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  1. Leeuni, Ayuni And Eruni

    I don't see how off-hand chaotics should be in their droptable. They should be in dungeoneering shop. Ofcourse the weapons can change ofcourse. But I don't see chaotics fitting in here.
  2. Leeuni, Ayuni And Eruni

    Actually yes, this would be very nice indeed, which would make it even harder to get the weaponry or the rings. Thanks for this!
  3. Leeuni, Ayuni And Eruni

    Hey guys! I just got an awesome suggestion for PvMing. So basically u have 3 bosses. Gorillas. And I've always been fascinated about this trio. NO OTHER SERVER USES THEM TOGETHER. I mean why? U could make so much potential on it. The bosses are : - Leeuni : which is based on Melee attack - Ayuni : which is based on Ranged attack - Eruni : which is based on Magic attack So they all have their own attack style one casts spells other knocks u down, other ranges u. So basically we got a good trio. So if you go there you need to be able to tank all the hits incoming from all 3. Yeah a trio boss. Others server trio boss are some stupid custom made npc's. So this would already make it unique. All of them would have their special attack as example ; - Leeuni ; Will knock u down. Basically as u stun someone with a dragon spear in rs. Where u cant eat/drink potion. Only switch prayers and hope for the best. - Ayuni ; Will poison you & will spawn some of the monkeys from ape atoll (entrance)-(if u ever did Monkey madness the monkeys from the towers who shoot you.) Which would mean u would need to pray range till u kill Ayuni or kill all the monkeys. - Eruni ; He would smite you , like not really much. But which would mean u would need to check ur prayer points. And will also freeze you. So if ur melee u would not be able to move. As you see it seems like it would be impossible. Well yeah, we need some more multi bossing groups. this way people would start doing mass bossing and get to known more the players. As its very interactive gameplay. Yet it will still be hard even in group unless u coordinate good. Currently people are doing this. They hit a boss. Die. Hit again. Die. Just over and over which would result the boss would be killed afterwards. So basically this will be reversed. If u die by them they would re-gain all their hp. Which players cannot repeat the process of just hitting the boss over and over till they die. Now for the rewards. How about this Leeuni would drop : Annihilation (Chance at summer sun ring & summer storm ring) Ayuni would drop : Decimation (Chance at summer sun ring & summer storm ring) Eruni would drop : Obliration (Chance at summer sun ring & summer storm ring) There are 3 powerfull wapons. Annihilation would have slightly better stats than drygore and slightly less than noxious scythe. Decimation would have better stats than zaryte bow and slightly worse than noxious longbow. Obliration would have its own spell and better stats than Celestial staff and slightly less stats than Noxious staff. What are these rings? Well i've seen that everybody uses ring of wealth. I mean yeah it obviously helps better with ur droprate. But how about a ring with good stats & better droprate. BUT THATS OP! No it's not think of this. When ur going to face these bosss its because ur hunting Noxious weaponry. Which would mean u would near end-game. In the end game u basically dont care about bandos items or any others but having good armor to show off. Or to get all pets as achievement for urself. So basically there would be no harm for the economy. Yes than can obviously go for bandos armory. But I don't see any points in that as they would only get cash and I don't see why someone would sell their noxious weaponry for just "coins". Unless they wanna have stacks of gp's. Stats & Extras : Summer sun ring : Would give stats in : Strength bonus, Stab, Slash , Crush (basically for melee). Which also would come with an extra 5% droprate. Summer storm ring : Would give stats Range & Mage. Which also would come with an extra 5% droprate. ** I Do not know how much stats they would give it all depends on Zeus than** Let me see ur suggestion on these bosses & rewards in comments below and make sure to vote on poll and maybe it will get in-game!
  4. #1 Prestige System - Prestige should go with points per prestige (duhh). But it affects what game mode u are playing. As example a Easy player would receive less points per prestige instead of a Expert player. - Rewards shouldn't be like gear or whatsoever. As expert - veteran players would be at a disatvantage of this. So I suggest something like loot crates, mystery boxes or something. And ofcourse titles - and an icon (optional if players have donator sign or something. That they can like choose between icon). - How about u make prestiging like alot different than other servers. You have skiller & pvmers. Skiller will obviously not go train combat stats. So why dont we split the prestige system in like Skiller Prestige which would require all skills 99. And combat prestiging which would require all combat stats 99 including dungeoneering 120. I think this would be a great feature for all players. #2 PvMing points First of all, THANKS FOR BRINGING THIS! Every server has it, and I whas wondering when we would get it as its always amazing to get extra rewards for pvming. - Obviously the rewards should go about PvMing. So I whas kinda thinking why don't you make it 2 seperate rewards. 2 Different sections. - Perks - Rewards It would go like this : If u have 1M points u could choose between different perks (not to be confused with donator perks). But perks everyone can buy. As example : (just a few perks i thought about) - When eating food it potentionally could give 50% more healing. - Unlocking few new potions, as example the adrenaline potion which would give more 50% spec bar. Just these kind of perks. Rewards : - I mean rewards can be anything if its related to PvMing I don't think cosmetic armour would really fit there. - MAYBE u could add a key for a world boss. If u get 100K PvMing points u could kill 1x the world boss of Helwyr. Which would have unique drops. - Boss Boxes; there are some servers with this. But its quite good I guess. U buy it and can choose between few bosses and get loot of the boss u choose from. Hope these are good suggestions :-D
  5. Update # 9

    Sometimes the smallest updates can give alot of good features. Thanks for the ;;topic X, which comes very handy if people dont want to find X guide or X topic. "Nerfed little bit range of kk" Yeah perhaps bit more, hes switches are just too op hehe.
  6. dungeoneering suggestion´s

    Hello Smokey, Thanks for giving these suggestions. Regarding question #1 & #2 - There is donator perk for dungeoneering. Which in place of 15 kills makes 5 kills to pass to other room. If people would agree with q #1 & #2 it would not make sense having that donator perk, which in some case people bought already (including me). - Too many rooms. I personally don't find it too many rooms. As I look at it this way. If I would need 200K for chaotic rapier, i'd need to pass to ice golems, in the whole trip to get to there i would get an approx of 25K tokens already. And also a bit of mix of npc's. As Ice golems are pretty boring & afk-able. Q #3 I'd love to see a dungeoneering boss. Perhaps u could add Chaotic Remnant as drop, or a unique chaotic item such as Chaotic Spear. Would be interesting to see indeed. But I wouldn't do it with "keys". Perhaps u could add a special room with a boss which would require X level of dungeoneering for the boss. So people would have the motivation to keep training dungeoneering. Thanks for the suggestions! ps u can always improve ur english, didn't see any spelling mistakes. Just 'king regards'.
  7. Charm farming guide

    Didn't know this! Very good guide. Keep giving more like these!
  8. Update # 8

    Keep the good updates fam love em 💜
  9. What events do you want to see ingame?

    COSTUME CONTEST. Need to show my swag outfits
  10. Player Owner Shops

    This suggestion is from : https://gyazo.com/67e974bd426bb19e93731f207ecae77b When u right click a person it should show something like : "shop" When another player clicks u would see the player its shop. Where the player put hes items in which he wants to sell. So other people can look into it and perhaps buy. Which should come with the player setting the price on the "item". And quantity.
  11. Wilderness Rejuvination

    Suggestions for Wilderness : This is a suggestion list based on wilderness. Revenants ; Droptable incorrect. In which case they do not drop their armors. As : Vesta, Stratius, Morrigans and Zuriels. Brawling Gloves ; Brawling gloves gives extra XP in skills done in wilderness. They go to dust when depleted. Lava Strykewyrms ; T80+ weaponry drops (actually sort of item which upgrades items). Yes I did post this already in other suggestions list. But I really want em! Teleporting : Cant teleport out of wilderness unless lvl 20 and below. Now u can just everywhere. Thieving building Theres the castle (near chaos elemental) which has those chests. What about making them worth doing while in wilderness. (Give it drops like rune armory, just nice things to sell and make cash - better than the lvl 95 stall) Chaos Elemental Better drops for chaos elemental best drop rn is corrupt dragon sword. Lol. Exclusive drops wilderness npc's Make all npc's in wilderness drop something unique. Which can be transfered to points or gold. An event each hour in wilderness? Idk something to get people in wildy to get pkp. Wilderness Camps Seen this one some rsps armadyllian warband I think tis called when u kill all npcs u can loot from the "thing" basically gives EXP. Hope u like them :^)!
  12. Forum Donator Rank

    Gold member & support
  13. Agility Guide 1-99

    Good guide! Perhaps show what xp rate your on so people with higher/lower xp rate could see what they are going to get. And doesnt advanced barbarian also gives more exp? But u need 90 for that one. But good guide overall! Thanks for contributing!
  14. PvM Content

    Hey guys, As alot of you are PvMers, I thought of some suggestions for more pvm content. Some new bosses : - Blink As many of you know Blink is on every server. Yeah I know that im not "original". But its a great boss with potential good loot which could be added in the server. - Leeuni & brothers Leeuni has 2 other "brothers" maybe you could use them as a quest? Or perhaps for a trio boss. Could be a nice suggestion as you barely see them in-game. - Wildywyrm I just love wildywyrm. Pking the nubs *cough*. I mean great boss with risk of dieing and with good lootations. - Lava Strykewyrms This isn't a boss or anything but it's basically. They drop 3 pieces. Those 3 pieces can upgrade -; Abbysal whip, Dark Bow & Staff Of Light. And they are decent tier weapons. - Celestial Dragons This is somehow classed as a boss for me. BECAUSE they can be though when properly coded. On most servers they just hit mage & fire breath. Which yeah is pretty afk able. They drop Celestial gear. Which is nice magic armour. - Rise Of The Six Please make this happen! My favorite minigame. Which actually gives good reward and which is hard. - Donator Boss? Do good old yk'lagor or something. - Rune dragons Yeah these are classed as boss if they work properly. They do hybrid damage. Which you potentially knock u out. Which would also drop the 3 upgrade parts -(Emberkeen boots, flarefrost boots, hailfire boots) - Automatons Yeah not in-game yet & glvoes aswell. Which are pretty good. - And here is the best one. "Helwyr". If you could add this boss. It would be epic. As its our server name. With the boss. And which is actually most powerfull boss. (If no other bosses are coming which are more OP ) There u go hopefully most of these will come! Thanks for reading - Vex
  15. Staff-news!

    Congratz to Arrow & Likx, And thanks for having me as a staff member. Much appreciated <3!


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