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  1. I want to bid farewell to you all and inform you that I am leaving my position at helwyr3. 
    I have enjoyed working for this server and being a staff and I appreciate having had this wonderful opportunity to play with you all.
    During these last two months you all have provided me support and encouragement and guidance.I have shared a unique camaraderie With many of you.I hope you will continue your Helwyr3 adventures to come even though I shall not be here with you. Thank you guys,with best regards,peace.




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  2. Hello Helwyr3 members,

    Server will be down a bit,because of server monthly maintenance and files back up,also adding security measures and the best one! Adding updates! ;) .

    Server will be closed in 4-5pm 18/04/2018 (server time) so be patience ;) 


  3. Hello helwyr3 Members!

    First event;) Dharock turnir! (Pk event):


    GMT: 8PM of friday (today)

    Central european: 10PM of friday (today)

    USA: 1PM of friday (today)

    PHT: 4AM of Saturday 

    How can you participate? 

    You will go to clanwars you will find zeus there he will give you a pk gear (Dharock,whip...etc) when you get your pk set you will wait to the other players to come when they come zeus will make a list (Player vs Player) The one who won in 1st group he will fight the one who won in 2st group...

    How can i get rewards?

    Don't die and stay to the end!

    Last one who stand/second last/Third last/ will get rewards!

    Note: when the event finish give the pk gear back to zeus.

    Second event: (Mass boss event):

    Please answer to the poll.

    When the event?

    When we hit 15+ players online in sunday.

  4. Image associée                                          Vorago

    What is vorago?

    vorago is a gigantic, rocky and extremely powerful boss,the "earth soul", he is the most difficult boss of helwyr. He is an ancient being who caused chaos in the past, he was defeated and plunged into sleep. ,he woke up now, with great power to revenge .

    How to Start a fight?

    You can go to vorago using boss teleports in quest tab, you will be teleported to vorago cave entrance:

    Résultat de recherche d'images pour "runescape vorago cave"

    Note : private instance,cost 10,000,000 coins.

    If Vorago is not currently fighting players for whatever session you are in, his face will be visible. Occasionally, he will be unoccupied but not visible, in which case speaking to him will prompt him to reveal himself. He can be challenged via right click or by going through the dialogue.

    Résultat de recherche d'images pour "runescape vorago cave"

    After 20 seconds When challenged, Vorago unleashes a blast of 300 damage,Then you will start the fight ;) 


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  5. Hello everybody!

    the searching for support has just ended and the staff team chooses a new player to join the staff team!  

    Congrats to @foxx And good luck with your new position!!

    Why foxx?

    Foxx/foxy is very active in game and he has different staffs time,also he is trusted and very helpful.

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  6. HelwyrRésultat de recherche d'images pour "youtube emoji"

    Searching for youtubers!

    Helwyr3 is searching for youtubers
    Please read below to see the requirements and rules!


    What are the rules and requirements?

    • Videos can be about anything within the game.
    • Each video must be a minimum of 1 minute.
    • Videos must include: “Helwyr” in the title
    • Video description must contain the following link to the server https://helwyr3.com/home/
    • You need atleast  50+subscriber.
    • You have to make 1+ video for each day.



    What are the Prizes?

    You will be paid irl money or ingame perks ;).

    Contact Zeus/Bandos for more informations. His discord    Goebbels#4127
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  7. @bandos will try to add prestige mode in game!

    So we want you to suggest the items you want in prestige shop,and give us the ideas you want for prestige benefits. ;) 


    Please answer below this topic :P 

  8. newlogo.png.1caab295e21ebca832745bdc5692

                                                                                                                       How to donate?

    If you want to donate you have to visit the Store CLICK HERE!

    In the store you can purchase:

    When you purchase a perk in the store type ;;donated in game to claim your donations.


                                                                                                           Payment method:

    PayPal or Credit card

    Credit CardsCredit/Debit Card

    Onecard/Prepaid card


                                                     Donator ranks/benefits:

                                  Bronze donator (20usd):

                                                                     Access to member's zone

                                                                     Access to ;;yell command

                                                                     Access to donator shop

                                                                     Access to bronze member title

                                                                             Silver donator (50usd):

                                                                     Access Bronze donator benefits

                                                                     Access to silver donator shop

                                                                     Access to silver member title

                                                                             Gold donator (100usd):

                                                                     Access to silver donator benefits

                                                                     Access to gold donator shop

                                                                     Access to gold member title

                                                                     Access to gold member zone

                                                                            Platinum donator (250usd):

                                                                     Access to gold donator benefits

                                                                     Access to platinum donator shop

                                                                     Access to platinum member title

                                                                             Diamond donator (500usd):

                                                                     Access to platinum donator benefits

                                                                     Access to diamond member title.







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