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  1. Update # 21 (incomplete)

    Added a very interactive discord Bot - the bot will announce if the player logs off or on ingame - the bot will announce if the server is offline or online - the bot will announce every level 99 achievement - the bot will announce every rare drop ingame Adjustment and Fixes - Added ;;players command to the bot to tell how many players online ingame - Added ;;totalexp command to be able to check your total exp ingame - Adjusted the Clan Experience gains on easy, intermediate, expert and veteran modes - fixed you get a double resource on woodcutting, mining, and fishing (thieving soon) - temporarily removed other vorago rotation that bugs the server making no one be able to move. - fixed an error that causes players to not receive a vote point or received inventory is full when claiming vote rewards
  2. Update # 20

    patched humidify bug patched client resizing bug patched you cannot claim a donation patched the slayer task ice giants patched you can afk mine on the citadel patched you can afk thieve on some thieving stalls patched the clan bank Changes decreased the kill count requirement for the elite and hard task in the achievements increased the GP rewards on some of the hard and elite task in the achievements 100% is maxed when viewing achievements, however, they may still see how many they've "over-achieved" for fun. Skilling events will no longer reward when tournament contains 3 or fewer players Rewards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places adjusted to 3, 2, 1 million gold increased the buying price of uncut dragon stone from 1k to 7k GP added vorago rotation on task tab to check which rotation is bugged
  3. The Basic Colored Whips?

    can add this drop to abyssal demon

    swim survivor richgotya godlyownage clarkckulver already got the reward

    gonna need to send the print screen with +20 hours of time play now, gl gemini!

    Message me ingame
  7. Update # 16

    Fixes Duo Slayer - You only get EXP when you are near with your partner Sunfreet - Location has been changed Dragon Rider Amour - nerfed 50-60% Kalphite Queen - The cache side is broken alternatively I add an exiled kalphite queen on its 2nd form Daily Task - Amount of task has been lower drown drastically Voting/Donate - players with space in their name will receive a warning to replace space with _ before proceeding Slayer Rewards - Fixed a bug on slayer rewards that enables you to buy Torso without taking the 200 slayer points
  8. Update # 15

    Added stats/animation on tzhok xil ak tzhok ket xil tzhok xil ek tzhok mej tal tzhaar ket om tzhaar ket em obsidian platebody obisidan plateleg obisidan range helm obisdian mage helm obsidian melee helm obsidian gloves/boots Fight Caves added shop @ fightcaves Rework the drops of thenpc's outside the fighcaves ( to many to put each ) addedtokkul drop 100% 10-150 / 200 on the npcs there addedtzhok and tzaar weapons drop as rare Gambling Coded Mithril seeds plant animation with pick you wont be able to plant seeds if there is already a flower planted you cannot plant seeds if you are not in the casino area you can buy mithril seed 10m for 10k mithril seeds via casino boy Dice command ;;dice will allow you to roll a random number from 0-99 you cannot use the command if you are not in the casino area. all the players with 500m total coins worth can use the dice command so meaning if you only have 499m below you wont be able to use it. (coins worth meaning amount of GP you have) Casino Area The long awaited gambling is now released talk to the casino boy @home beside bank to enter the casino you cannot bring any items in the casino beside mithril seed and the casino cash only players with over 150 level is allowed in the casino you cannot bank or withdraw money from your pouch if you are in the casino Casino Cash you can buy casino cash 10m gp to 100m casino cash , 50m to 500m casino cash, 100m to 1b casino cash and use that to casino cash to gamble inside the casino area you can convert it back from casino cash to gp via casino boy Other Stuff i've reworked summoning its to many to post everything here, just check it reworked and reposition the boss teleports location and added it by tier fixed the commands for community manager Up next Updates today will be focused on nerfing the boss in tier I to tier II and reports from here
  9. Update # 15

    Added Ranks Reworked the Drop System (can now see drop rate difference using the new commands). Community Manager Rank Forum Manager Rank Pyramid Agility (Level 50 req) Commands: Npcdrop Npcname Itemdrop Itemname Changes in Tasktab now shows Ship Timer
  10. progress btw. // boop

    keep it up bro
  11. boop

    welcome boop
  12. Update # 14

    New Boss Sunfreet Drops off-hand bronze scimitar 50% offhand rune scimitar 25% off-hand dragon scimitar 10% Gold coins 1 - 2M 90% Charms 1-5 with 30-50 % chance red dragon mask dragon rider set with stats and boogie bow 5% chance Giant Mole Drops 90% chance to get gold coin worth 200k-400k 50% chance to get Spin ticket 70% chance to get Coal bag 50% chance to get Overload flask 6 blisterwood stake added on giant mole 30% chance amount 5-25 random blisterwood polearm added on giant mole 10% chance blisterwood staff added on giant mole 15% chance Referral System When a new player Joins he will be asked to put the referrers name when the player donates or buy any perks the referrer will get 10% store credit, Ingame Donator Store Added Donator Store, it is the donator store in ;;donate command but instead of using in real life money it will use store credit. Store credit can be obtained by joining the server events and or winning the top weekly events at scoreboard. top open the ingame donator store , talk to partypete at home. Fixes and additions Fixed the attack animation of scimitar and warhammer class added attack animation and stats on blisterwoods added attack animation and stats on the off-hand scimitars Upcoming updates. Custom Zombie minigame Donators night (wherein all online players can get store credit)
  13. Helwyr

    Guys I would like to apologize for the slow update this week, just having some irl situation and also preparing for the new developer. I'm fixing stuff so he can code easily without accessing the vps and the players' file next update is fixed on the animation on the weapons in the prestige shop giant mole seeds for gambling pure essences fix for hc ironman and some code problems in the donation system comment below if you got more. I'll do my best to add 1-2 more boss beside giant mole this week. btw a new minigame will be coded by luke, it's a custom zombie minigame its really cool, he will give some sneak peek in few days(edited) he will be focusing on that this week :smiley:
  14. Just a few more suggestions & bugs

    will add that
  15. Just a few more suggestions & bugs

    you get points when claim a vote reward, you can use it to buy stuff @ partypete


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