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    Username: jex Age:22 Where are you from? Lithuania Timezone: GMT +2 What position are you applying for? server support How many hours do you spend daily ingame? Normal days 5-6h+, weekends 8h+ Why do you want to be part of the staff team? I like help to players,i do what i can best. Why should we choose you over others? i just play, and help players who need that. What are some usuable skills you have? i'm very fun man,helpfull,also very friendly. Staff experience: just staff support. What are the qualities you have? i'm friendly. How long have you played Helwyr? 726h+ In a short paragraph,explain what you'll do your position: do my best for help the players,up community. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted? i try help also save new players,i'm help server back in best days. Do you understand that if you break rules,or turn out to be a horrendous staff member that you will be demoted? Yes,i jex understand that, if i break rules, or turn out to be horrendous staff member, i will be demoted immediately with no warnings. yes.


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