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  1. Hello everyone! Foxx here. if you would like a Forum Signature, i make them free of charge! Let me know in-game, discord, or a PM on here, of deatils you want on your Signature. A FEW EXAMPLES THAT I'VE DONE: Thanks for reading!
  2. Staff News 26/04

    Thanks for the news! goodluck to whom ever gets support!
  3. Bye helwyr3

    Best of luck my friend hate to see you leave.
  4. Want a Forums Signature? :)

    yeah I'm still doing it, let me know details of what you'd like! yeah i'll get one made for yah bro!
  5. Want a Forums Signature? :)

    Hope you like it, let me know if you don't, and I'll fix another 1 up!
  6. Want a Forums Signature? :)

    making you one today
  7. event of my birthday

    Can't wait! Happy Birthday m8!
  8. New Forum Dev

    Welcome Brandon!
  9. Want a Forums Signature? :)

    A few new Signatures I made for people!
  10. Farewell

    sorry to see you go mate. best of luck on your journey! Wish you the best :'(
  11. Update # 13

    Great updates! thanks Zeus!
  12. Kalphite king mass vid

    Nice Mass! Wish I could have been present :3
  13. More suggestions & bugs

    I like everything except the frost dragons dropping 25-50 noted items, that'll be too easy. 5-10 I think would be a good limit. otherwise thanks for all this! great post!!!
  14. Community Manager!

    Great idea!
  15. Suggestions & Bugs.

    Thank you Zod! Great ideas, and thank you for the bug reports <3
  16. Dicing

    its going to be implemented no worries
  17. Update # 12

    awesome work Zeus!
  18. 1bil! :o

    haha doesn't ring a bell Cx
  19. 1bil! :o

    1462mil! Thanks to everyone who's bought donations from me! wouldn't have achieved this without you guys! <3
  20. Welcome Talk and 100 SOF Opening

    great video m8! Welcome and we hope you enjoy your stay!

    great guide! thank you @Likx
  22. The fat guy down a narrow road

    best of luck with this bro! definitely gunna keep my eyes on this for my expert account!
  23. New support!

    Thank you all! won't let you down! my In-Game name is Foxy, so if you need help that's me!
  24. Want a Forums Signature? :)

    Here's your sig Lv3! Let me know if you like it or not!
  25. Want a Forums Signature? :)

    Hope you like it m8! If not let me know, I'll fix it!


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