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  1. Hey guys! We want to know what ingame events you want to see. Post them below and we will take a look at them This can be anything you want. Example: - Boss masses - Hide and Seek - Drop parties - PKing event - Clan wars /Staff team
  2. Thank you.

    Thank you for everything. Keep everything clean while I'm gone :). //Likx

    Hey guys, Making this post to say that we will have 24 Hours of Double Drops starting from sunday till monday. If you want to start the DD we will need to get 15 comments on this thread. //Likx
  4. Hey everyone, This weekend Zeus will be converting 100m coins into 1USD credit store. All you have to do is tell him that you are willing to trade x amount of coins and he will give you store credit. This is just going to be for a limited time and may also be used in the future. Got any questions DM me on discord or PM me ingame //Likx
  5. What events do you want to see ingame?

    What kind of raids were you thinking about?
  6. Regarding Dicing

    Will be discussed.
  7. Account stuck

    you're accounted seemed to have been gotten nulled. I sent you a DM on discord, talk to me there.
  8. Hey guys, This is a reminder that we have opened 2 spots for staff. Look at : for more info If you have any questions DM me on discord or pm me ingame. //Likx
  9. Hello everyone, we are opening 1 spot where you can apply for support role. Use this format below Post your applications @ https://helwyr3.com/forums/index.php?/forum/38-staff-applications/ there we will review your application and decide if you are the right one. Within the next week we will choose the one we think is right for us. o appeal for staff member please use the following application form below : If you have posted your appeal. Don't pressure staff members to check it out. If you still do immidiate reject. Username: Age: Where are you from?: Timezone: What position are you applying for?: How many hours do you spend daily ingame?: Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: Why should we choose you over others: What are some usable skills you have?: Staff Experience: What are the qualities you have?: How long have you played Helwyr?: In a short paragraph, explain what you'll do with your position: What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted? Do you understand that if you break rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member that you will be demoted?: Yes: I (name here), understand that if I break the rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, I will be demoted immediately with no warnings. Yes.
  10. Welcome Oxygen. Hope you will enjoy your time here with us on Helwyr.

    Hey guys For this event you will have a change to win 10 USD credit on the store All you need to do is to be playing 20 hours of playtime on the server. Post a screenshot of your current play time Like this After you have played a total of 20 hours, post a second screenshot below and we will choose the winners for this week. *NOTE* If you are caught using a autoclicker or ghost mousing to keep you online when you are not there. you will be getting a 6 hour jail time and 1st warning also you will no longer be part of the event. Be sure to invite your friends on the server. //Likx
  12. Bye helwyr3

    Hope too see you around <3

    Nice quality
  14. Hey everyone! We are still looking for youtubers who are willing to do videos for the server. How do you become a youtuber? Simply make high quality videos for the server and we will consider making you into a youtuber. About the video contest: This is going to be a "Editing" contest. REQS TO ENTER: - VIDEO SHOULD BE A BOSSING VIDEO - VIDEO SHOULD BE UPLOADED TO YOUTUBE - DESCRIPTION SHOULD HAVE THE WEBSITE LINK Prices: 1st: 20 USD credit on store + 50m in-game 2nd: 15 USD credit on store + 30m in-game 3rd: 10 USD credit on store + 20m in-game Contest will be going from 20th of April till 27th of April. Winner will be picked via community poll vote at April 27th to April 30th. //Likx
  15. Suggestions & Bugs.

    @CrescentLeaf Post those under my poll on balancing of the prestige system please
  16. This post of reguarding the current prestige points and how to gain points. For the people who haven't followed with in the latest updates to the server, we have released prestiging and prestige shops. right now how you gain points; you gain points by prestiging in one of your skills that has reached 13m xp, for easy mode players you gain 1 point per prestige, inter gets 2, vet 4 and expert 20. This is balanced by the xp rate you chose in the begining when you made your account. As of now the way to gain points quickly is to level up the easiest skills like fishing, and prestige it when you get 13m xp. We want to change this so you can get more points for prestiging "Harder" skills like prayer or smithing. This way we can balance the prices to have a more stable ECO. Please use the poll above to give us your opinion on what we should do. If you have questions on what other things we can do to balance this system, please post below or contact us on discord or In-game. //Staff team
  17. QUICK POLL ON DICING AND FLOWERS! If the poll passes it will get released quite quickly. If you have other suggestions post them under the suggestion section. //Staff team

    WELCOME TO MY PRESTIGING GUIDE! How do I prestige? Prestiging is quite simple, all you do is click on the skill you want to prestige in. For example I want to prestige in fletching I click on the skill. Click on the 1st option if you are willing to prestige in the skill(this costs 13m xp). Prestiging in COMBAT and all skills at once You need to come to home and talk to bob. Here you will choose the 3rd option in order to prestige in all skills at once costing 13m xp each skill. And congratulations you have successfully prestiged on Helwyr. Prestige Shop you go to ;;home and in the north west corner of spawn next to bob you will find Nastroth. Talk to him and choose the 4th option in the chatbox to access the prestige shop. TAKE NOTE THERE ARE 2 TIERS OF PRESTIGE SHOP These items, when used full set will grant you 5% bonus gathering depending on outfit. *THINGS TO TAKE NOTE OF* Shops will be added. Suggestions and improvements will be added. Boss prestiging. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message or any other member. //Likx
  19. Welcome Talk and 100 SOF Opening

    Welcome Kofita!

    Hey guys! Wanted to give you guys some info on the new Prestige system. Each game mode in-game will recieve different amounts of prestige points. Easy: 1 Inter: 2 Veteran: 4 Expert: 20 To prestige in combat you will need to have Attack, Strenght, Ranged, Magic and Defence to 99 before you can prestige. Summoning and prayer is not required to prestige in combat skills. Costs for prestiging = to 13m xp, this means that if you are one of those who have 104m + in your skills will only lose 13m instead of x amount of xp you have in that skill. Got any questions or suggestions about prestige system, send me a PM or post below. //Staff team
  21. Finally.

    Skilling isn't that hard
  22. Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you an announcement on vorago's release! If you guys want to try him out and give us feedback that would be really appreciated. If you have any other suggestions to what we should release in the future, please post them in the suggestions section on the forums. //Staff team
  23. Hello everyone! Today Party Demon has been released into the server and we want your opinion, adjustments and suggestions to changes that can be made to the new boss. NOTE: Party Demon(PD) is in deep wildy (Near mage arena) so keep that in mind when you are teleporting to attempt to kill the party demon. //Staff team
  24. What events do you want to see ingame?

    Like clan wars?


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