding will differ for everyone. Some people will want to get rare items, more bossing equipment, Cash even. If you're the type to kill Armadyl at GW is right up your ally. When it comes to this point in your Helwyr carrier you really should have your mind made up with what you want to do. What are These Random Events? Currently there are 2 reoccurring events that happen in Helwyr Trivia: A generated question will be asked in the server. First person to answer it will receive 1 trivia point. Which you can spend in the Trivia Reward Shop (Wise Old Man) for some goodies. And also cash, if your fast enough. Shooting Stars : Also there is a shooting star every now and then. Which gives xp in mining. Useful Information This part of the guide is kinda just some random thoughts all thrown together and more opinionated than anything so feel free to skip this part. Useful commands: ;;Commands ;;Vote ;;Forums ;;Empty ;;Discord ;;Titles Voting: Voting is fast and a great way to get new people to join the server. Although a lot of people really don’t do it and just forget it afterwards. While there are nice rewards in the voting shop. And there is also a voting party if we get x/Amount of votes. In other words you really don’t want the server to die out of people and voting does a lot of great work. Donating: Donating is very important to help the server running. I personally find 10$ donating for 50hours gameplay not that bad. As you keep helping the server growing and running. Discord: If you have discord and want to join in with everyone https://discord.gg/z2KCTFZ. Staff is very active here, you can suggest new things or get support for in game issues very fast. The economy: For a newer server the economy is pretty nice. You can get most items you want if you have the cash/item, or sell things since people are almost always buying anything for bossing. If you are buying something don't be afraid to say "No I want X for Y". But Don’t forget you can buy most of the items in the Grand Exchange. The community: Everyone is pretty friendly and accommodating, don't be afraid to ask people for help or to buy items. Joking around and mem'ing on each other is basically encouraged. We all just wanna laugh and play some Runescape in the end. Final Thoughts With all things said and done, Helwyr is a very unique private server filled with a lot of like minded people. There's a lot of stuff to be discovered and to do. If you ever feel like you're lost, need help, or don't know what to do, just ask a staff member or veteran player. We're more than willing to do our part and help the server flourish. - Vex
  12. Chilling :P

    Im on the pictures, copyright strikes coming ur way.
  13. Helwyr Need Staff!

    Username: Vex Age: 25 Where are you from?: Original from France. Timezone: +1 What position are you applying for?: Server Support How many hours do you spend daily ingame?: 5-10h Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: Only 1 mod at the moment (hes doing a good job) but he obviously cant help 24/7. Why should we choose you over others: Im quite active. I know alot of RSPS, i've coded 2 rsps's, I played for 7 years RSPS's, I know alot about them and pretty much that helped to get the knowledge of the basics, and once you played a server u know how it is, and I think that I know everything. And im always hyped for new updates to check them out asap. Which helps to 'maybe' make a guide or just tell on server how players should do it. Also love helping newbies. What are some usable skills you have?: Im not the type of guy who AFK's, I actually hate afking, which makes me look at the screen 24/7 and which would help me basically answer more quickly if someone would need help. I can talk to anyone, in other words, if someone is like not the type of guy who likes to talk i'll get him to talk and come friends very quickly with. Staff Experience: 2x owner, 1x administrator, 5x moderator, 3x server support. What are the qualities you have?: Not taking friends as primary members. I don't care if ur friend or not, rules must be applied to everyone, which alot of people forget. Also im very good at making people stay. Like if someone would say "fuck this game I lost everything in wildy", i'd go straight to him and say what happened as example, and try my best to make him stay and actually i've been very succesfull on other servers and I just makeing them stay makes me have also a good feeling so i'll basically do it whenever I see it. How long have you played Helwyr?: Atm 30 hours, about to go higher every day In a short paragraph, explain what you'll do with your position: Helping new & old members. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted? Nothing to be honest. I just want to help people and play the game how I want it. Do you understand that if you break rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member that you will be demoted?:Yes: I Vex, understand that if I break the rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, I will be demoted immediately with no warnings. Yes.
  14. Vex's Suggestion List

    Suggestions for server : - Add a npc health bar when u are killing it. - Add mystics to mage shop (not any mage armor on it except ghostly robes). - Add off-hand crossbow in g.e. & off-hands in dungeoneering shop. - Auto gold picker gives this message : https://gyazo.com/25b643416ad762ebeb3a3fd8772b8913 and when u filter it, it doesnt go away and it pretty annoying all those numbers ;-; - Fix crystal chest drops, like tin ores copper ores... i mean ur grinding pvming and as extra reward u get tin ores? Yeah... and they go for like 2M ea so mhm - Add something in-game where u can see the donator features. Or on forums. - Daganoth kings way too op. Cant hit above 100's. - Add other drops at Barrelchest, only gives coins. - Make new slayer rewards, still same from source (not hating), but perhaps abit more custom rewards would be nice. - Update the command ;;rules - Add Dwarf Multi Cannon, with a quest. And please not like other servers quest. Which is completed in like litteraly 2 minutes... - Perhaps a custom donor shop? @members zone. - A list to know what pets can be obtained and which you already have. Im sure some people will grind out all pets in end-game. - Add copletetionist cape stand. & trimmed one also. - Vote highscores don't work (well doesn't show the players). - Keep the server amazing with <3 from me :-D
  15. Finally achieved it :D! https://gyazo.com/0e6bce08d91eff5705d57f3eec8e0a0c


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