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  1. Update # 23

    Love the update man, some cool things added & changed. Any ideas when range will be fixed?
  2. Staking

    It would be so cool if staking was enabled? What are the odds of getting it done?
  3. RSNP | Youtube Series | Episode 2

    Ah shit my bad, I always upload videos unlisted so I can double check things before they go live, forgot to make public again. Done now
  4. So the first video actually got some positive feedback which I was surprised lol so I'll continue making the videos. Next video may be fight caves guide if people want it.
  5. So I will be documenting most of my journey here at Helwyr so feel free to make suggestions, give honest feedback or if I can help you in anyway, let me know. I also look forward to meeting & getting to know everyone. Apologies for the black screen at the start and end of the video, I mis-timed the recording/commentary

    Commenting for time to be extended


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