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  1. I am the Guardian

    hey guardian welcome to the server, I'm happy that you are enjoying playing helwyr
  2. Aureius is ya boi.

    Hey Lucas, welcome to the server! we've already met in-game. I'm glad you're having a good time playing here. if you need help or anything just let me know. I gotchu
  3. Payment Options

    you can pay via visa/master card using PayPal even without a PayPal account.
  4. Update # 33

    New Slayer Master Added new slayer task exclusive by talking to the slayer master @ priff. Added Special slayer points that can be used @ special slayer shop, can only get by doing task @ slayer master in priff. Added effects on Super slayer helmet and khopesh, increased your damage by 30% when wearing the helmet and fighting the monster in your current slayer task. added stats on Super slayer helmet and Khopesh sword. added Special slayer shop @ all the slayer masters added special slayer points in task tab. Nerfed the Mage and range armor of Dark Lord and Mercenary Mage. Added Helwyr and Vindicta on Teleports!
  5. Update # 28

    New Perks: Click here to buy the new perks! $20USD - Companion: Your pet can now fight with you, dealing 5% of the damage the player does (added to player damage) $10USD - Annihilator: You now have a small chance of doing AoE cleave damage to NPC's near you on every hit $20USD - Stagger: You now have a small chance of stunning your target for 3 seconds on every hit These new perks can also be bought by players with 500+ hours in the game for GP! (100m gold per $1) Construction: * Your player home will now save the rooms and furniture that you have built when you leave! Player Reward Systems: The top play time and top voter weekly reward systems have been reworked: * All GP rewards have been removed * Rewards will now go to the top 5 players (previously top 3) 1st place = $10 store credit 2nd place = $8 store credit 3rd place = $7 store credit 4th place = $6 store credit 5th place = $4 store credit Promotions: Richgotya and Oscar are being promoted to moderator Hachi is being promoted to community manager
  6. Update # 28

    $10USD - Annihilator: You now have a small chance of doing AoE cleave damage to NPC's near you on every hit is for melee only.
  7. Update # 27

    fixed mithril dragons drop 3 mith bars instead of noted mithril bars temporarily fixed the issue on some items doesnt stack and doesnt have the open option. fixed the spin exploit when u prestige removed admin on the top weekly online fixed longsword shared exp bug fixed polypore staff change stats into its old stats when it degrades fixed rune dragon dropping 2 unnoted rune bar. fixed the stats of dyed tectonic set reworked some aura perks and usage of it. bumped Virtus wand fixed drop problem on rev dark beast revenant demon revenant goblin revenant pyrefiend revenant ork revenant imp revenant vampyre revenant hellhound revenant icefiend
  8. Follow-up adjustments

    Follow-up regarding the item adjustments at all godsword weapons have the same stats all off-hand weapons have been buffed from the new nerfed stats all mage spells from ancient to modern have been buffed 10% fire spells multiplier to frost dragons and Glacors have been buffed from *2 to *2.5 Old Stats / New Stats 2Hand Weapons
  9. Update # 26

    Adjusted the stats of the Off-hands Decrease the attack bonus and Increase the Defence Bonus. added option for bonecrusher and herbicide Added Relic of Life to Restore your Armor/Weapons charges: It's Available on Vote Store. Changes some Item names in the cache sides. added kill count on Rise Of The Six. Fixed slayer master @priff is bugged fixed fishing bug, sometimes all goes to clanbank started working out on friends chat, sometimes it bugs when you change or create friends chat.
  10. Update # 25

    Fixes Fixed Ranged bug when you equip offhand Cbow, your character walks close to the enemy Torags Hammer no anim Fixed where in torag hammer have weird animation. Retaliating monsters being attack by ;;hide players [staff only] monsters will now attack even the player is hidden Off-hand chaotics no req Added level 80 dungeoneering and level 80 combat requirements to wear off-hand chaotics Taking damage after death Fixed you received a late damage @ deaths portal Cosmetics from merchant xenia [fixed] Cosmetics on Xenia has been fixed, can now use the keepsake, other cosmetics has been disabled that cause your account to null Animation for cls is bugged where it only shows the stabbing animation CLS default attack animation is now slashing, and can now choose stab @ lunge Smithing corrupted ore doesn't count as smithing bars for comp cape req Smithing corrupted ore now count as part of the comp cape req Highest level sum shop is called novice renamed it to advanced ingredient shop Spamming rots portal spawns more mobs, can make the server lag Barrows brothers don't spawn anymore once they are already spawned. Offhand and malev armor does not degrade Malevolent armor does degrade now, with 60k charges Added an option to change your default home at Account Manager. The Default home is called Sandy Box. you can choose either Sandy Box, Ashadale, and Members Zone. (need to have at least 20usd total donation). Reported recently that the skilling teleport tab drops the frame rate, so I change the default skilling interface to a dialogue and added an option to change to use the old custom skilling teleport interface @ Account manager. Future Plan is Adding Goliath, Swift gloves and a lot more effects to players who have more than 500 hours of playtime. They can obtain it by buying using GP and can last up to 1 hour. Price will be announced soon. Bosses with custom drops. Custom Zone for Donators with lots of skilling area, but have an entrance fee for 24hours of stay.
  11. decreased GP requirements to use ;;dice command from 500m to 100m added a restriction that only players with a total of 100m GP can enter the casino fixed the warning that you can only bring casino cash and mithril seed bug fixed attack animation to torag hammer and all hammer weapons fixed requirements on off hand chaotics fixed where you still receive damage after you die ( death room)
  12. Update # 23

    fixed safe spot on blink made that you can only use a melee weapon to give damage to barrelchest added an alternative way to activate double drop fixed verac pet spawns you a different pet circus ticket now tradeable key token is now tradeable made astromer credit tradeable added pot of gold in party pete > store credit reworked auto donation using gpay added store credit in a donation so you can buy and sell donations via store credit.[ Astromer credit ] you can now only use opengg command if you have bank command perk; if you don't have talked to the banker and choose open preset temporarily disabled XP sharing ticket rewards in top weekly / top voter is now [astromer credit which gives you store credit ] which allows being given even tho you are offline you can now use the cosmetic system again; disabled some other cosmetics to avoid nulling your account
  13. RSNP | Youtube Series | Episode 2

    video is unlisted

  15. Update # 22

    Added money converter ; 1million gp to 1 ticket talk to bob to convert your gp into ticket money in your pouch will be converted first. 1 million gp is to 1 swamp lizard quota ticket (working on finding a cache editor to change name) read swamp lizard quota ticket to convert it back to 1 million gp, if you have morethan 2147 million in your inventory you cannot open it. Added mystery box on vote shop for 7vote points mystery box loots common drops food bag 100 lobster , 100 rocktails 100 mantaray 100 cavefish large food bag 300 lobster , 300 rocktails 300 mantaray 300 cavefish supply cache 10 overload flask 20 prayer renewal flask 50 saradomin brews flask 20 super restore flask 100 magic note paper 100 blue charm 150 red charm charm drop enhancer all charms 20 each bottled genie 50 overlaod flask, 50 saradomin brews flask, 50 prayer renewal flask , 50 super restore flask, key token 1 sof spin dragon chain armour set (lg) dragon chain armour set (sk) draon plate armour set (lg) dragon plate armour set (sk) Rare Drop Astronomy Book Allows you to share your 25% of exp gains to 1 player with the same game mode for 1 hour. Barrows Gear Dragon Hatchet Dragon Pickaxe Inferno adze Off-hand Dragon Scimitar Legendary Drop Legendary Pets Reworked Cosmetic System you can now buy cosmetic override set @ party pete 7 vote points each cosmetic override set. Paladin Cosmetical Override Warlord Cosmetical Override Obsidian Cosmetical Override Kalphite Cosmetical Override Remokee Cosmetical Override Assassin Cosmetical Override Skeleton Cosmetical Override Goth Cosmetical Override Mummy Cosmetical Override Replica Dragon Cosmetical Override Sentinel Cosmetical Override Reaver Cosmetical Override Hiker Cosmetical Override Skyguard Cosmetical Override Vyrewatch Cosmetical Override Snowman Cosmetical Override Samurai Cosmetical Override Warm Winter Cosmetical Override Dark Lord Cosmetical Override Other Changes Amulet of souls not tradeable Rise of the six loot chest is now affected by the game mode drop chance added malevolent in the list of items you can dye buffed the stats of dyed malevoelent buffed the stats of seismic wand and seismic singularity
  16. ROTS suggestion

    will be added
  17. Update # 21 (incomplete)

    Added a very interactive discord Bot - the bot will announce if the player logs off or on ingame - the bot will announce if the server is offline or online - the bot will announce every level 99 achievement - the bot will announce every rare drop ingame Adjustment and Fixes - Added ;;players command to the bot to tell how many players online ingame - Added ;;totalexp command to be able to check your total exp ingame - Adjusted the Clan Experience gains on easy, intermediate, expert and veteran modes - fixed you get a double resource on woodcutting, mining, and fishing (thieving soon) - temporarily removed other vorago rotation that bugs the server making no one be able to move. - fixed an error that causes players to not receive a vote point or received inventory is full when claiming vote rewards
  18. Update # 20

    patched humidify bug patched client resizing bug patched you cannot claim a donation patched the slayer task ice giants patched you can afk mine on the citadel patched you can afk thieve on some thieving stalls patched the clan bank Changes decreased the kill count requirement for the elite and hard task in the achievements increased the GP rewards on some of the hard and elite task in the achievements 100% is maxed when viewing achievements, however, they may still see how many they've "over-achieved" for fun. Skilling events will no longer reward when tournament contains 3 or fewer players Rewards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places adjusted to 3, 2, 1 million gold increased the buying price of uncut dragon stone from 1k to 7k GP added vorago rotation on task tab to check which rotation is bugged
  19. The Basic Colored Whips?

    can add this drop to abyssal demon

    swim survivor richgotya godlyownage clarkckulver already got the reward

    gonna need to send the print screen with +20 hours of time play now, gl gemini!

    Message me ingame
  23. Update # 16

    Fixes Duo Slayer - You only get EXP when you are near with your partner Sunfreet - Location has been changed Dragon Rider Amour - nerfed 50-60% Kalphite Queen - The cache side is broken alternatively I add an exiled kalphite queen on its 2nd form Daily Task - Amount of task has been lower drown drastically Voting/Donate - players with space in their name will receive a warning to replace space with _ before proceeding Slayer Rewards - Fixed a bug on slayer rewards that enables you to buy Torso without taking the 200 slayer points
  24. Update # 15

    Added stats/animation on tzhok xil ak tzhok ket xil tzhok xil ek tzhok mej tal tzhaar ket om tzhaar ket em obsidian platebody obisidan plateleg obisidan range helm obisdian mage helm obsidian melee helm obsidian gloves/boots Fight Caves added shop @ fightcaves Rework the drops of thenpc's outside the fighcaves ( to many to put each ) addedtokkul drop 100% 10-150 / 200 on the npcs there addedtzhok and tzaar weapons drop as rare Gambling Coded Mithril seeds plant animation with pick you wont be able to plant seeds if there is already a flower planted you cannot plant seeds if you are not in the casino area you can buy mithril seed 10m for 10k mithril seeds via casino boy Dice command ;;dice will allow you to roll a random number from 0-99 you cannot use the command if you are not in the casino area. all the players with 500m total coins worth can use the dice command so meaning if you only have 499m below you wont be able to use it. (coins worth meaning amount of GP you have) Casino Area The long awaited gambling is now released talk to the casino boy @home beside bank to enter the casino you cannot bring any items in the casino beside mithril seed and the casino cash only players with over 150 level is allowed in the casino you cannot bank or withdraw money from your pouch if you are in the casino Casino Cash you can buy casino cash 10m gp to 100m casino cash , 50m to 500m casino cash, 100m to 1b casino cash and use that to casino cash to gamble inside the casino area you can convert it back from casino cash to gp via casino boy Other Stuff i've reworked summoning its to many to post everything here, just check it reworked and reposition the boss teleports location and added it by tier fixed the commands for community manager Up next Updates today will be focused on nerfing the boss in tier I to tier II and reports from here


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