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  1. Thanks Giving 2018

    As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. Good Day! We have put a 10-65% Discount to all our Items in Donation Shop.
  2. New Client V3

    GoodDay! Everyone we have fixed a memory leak on our client, which cause a lot of us to have blackscreen and use our PC at least 1gb of memory when playing. Please download the new client here https://helwyr3.com/forums/index.php?/play/ Client should be at V3. Thank you!
  3. Hello, here is a quick fix if you experience a black screen upon logging in. First, Click Options Seconds, Click Graphics Settings Third, Choose Min & Fixed Settings. Upon doing this your client will automatically get fixed the black screen issue. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TIP You can also do this before logging in by clicking this @ the login box _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NOTE This black screen Issue only Occur to the players who have set their graphics settings to High. If you want to experience High graphics settings, you can change the settings right after you set the graphics to min, just to resolve the issue.
  4. Clarkkulver's Return

    Welcome back!
  5. Youtube Video Event

    Hey everyone! We are still looking for youtubers who are willing to do videos for the server. How do you become a youtuber? Simply make high quality videos for the server and we will consider making you into a youtuber. About the video contest: This is going to be a "Editing" contest. REQS TO ENTER: - VIDEO SHOULD BE A BOSSING VIDEO/SERVER INTRO VIDEO/ SERVER TOUR VIDEO - VIDEO SHOULD BE UPLOADED TO YOUTUBE - DESCRIPTION SHOULD HAVE THE WEBSITE LINK Prices: 1st: 15 USD credit on store + 30m in-game 2nd: 10 USD credit on store + 20m in-game 3rd: 5USD credit on store + 10m in-game Contest will be going from 10th of Nov till 17th of Nov. Winner will be picked via community poll vote at Nov 17th to Nov 20th.
  6. Helwyr revision 900

    Good Day! We recently upgraded our server revision from 887 to 900. It is the same revision with RS3. This upgrade will open a lot of opportunities for us to release more items, boss and unlock more areas. This upgrade will most likely fix the black screen and lags you encounter in some areas. You need to download the new client which is located here to play and experience the upgraded version of Helwyr.
  7. I am the Guardian

    hey guardian welcome to the server, I'm happy that you are enjoying playing helwyr
  8. Aureius is ya boi.

    Hey Lucas, welcome to the server! we've already met in-game. I'm glad you're having a good time playing here. if you need help or anything just let me know. I gotchu
  9. Payment Options

    you can pay via visa/master card using PayPal even without a PayPal account.
  10. Update # 33

    New Slayer Master Added new slayer task exclusive by talking to the slayer master @ priff. Added Special slayer points that can be used @ special slayer shop, can only get by doing task @ slayer master in priff. Added effects on Super slayer helmet and khopesh, increased your damage by 30% when wearing the helmet and fighting the monster in your current slayer task. added stats on Super slayer helmet and Khopesh sword. added Special slayer shop @ all the slayer masters added special slayer points in task tab. Nerfed the Mage and range armor of Dark Lord and Mercenary Mage. Added Helwyr and Vindicta on Teleports!
  11. Update # 28

    $10USD - Annihilator: You now have a small chance of doing AoE cleave damage to NPC's near you on every hit is for melee only.
  12. Update # 28

    New Perks: Click here to buy the new perks! $20USD - Companion: Your pet can now fight with you, dealing 5% of the damage the player does (added to player damage) $10USD - Annihilator: You now have a small chance of doing AoE cleave damage to NPC's near you on every hit $20USD - Stagger: You now have a small chance of stunning your target for 3 seconds on every hit These new perks can also be bought by players with 500+ hours in the game for GP! (100m gold per $1) Construction: * Your player home will now save the rooms and furniture that you have built when you leave! Player Reward Systems: The top play time and top voter weekly reward systems have been reworked: * All GP rewards have been removed * Rewards will now go to the top 5 players (previously top 3) 1st place = $10 store credit 2nd place = $8 store credit 3rd place = $7 store credit 4th place = $6 store credit 5th place = $4 store credit Promotions: Richgotya and Oscar are being promoted to moderator Hachi is being promoted to community manager
  13. Update # 27

    fixed mithril dragons drop 3 mith bars instead of noted mithril bars temporarily fixed the issue on some items doesnt stack and doesnt have the open option. fixed the spin exploit when u prestige removed admin on the top weekly online fixed longsword shared exp bug fixed polypore staff change stats into its old stats when it degrades fixed rune dragon dropping 2 unnoted rune bar. fixed the stats of dyed tectonic set reworked some aura perks and usage of it. bumped Virtus wand fixed drop problem on rev dark beast revenant demon revenant goblin revenant pyrefiend revenant ork revenant imp revenant vampyre revenant hellhound revenant icefiend
  14. Follow-up adjustments

    Follow-up regarding the item adjustments at all godsword weapons have the same stats all off-hand weapons have been buffed from the new nerfed stats all mage spells from ancient to modern have been buffed 10% fire spells multiplier to frost dragons and Glacors have been buffed from *2 to *2.5 Old Stats / New Stats 2Hand Weapons


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