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  1.  Hello we have an awesome event called Top Weekly Player, in the last weeks' update I added the on the Scoreboard the

    • Weekly Top online players
    • Weekly Top Voters
    • Weekly top Donators. 

    Which will enable us to track whos the most online players, players who always vote and people who donate. This weekly feature resets every weekend.


    Next week whoever is the Top 3 player of the Weekly top online players will receive

    • 1st) 20usd credit for ;;store + 50m
    • 2nd) 10usd credit for ;;store + 30m
    • 3rd) 5usd credit for ;;store + 20m


    For the Top Voter next week

    • 1st) 20usd credit for ;;store + 50m
    • 2nd) 10usd credit for ;;store + 30m
    • 3rd) 5usd credit for ;;store + 20m


    Top Donator next week (excluded all the perks of youtubers / youtubers)

    • 1st) 20usd credit for ;;store + 50m
    • 2nd) 10usd credit for ;;store + 30m
    • 3rd) 5usd credit for ;;store + 20m








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  2. Hello guys! 



    Lots of players are asking to add prestige system to the server. Please let me know if you have a suggestion on how we will implement the prestige system.

    • what are the benefits you would like to see if you prestige.
    • what items would you like to see in the prestige shop.
    • what are the requirements for you be able to prestige.


    PvM Points

    I recently added PvM points into the game, Basically, every time you kill an Npc with Kill counter you will receive a PvM points.

    You receive points depends on what type of Npc you kill, the harder the Npc you kill the more PvM points you will receive.

    I would also need your suggestion on what Items you would like to have in PvM store and  on how we gonna use PvM points.



    Diamond Shop

    For our Diamond Members, what do you guys want to see in the Diamond Shop.


    Thank you guys!






    • reworked teleport interface for training
    • reworked teleport interface for minigames
    • reworked teleport interface for pvp
    • added attack animation on anchor

    Items now Tradeable

    • elite void knight top
    • elive void knight robe
    • void knight mage helm
    • void knight ranger helm
    • void knight melee helm
    • void knight top
    • void knight robe
    • void knight gloves

    Bossing Highscores

    • Reseted the Bossing Highscores.
    • The first player to set a highscores in Bossing Highscores will receive 2.5M
    • The player who sets a New record on bossing highscores will receive 5M

    PvM Points

    • Added PvM Points to all the monsters that have Kill counts, Points distribution will differ on the monster type the harder the more PvM points you get
    • added pvm points in Teleport interface and 
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  3. Small Update for today

    • Added new teleport interface for minigames.
    • Added teleport for Ascension Dungeon. It's under Training > Dungeon Area
    • Fixed that ables you to open skilling teleport and training teleport the same time, basically all dialogue teleports will close everytime an interface opens.
    • Added when you use ;;donate ingame, it will also open the Donation guide made by @Dimitriuse .
    • Nerfed a little bit the Range Damage of Kalphite King.
    • Topic command ingame ;;Topic thread id (sample = ;;topic 23 ) 




    That's all!

    Tomorrow we will have a Massive update regarding PvM and Skilling :)


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  4. Fixed blink doesn't do damage on melee, range, and magic
    Fixed scoreboard showing top voter instead of the top donator
    Added puro-puro on minigame teleports in the last page /removed on skilling teleport
    Added new teleport Interface on Bosses
    Pots of gold now tradeable
    Reworked Legio boss
    After you kill a Legio boss you will now be teleported out (entrance of the boss) after 10 seconds, so you better pick the loot up fast after you kill the boss.

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  5. Added

    Bossing Kill time tracker
    Track how many minutes you kill the bosses of Helwyr3

    Added this features in the Scoreboard @ home

    • Added Bossing kill time tracker highscores.
    • Added Top players online per week.
    • added top voters per week.
    • Added top donators per week.

    Top 3 player in the top Weekly donator, voter, and player will receive incentives ingame. (5USD worth of perks)

    Added New skilling teleport system.


    There are fixes but I forgot to log them. :(



    Reworked the Homepage

    Reworked Forums

    Reworked Donation page

    Reworked Vote Page

    Reworked Highscores Page



    Sorry for not elaborating the updates, making this update thread after coding for 5 hours straight.



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  6. coollogo_com-323001633.png


    You just need to Make a "USEFUL" Ingame or Forum Guide Here.

    1 Guide is equivalent to 1 raffle Entry, the more guides you make the chances of winning!



    We will be Giving out 20usd credit for Helwyr Store to 2 lucky Winners! [Excluded Spins and Pot of Gold]


    Forum event will start 8 AM EST  03/12/18 and will end  8 AM EST 03/16/2018




    Winners  will be picked via https://www.classtools.net/random-name-picker/

    at 8:30 am EST 03/16/2018





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    • fix asce cb stats
    • 160 range to 240
    • range strenght 100 to 140
    • Glacor Hp from 5k to 4.2k and reduced the attack and max attack to 30-50%
    • Glacor minion hp from 1k to 700 and reduced the attack and max attack to 30-50%
    • Frost Dragon hp from 1.6k to 1.3 and reduced the attack and max attack to 30-50%
    • Reduced the Base and Max Damage of all the minions of GWD Boss
    • Dag rex 2550 - 2050 and reduced the attack and max attack to 30-50%
    • Dag supreme 2560  - 2060 and reduced the attack and max attack to 30-50%
    • Dag prime 2550 - 2050 and reduced the attack and max attack to 30-50%
    • Reduced the Max Damage of Kree'ara from 780 - 615
    • Added the  New Donator Shop in Donator Zone
    • Changed all the Pots to Noted in Donator Shop
    • Added Donator Shop at Members Area
    • Added Silver Shop
    • Added Gold Shop
    • Added Platinum Shop
    • Added Pot of Gold in Donator Store
    • Added so everytime you bought a perk you get 1 FREE pot of gold
    • in Perk packages, you get pot of gold depending on the number of perks included in the package.
    • Added a link when you do ;;help ingame. Vex's guide will open.
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  7. Helwyr is in need of 2 Server Support and 1 Moderator. If you think you can fit the position, just simply apply by commenting on this thread.

    Some of the requirements you need to meet are:

    10+ hours of in-game playtime
    Having a good knowledge of the server. (basically being able to answer any questions a new player would ask)
    Having good rep in the community.
    Having a sense of responsibility
    Honesty and integrity. (none of that don't ask don't tell stuff.)
    All applications will be overlooked over the duration of the week. I will be choosing one person to be a part of our staff team this Saturday. 03/10/2018 I will not hire you if you do not put in an application on forums.
    (comment your application below) 

    I will take all applicants into consideration. Good luck!

    Please use this format


    Where are you from?: 


    What position are you applying for?:

    How many hours do you spend daily ingame?: 

    Why do you want to be part of the staff team?:

    Why should we choose you over others:

    What are some usable skills you have?:

    Staff Experience:

    What are the qualities you have?:

    How long have you played Helwyr?:

    In a short paragraph, explain what you'll do with your position: 

    What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted?

    Do you understand that if you break rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member that you will be demoted?:
    Yes: I (name here), understand that if I break the rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, I will be demoted immediately with no warnings. Yes.


  8. Fixed the attack animation of the following magic.

    • Wind rush
    • Airstrike
    • Water strike
    • Bind
    • Snare
    • Slayer Dart
    • Entangle
    • Stun
    • Earth Strike
    • Fire Strike
    • Air Bolt
    • Water bolt
    • Fire bolt
    • Crumble dead
    • Air blast
    • Earth Blast
    • Fire blast
    • Saradoiin strike
    • Claws of guthix
    • Flames of Zamorak
    • Air wave
    • Water wave
    • Earth wave
    • Fire wave
    • teleblock
    • Air surge
    • Water surge
    • Earth Surge
    • Fire surge
    • Storm of armadyl
    • Smoke Rush
    • Shadow rush
    • Mismuc rush
    • Mismic rush
    • Mismic burst
    • Mismic barrage
    • Blood rush
    • Ice rush
    • Smoke burst
    • Shadow Burst
    • Blood burst
    • Smoke blitz
    • Shadow Blitz
    • Blood Blitz
    • Ice blitz
    • Smoke barrage
    • Ice barrage
    • Blood barrage
    • Shadow Barrage


    Fixed the Bug in House Construction that would not able you to Build any types of furniture in your house.

    Reduced the GWD kill Requirements to enter from 25 to 20.



    Added All the Ranks of Donator and Staff

    Enhanced User info panel.





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  9. Youtube Raffle Event

    Helwyr is hosting a new YouTube Event where 3 lucky players will receive free prizes.
    Please read below to see how you can participate and potentially win a
    FREE Bronze Member Status and Crystal Keychest.


    What is the event?

    For 7 Days, players will post videos regarding Helwyr
    For every qualified video you post during the event, your name will be put in a raffle
    There is no limit to how many videos you can make, so make the most videos for the best chances in winning the raffle
    Create a topic for your video(s) on the media section ( https://helwyr3.com/forums/index.php?/forum/11-community-media ) with “
    [YT-Event]” in the title

    What are the event rules & qualifications?

    Videos can be about anything within the game, as long as it doesn’t contain content in violation of the Helwyr rules.
    Each video must be a minimum of 45 Seconds, and be uploaded within the event’s timeframe
    Videos must include: “Helwyr” in the title
    Video description must contain the following link to the server: https://Helwyr3.com
    When is the event?

    Start: 3/05/2018
    End: 3/12/2017

    What are the Prizes?

    First Will receive:
    Bronze Member Status ($20 worth of Perks)
    3 Crystal Key

    The second  winner will receive:
    $10 Worth of Perks
    3 Crystal Key

    The Third winner will receive:
    3 Crystal Key and 5 Sof Spins

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  10. Fixed the attack animation of the FF

    • The Cyclops in Warriors guild and Cyclops in GWD Dungeon
    • Dag Rex
    • Dag Prime
    • Dag Supreme

    Fixed The Glitch whenever you climb down the Daganoth area stairs you go down under the floor.

    Temporarily removed the teleport option of the Zombie minigame till I fully finished the custom minigame.

    Fixed the Attack Animation bug of Off-hand Scimitars and Defenders.

    Fully fixed the database issue in Highscores where some players aren't saving, Also made that whenever you do the command ;;highscores it will save your stats instead of logging out to update and check your progress.

    Fully fixed the Id's of the donation perks, where some perks aren't receivable automatically.

    Fix the combat system, more accurate and decent 

    Fix the effects of off-hands

    added new animation for noxious staff hellfirebow etc

    Fixed the correct attack animation of GWD weapons.



    Guys if you have found bug or glitch please don't hesitate to post it here
    or private message me here in discord or in-game.


    Thank you!


  11. Hello guys!

    Merchant Xenia has now been released on the server!

    You can now change up your character's attire by talking to Xenia at home.

    Xenia has hundreds of different cosmetics for you to enjoy for FREE!




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