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  1. Appeal

    • In-Game Name : Venom • What are you appealing for (Ban, Mute, Jail)? Ban • Who have you been punished by? Zeus • Reason for your punishment? Can't remember to be completely honest as it was months ago • Why should you be unbanned and un IP banned? I would like to be unbanned as I made a mistake, I really liked the server and I got on quite well with Zeus to begin with. I have matured since then and I think I would be a benefit to the community again as I once was.
  2. Venom 4 unban

    Title says it all ladies and ladies. Unban 'Venom' or perm ban 'RSNP' & 'V3NOM'
  3. Good bye </3


    Enjoy everyone
  5. Safe to say Morpheus, Castiel and I had fun gambling.
  6. Well compensation would only be paid if there is evidence of the scam.
  7. Well that's how gambling clans work as if a host scams, i will have to pay out so that is what the 500m from each host covers
  8. So today is the day that I create the gambling community on this server. Friends Chat = 'Gamble' or message Venom in game Hosts: Venom / V3nom To become a host: Pay 500m for trusted rank in FC Have at least 50 hours play time on the server (Not completely necessary) Have a net worth of at least 2b this includes cash & any tradable items. Not have any scam reports against you Ability to record any and every gamble. Games: To begin with the games available will be Dicing, Hot & Cold & Flower Poker Dicing Dicing will be 55x2 and depending on the host possibly 75x3 and other custom odds The host will take the bet, confirm the bet and the odds then will roll the dice. If you're doing 55x2 and it lands on 55 then it is a reroll and will be the same with 75x3 You are more than welcome to challenge a trusted host to a dice duel but the trusted host must hold the pot (all items bet) Hot & Cold You will place a bet with a trusted host then guess hot or cold as seen below, the host will confirm the amount of the pot & what you have bet on (hot or cold) plant a seed and if you guessed correct then the trusted host will pay you x2 of the original bet. Hot Flowers Cold Flowers Host Wins Replant Flower Poker I will not explain this as somebody has already gone through the effort of making the tutorial so click here to see that post. Terms: Report any problems straight to Venom, if it is a case of scamming then also inform a member of staff immediately. Trusted hosts must hold the pot (unless they're happy not to) Record all gambles (Not necessary but will strongly help your case if scammed) Trusted hosts have every right to not accept bets Friends Chat = 'Gamble'
  9. Regarding Dicing

    `I see this is an old post but I am interested in becoming a dicing host as there is no gambling community here.


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