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  1. Helwyr

                                                                                                                       How to donate?

    If you want to donate you have to visit the Store CLICK HERE!

    In the store you can purchase:

    When you purchase a perk in the store type ;;donated in game to claim your donations.

    Note: Every time you purchase a perk you get 1 pot of gold.

                                                                                                           Payment method:

    PayPal or Credit card

    Credit CardsCredit/Debit Card

    Onecard/Prepaid card


                                                     Donator ranks/benefits:

                                  Bronze donator (20usd):

                                                                     Access to member's zone

                                                                     Access to ;;yell command

                                                                     Access to donator shop

                                                                     Access to bronze member title

                                                                             Silver donator (50usd):

                                                                     Access Bronze donator benefits

                                                                     Access to silver donator shop

                                                                     Access to silver member title

                                                                             Gold donator (100usd):

                                                                     Access to silver donator benefits

                                                                     Access to gold donator shop

                                                                     Access to gold member title

                                                                     Access to gold member zone

                                                                            Platinum donator (250usd):

                                                                     Access to gold donator benefits

                                                                     Access to platinum donator shop

                                                                     Access to platinum member title

                                                                             Diamond donator (500usd):

                                                                     Access to platinum donator benefits

                                                                     Access to diamond member title.







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  2. 10 hours ago, foxx said:

    spelled Armadyl wrong

    Edited that ;)


    5 hours ago, rape potato said:

    I want this removed bad price guide.

    and no not updated removed.

    Huh?? I am updating it.if you found a wrong price just tell me I will edit it....

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  3.                             Helwyr




    Chaotic Maul: 50m

    Chaotic rapier: 50m

    Chaotic longsword: 50m

    Chaotic crossbow: 50m

    Abyssal whip: 7-10m

    Abyssal vine whip: 20m

    Armadyl godsword: 200m

    Bandos godsword: 100m

    Saradomin godsword: 150m

    Zamorak godsword: 150m

    Zamorak spear: 70m

    Dragon claw: 250m

    Off-hand dragon claw: 200m

    Drygore longsword: 750m

    Drygore rapier : 700m

    Drygore mace: 650m

    Noxious longbow: ???

    Noxious scythe: ???

    Noxious staff: ???

    Polypore staff: 20m

    Dark bow: 10m

    Siesmic wand: 1-1.5b

    Staff of light: 15m

    Zaryte bow: ???

    Virtus wand: ???

    Abyssal wand: 15-20m

    Korasi's sword: ???

    Ascension crossbow: 500m

    Off-hand ascension crossbow: 400m


    Torva Platebody: 300m

    Torva platelegs: 300m

    Torva helm: 250m

    Pernix cowl: 250m

    Pernix body: 300m

    Pernix chaps: 300m

    Virtus mask: 200m

    Virtus robe top: 300m

    Virtus robe legs: 300m

    Bandos Chestplate: 30m

    Bandos tassets: 30m

    Bandos helmet: 20m

    Bandos warshield: 20m

    Armadyl chestplate: 30m

    Armadyl chainskirt: 30m

    Armadyl helmet: 20m

    Armadyl buckler: 20m

    Hood of Subjugation: 20m

    Garb of subjugation: 30m

    Gown of subjugation: 30m

    Ganodermic visor: 20m

    Ganodermic poncho: 30m

    Ganodermic leggings: 30m

    Dragon full helm: 20m

    Divine spirit shield: ???

    Elysian spirit shield: ???

    Arcane spirit shield: ???

    Spectral spirit shield: ???

    Dragon fire shield: 80m

    Celestial hood: 30m

    Celestial robe top: 40m

    Celestial robe bottom: 40m

    Dharock set: 50m


    Steadfast boots: 80m

    Glaiven boots: 70m

    Ragefire boots: 60m

    Torva boots: 100m                    gloves: 100m

    Pernix boots: 100m                   gloves: 100m

    Virtus boots: 100m                    gloves: 100m

    Bandos boots:10m                    gloves: 10m

    Armadyl boots: 20m                 gloves: 10m

    Subjugation boots: 10m           gloves: 10m

    Ganodermic boots: 5m            gloves: 5m

    Celestial shoes: 20m                 gloves: 20m

    Amulet of fury: 20m

    Amulet of souls: 50m

    Berserker ring: 50m

    Archer ring: 40m

    Seers ring: 30m

    Warrior ring: 20m

    Ring of wealth: 5m


    Red Partyhat: 700m

    Green partyhat: 700m

    Blue partyhat: 700m

    Yellow partyhat: 700m

    Purple partyhat: 700m

    White partyhat: 700m

    Hweens: 650m

    Santa hat: 600m


    Magic logs: 10k each

    Dragon bones: 100-150k each

    Frost dragon bones: 200-250k each

    Uncut onyx: 15m

    Crystal key: 2m

    Raw sharks: 6k each

    Raw rocktails: 15k each

    Gold charm: 6k each

    Blue charm: 10k each

    Crimson charm: 8k each

    Green charm: 7k each

    Dragon Pickaxe: 10-15m

    Dragon hatchet: 10-15m


    ???= Unknow price.



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  4. Sans_titre-5.png 

    Résultat de recherche d'images pour "runescape Araxxor"

    What is Araxxor?

    Araxxor is an enormous araxyte spider who lives in the Araxyte lair, He is the second most difficult solo boss in Helwyr. He can be fought alone or with Team, although he is considerably stronger if fought with a friend. His drops include components for three level 90 two-handed weapons, one for each combat style, along with a pet.


    Résultat de recherche d'images pour "runescape araxxor location"

    Araxxor is located in a cavern south-east of Port Phasmatys called the Araxyte lair.(In game just use boss teleports in quest tab)


    Recommended Setups:

    It's recommended to have at least level 30 Crafting, since that is the level required to make the full Spider leg, and 90 Crafting to create the Noxious weapons.

    Recommended equipment for Ranged:

    Pernix cowl Pernix cowl Amulet of souls Amulet of souls Ava's alerter Ava's alerter Pernix body Pernix body Pernix chaps Pernix chaps Chaotic crossbow Chaotic crossbow Elysian spirit shield Elysian spirit shield

    Swift gloves (white) Swift gloves Glaiven boots Glaiven boots Archers' ring Archers' ring

     Standard attacks :

    The primary combat style Araxxor uses is shown by the colour its legs are tipped in. A red tip indicates it only uses melee attacks, a green tip indicates ranged/melee attacks and a blue tip indicates magic/melee attacks. The special abilities from these standard attacks occur randomly. In a duo.

    NOTE:Araxxor's melee form will take notice of Soul Split, and if it is active when he attacks, he will heal himself for a slight amount of life points based on the damage he deals.

    The special effects from these attacks only occur on Araxxor's dominant combat style, and any can occur when fighting Araxxi.

    • Magic: Araxxor spits a large ball of acid towards the player. This attack can drain overloads and then combat stats and run energy
    • Melee: Araxxor smashes its legs at the player, dealing melee damage. This attack can cause typeless extra bleed damage.

    NOTE:Only Araxxor is able to utilise the bleed effect; Araxxi is unable to do so.

    • Araxxor can use this attack no matter what his primary style is if you are within melee range.
    • If fighting Araxxor in his melee form, his melee attack will have an attack range of 3–4 spaces for balancing reasons.
    • Ranged: Araxxor launches a ball of spider silk at the player. It can cause poison anywhere from 100–360 damage.
    • The green "You have been poisoned!" message does not appear if you become poisoned by Araxxor’s ranged attack, so pay attention to the colour of your life points icon.



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  5. Sans_titre-5.png


    What is Nex?

    Nex (coming from the infernal word for "murder" or "death") is a powerful zarosian general.She is a zaryte from the plane Freneskae and one of zaros most powerful weapons of war.She is located in the ancient prison, sealed away in the back of the god wars dungeon.With a combat level of 1001,she ranks amongst the most powerful monsters in Helwyr. She is called also Angel of death.


    Résultat de recherche d'images pour "runescape nex location"

    Nex resides in the Ancient Prison, a room locked behind the Frozen Door in the southern part of the God Wars dungeon. The door can only be opened by completing the frozen key, which is created by killing foot soldiers of each of the gods (ArmadylBandosSaradomin and Zamorak).

    Note:Key pieces are only dropped by combatants in the god's stronghold and outside the boss room


    Recommended equipment for Ranged:

    Armadyl helmet Armadyl helmet Amulet of ranging Amulet of ranging Ava's alerter Ava's alerter Armadyl chestplate Armadyl chestplate Armadyl chainskirt Armadyl chainskirt Chaotic crossbow Chaotic crossbow

     Armadyl buckler Armadyl buckler Armadyl gloves Armadyl gloves Glaiven boots Glaiven boots Archers' ring Archers' ring


    Smoke phase: During this phase, she will use Smoke spells in the form of chaotic clouds,also capable of poisoning the player for up to 120 poison damage. Her special abilities in this phase are:

    • "Let the virus flow through you!" - One player (the one Nex targets) will get infected (this can miss).
    • "There is... NO ESCAPE!" - Nex will teleport and fly through one of the paths of the central symbol, damaging any players who stand in her way.

    Shadow phase: During this phase, she will use Shadow spells, that are in fact ranged attacks that resemble Shadow Blitz. This is the only phase where she uses ranged attacks.Her special abilities in this phase are:

    • "Fear the shadow!" - Shadow traps appear under every player in the area. After 2 ticks, any player still standing on them will be hit for up to 800.
    • "Embrace darkness!" - Nex will drastically darken the room for players within 15 spaces of her. The closer players are to Nex, the darker the room will be.

    Blood phase: During this phase, she will use Blood blitz, which heals her for around 600 life points per attack and splashes onto others next to her target.Her special abilities in this phase are:

    • "A siphon will solve this!" - Nex summon two or three blood reavers (depending on team size; sizes of less than 10 will get two while more than that will get three)
    • "I demand a blood sacrifice!" - Nex will target a player who will glow red. If the player does not move far away enough from Nex within a few seconds, she will heal an amount equal to 100% of the target's maximum life points.

    Ice phase: During this phase, she uses Ice spells.Her special attacks in this phase are:

    • "Die now, in a prison of ice!" - Nex freezes a targeted player using an ice stalagmite attack, stunning them and disabling their overhead protection/deflection prayer.

    Zaros phase: During this phase, Nex activates Turmoil, yelling "NOW, THE POWER OF ZAROS!".Her Turmoil actively drains stats (stat drain projectiles are shown when this happens).

    Nex does not have any unique special attacks in this phase.


    Pernix: Résultat de recherche d'images pour "runescape pernix set" Torva: Image associée Virtus: Image associée

     Zaryte bow:Résultat de recherche d'images pour "runescape zaryte bow"

    Virtus wand:Résultat de recherche d'images pour "runescape virtus wand"  Virtus book:    Résultat de recherche d'images pour "runescape virtus wand"






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  6.                                                           Helwyr3 Summoning guide 1-99

    Level 1+:  Spirit Wolf - Wolf Bones (Gold charms

    Level 4+:  Dreadfowl - Raw Chicken  (Gold charms)
    Level 19+: Spirit Scoprion - Bronze Claws (Crimson charms)
    Level 49+: Bloated Leech - Raw Beef (Crimson charms)

    Level 56+: Ibis - Harpoon (Green charms)
    Level 69+: Fruit bat - Banana (Green charms)

    Level 71+: Arctic Bear - Polar Kebbit Fur (Gold charms)
    Level 79+: Fire/Ice/Moss titans - Fire/air+water/earth talismans (Blue charms)
    Level 85+: Swamp Titan - Swamp Lizard (Crimson charms)
    Level 88+: Unicorn Stallion - Unicorn Horn (Green charms)
    Level 89+: Geyser Titan - Water Talisman (Blue charms)

    Level 96+: Pack Yak - Yak-hide (Crimson charms)
    Level 99+: Steel titan - Steel platebody (crimson charms)

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  7. NOTE:You can access to ;;title (1-58) command when you bee Silver member.

    Title 1: Junior Cadet.
    Title 2: Sergeant.
    Title 3: Commander.
    Title 4: War-Chief.
    Title 5: Sir.
    Title 6: Lord.
    Title 7: Duderino.
    Title 8: Lionheart.
    Title 9: Hellraiser.
    Title 10: Crusader.
    Title 11: Desperado.
    Title 12: Baron.
    Title 13: Count.
    Title 14: Overlord.
    Title 15: Bandito.
    Title 16: Duke.
    Title 17: King.
    Title 18: Big Cheese.
    Title 19: Bigwig.
    Title 20: Wunderkind.
    Title 21: Vyreling.
    Title 22: Vyre Grunt.
    Title 23: Vyrewatch.
    Title 24: Vyrelord.
    Title 25: Yt?Haar.
    Title 26: Emperor.
    Title 27: Prince.
    Title 28: Witch King.
    Title 29: Archon.
    Title 30: Justiciar.
    Title 31: The Awesome.
    Title 32: The Magnificent.
    Title 33: The Undefeated.
    Title 34: The Strange.
    Title 35: The Divine.
    Title 36: The Fallen.
    Title 37: The Warrior.
    Title 38: The Real.
    Title 39: Cowardly.
    Title 40: The Redundant.
    Title 41: Everyone Attack.
    Title 42: Smelly.
    Title 43: The Idiot.
    Title 44: Sir Lame.
    Title 45: The Flamboyant.
    Title 46: Weakling.
    Title 47: Was Punished.
    Title 48: lost
    Title 49: ...You Fail.
    Title 50: No-Mates.
    Title 51: Ate Dirt.
    Title 52: Delusional.
    Title 53: The Respawner.
    Title 54: Cutie-Pie.
    Title 55: The Fail Magnet.
    Title 56: Was Terminated.
    Title 57: Lazy.
    Title 58: ? Who?

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  8.                               :P Aura guide :P 
    Poison Purge : Heals you when Poisoned.
    Greater Poison Purge : Heals you when poisoned (longer duration).
    Runic Accuracy : Gives 3% more magic Accuracy
    Greater Runic Accuracy : Gives you 5% more magic Accuracy.
    Sharpshooter : Gives 3% more range accuracy
    Greater Sharpshooter : Gives you 5% more range Accuracy.
    Lumberjack : 3% More chance to chop wood from trees.
    Greater Lumberjack : 5% More chance to chop wood from trees.
    Quarrymaster : 3% More chance to mine more ores.
    Greater Quarrymaster : 5% More chance to mine ores. 
    Call Of The Sea : 3% More chance to catch fish.
    Greater Call Of the Sea : 5% More chance to catch fish.
    Five Finger Discount : 3% More chance to pickpocket from NPC's
    Greater Five-Finger Discount : 5% More Chance to Pickpocket from NPC's
    Reverence : Your prayer wil decrease 3% less and 3% more prayer points when u drink a potion.
    Greater Reverence : Your prayer will decrease 5% less and 5% more prayer points when u drink a potion
    Resourceful : Gives 10% chance if you chop down a tree/rock mines it wont deplete the tree/ore.
    Equilibrium : When you hit someone in combat you're max hit will be 25% less while you're minimum hit will be 25% more.
    Penance : You will get prayer points of every hit you do by 5%.
    Inspiratation : Every succesfull hit while give you 0.5% special attack points.
    Vampyrism : Every hit you do will give you 5% health of the hit. -> 100 hit will be 5 Health.
    Wisdom : Gives you 2.5% more xp in every skill.
    Supreme Salvation : Gives you Silver Wings.
    Supreme Corruption :Gives you Red Wings.
    Supreme Harmony : Gives you Green Wings. 


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  9.                                                           Completionist cape requirements:

    1. Every stat level 99&120 dungeoneering
    2. Killed the Queen black dragon.
    3. Completed the fight caves minigame. (1hour and 30minutes)
    4. Completed the fight kiln minigame.  (2hours and 30minutes)
    5. Completed the recipe of disaster minigame.
    6. Completed the nomad's mini quest.

                                                     Got the comp cape yayyy ;) 




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  10.                                                                              Three players joined the staff team!!

    @Likx has been promoted to Moderator

    @Arrow has been promoted to Server support

    @Vex has been promoted to Server support 

                                                  Congrats to everyone And good luck with your new position !!

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