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    Hello we have an awesome event called Top Weekly Player, in the last weeks' update I added the on the Scoreboard the Weekly Top online players Weekly Top Voters Weekly top Donators. Which will enable us to track whos the most online players, players who always vote and people who donate. This weekly feature resets every weekend. Next week whoever is the Top 3 player of the Weekly top online players will receive 1st) 20usd credit for ;;store + 50m 2nd) 10usd credit for ;;store + 30m 3rd) 5usd credit for ;;store + 20m For the Top Voter next week 1st) 20usd credit for ;;store + 50m 2nd) 10usd credit for ;;store + 30m 3rd) 5usd credit for ;;store + 20m Top Donator next week (excluded all the perks of youtubers / youtubers) 1st) 20usd credit for ;;store + 50m 2nd) 10usd credit for ;;store + 30m 3rd) 5usd credit for ;;store + 20m
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    reworked teleport interface for training reworked teleport interface for minigames reworked teleport interface for pvp added attack animation on anchor Items now Tradeable elite void knight top elive void knight robe void knight mage helm void knight ranger helm void knight melee helm void knight top void knight robe void knight gloves Bossing Highscores Reseted the Bossing Highscores. The first player to set a highscores in Bossing Highscores will receive 2.5M The player who sets a New record on bossing highscores will receive 5M PvM Points Added PvM Points to all the monsters that have Kill counts, Points distribution will differ on the monster type the harder the more PvM points you get added pvm points in Teleport interface and
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    Small Update for today Added new teleport interface for minigames. Added teleport for Ascension Dungeon. It's under Training > Dungeon Area Fixed that ables you to open skilling teleport and training teleport the same time, basically all dialogue teleports will close everytime an interface opens. Added when you use ;;donate ingame, it will also open the Donation guide made by @Dimitriuse . Nerfed a little bit the Range Damage of Kalphite King. Topic command ingame ;;Topic thread id (sample = ;;topic 23 ) That's all! Tomorrow we will have a Massive update regarding PvM and Skilling
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    Username: Merk Tv Age: 22 Where are you from?: WA, USA Timezone: Pacific Standard What position are you applying for?: Server Support How many hours do you spend daily ingame?: 5-12 Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: I have dedicated a lot of my time to this server and I have a feeling that this server is going great places, and while reflecting when it gets to the top of the lists, I want to say, I contributed to this success in a positive way. Why should we choose you over others: I work from home so I can always be online, at least afk. I have great work ethic, when I put my mind into something, I will not stop until I can have the most positive impact I can have. I am very social, friendly, and just an all around nice guy. If you ask around I doubt you will hear anything bad about my name. What are some usable skills you have?: I have youtubing skills for advertisement, I have great work ethic ( stated above), great social skills, great communication skills, very patient and understanding, and I always try to resolve any problems in the best way possible for both parties. Staff Experience:moderator on various servers, administrator on a server (or 2) was a co owner with my cousin off and on over the span of 2 years on a server he owned back in the mopar days. What are the qualities you have?:friendly, patient, understanding, always positive, humble, well spoken, funny. How long have you played Helwyr?: 100 total hours, but in the time ive played I have grown to love and appreciate not only the server, and the staff, but the community as a whole. and I only plan to keep playing as much as possible from here on out. In a short paragraph, explain what you'll do with your position: To sum up what I would so with the server support position is, to make sure all players, veterans and new, have the best quality gameplay experience possible. not only from answering simple questions or showing a player where a certain location is, but to just make sure they are comfortable playing the game they enjoy and love. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted? I hope to achieve, if promoted, all players have the best quality gameplay and experience throughout the time they play helwyr3. Do you understand that if you break rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member that you will be demoted?: Yes: I (Merk Tv), understand that if I break the rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, I will be demoted immediately with no warnings. Yes.
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    Username: Foxx Age: 22 Where are you from?: Atlanta, GA/US Timezone: EST What position are you applying for?: Support How many hours do you spend daily ingame?: I spend between 5-9 Hours a day now Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: I feel like I would be a great fit for the team. I'm a very easy going person, and I'm always willing to help others! Why should we choose you over others: I have an overall understanding of what I have to do everyday as part of the staff team. I also have a great amount of knowledge of Helwyr3! What are some usable skills you have?: I do GFX, I know how to Program. Staff Experience: Owner 1x, Co-Owner 1x, Admin 2x, Moderator 3x, Server Helper 3x. What are the qualities you have?: Trust Worthy, Honest, Kind, Caring, Smart, Knowledgeable. How long have you played Helwyr?: Since February 28th, almost a month! In a short paragraph, explain what you'll do with your position: As a Server Helper, I plan to do my best to help players in need of any in-game related help, I want to help improve the community, and build stronger relationships with the players, and the other staff as well What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted? I hope to achieve all the trust from the players, I want to make Helwyr3 a RSPS people want to come and play, and enjoy playing it! Zeus is one of the best Owners out here today, and I feel that if he has a solid staff team behind him, Helwyr3 can become something huge in the rsps communities! Do you understand that if you break rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member that you will be demoted?: Yes: I (Foxx), understand that if I break the rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, I will be demoted immediately with no warnings. Yes. Thanks for reading everyone! Best of luck to all who apply!
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    Fixed blink doesn't do damage on melee, range, and magic Fixed scoreboard showing top voter instead of the top donator Added puro-puro on minigame teleports in the last page /removed on skilling teleport Added new teleport Interface on Bosses Pots of gold now tradeable Reworked Legio boss After you kill a Legio boss you will now be teleported out (entrance of the boss) after 10 seconds, so you better pick the loot up fast after you kill the boss.
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    Hey guys I am new to the community. Just downloaded the client and look forward to playing with everyone here. Shout out to Ryan for the sick video that led me here.
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    Hey, Lv3 here! he is trustworthy, I have donated like 42$ atm with him! Enjoy it, its cheap and safe! Pce
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    Heyy everyone! Foxx here I'm currently selling donations for every 25mil GP=1$ if you're interested please message me on here, or in-game IG:Foxy! (I also accept items along with GP!) Thanks!! ***PS*** ***If you've bought from me before, please state below how the transaction was and if I am Trustworthy *** Thanks!
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    Hey guys! I just got an awesome suggestion for PvMing. So basically u have 3 bosses. Gorillas. And I've always been fascinated about this trio. NO OTHER SERVER USES THEM TOGETHER. I mean why? U could make so much potential on it. The bosses are : - Leeuni : which is based on Melee attack - Ayuni : which is based on Ranged attack - Eruni : which is based on Magic attack So they all have their own attack style one casts spells other knocks u down, other ranges u. So basically we got a good trio. So if you go there you need to be able to tank all the hits incoming from all 3. Yeah a trio boss. Others server trio boss are some stupid custom made npc's. So this would already make it unique. All of them would have their special attack as example ; - Leeuni ; Will knock u down. Basically as u stun someone with a dragon spear in rs. Where u cant eat/drink potion. Only switch prayers and hope for the best. - Ayuni ; Will poison you & will spawn some of the monkeys from ape atoll (entrance)-(if u ever did Monkey madness the monkeys from the towers who shoot you.) Which would mean u would need to pray range till u kill Ayuni or kill all the monkeys. - Eruni ; He would smite you , like not really much. But which would mean u would need to check ur prayer points. And will also freeze you. So if ur melee u would not be able to move. As you see it seems like it would be impossible. Well yeah, we need some more multi bossing groups. this way people would start doing mass bossing and get to known more the players. As its very interactive gameplay. Yet it will still be hard even in group unless u coordinate good. Currently people are doing this. They hit a boss. Die. Hit again. Die. Just over and over which would result the boss would be killed afterwards. So basically this will be reversed. If u die by them they would re-gain all their hp. Which players cannot repeat the process of just hitting the boss over and over till they die. Now for the rewards. How about this Leeuni would drop : Annihilation (Chance at summer sun ring & summer storm ring) Ayuni would drop : Decimation (Chance at summer sun ring & summer storm ring) Eruni would drop : Obliration (Chance at summer sun ring & summer storm ring) There are 3 powerfull wapons. Annihilation would have slightly better stats than drygore and slightly less than noxious scythe. Decimation would have better stats than zaryte bow and slightly worse than noxious longbow. Obliration would have its own spell and better stats than Celestial staff and slightly less stats than Noxious staff. What are these rings? Well i've seen that everybody uses ring of wealth. I mean yeah it obviously helps better with ur droprate. But how about a ring with good stats & better droprate. BUT THATS OP! No it's not think of this. When ur going to face these bosss its because ur hunting Noxious weaponry. Which would mean u would near end-game. In the end game u basically dont care about bandos items or any others but having good armor to show off. Or to get all pets as achievement for urself. So basically there would be no harm for the economy. Yes than can obviously go for bandos armory. But I don't see any points in that as they would only get cash and I don't see why someone would sell their noxious weaponry for just "coins". Unless they wanna have stacks of gp's. Stats & Extras : Summer sun ring : Would give stats in : Strength bonus, Stab, Slash , Crush (basically for melee). Which also would come with an extra 5% droprate. Summer storm ring : Would give stats Range & Mage. Which also would come with an extra 5% droprate. ** I Do not know how much stats they would give it all depends on Zeus than** Let me see ur suggestion on these bosses & rewards in comments below and make sure to vote on poll and maybe it will get in-game!
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    Actually yes, this would be very nice indeed, which would make it even harder to get the weaponry or the rings. Thanks for this!
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    I like this idea! instead of them dropping though, you could do like a rewards chest kinda like raids! just a lil input, but great idea! I like it! I'm all for it
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    #1 Prestige System - Prestige should go with points per prestige (duhh). But it affects what game mode u are playing. As example a Easy player would receive less points per prestige instead of a Expert player. - Rewards shouldn't be like gear or whatsoever. As expert - veteran players would be at a disatvantage of this. So I suggest something like loot crates, mystery boxes or something. And ofcourse titles - and an icon (optional if players have donator sign or something. That they can like choose between icon). - How about u make prestiging like alot different than other servers. You have skiller & pvmers. Skiller will obviously not go train combat stats. So why dont we split the prestige system in like Skiller Prestige which would require all skills 99. And combat prestiging which would require all combat stats 99 including dungeoneering 120. I think this would be a great feature for all players. #2 PvMing points First of all, THANKS FOR BRINGING THIS! Every server has it, and I whas wondering when we would get it as its always amazing to get extra rewards for pvming. - Obviously the rewards should go about PvMing. So I whas kinda thinking why don't you make it 2 seperate rewards. 2 Different sections. - Perks - Rewards It would go like this : If u have 1M points u could choose between different perks (not to be confused with donator perks). But perks everyone can buy. As example : (just a few perks i thought about) - When eating food it potentionally could give 50% more healing. - Unlocking few new potions, as example the adrenaline potion which would give more 50% spec bar. Just these kind of perks. Rewards : - I mean rewards can be anything if its related to PvMing I don't think cosmetic armour would really fit there. - MAYBE u could add a key for a world boss. If u get 100K PvMing points u could kill 1x the world boss of Helwyr. Which would have unique drops. - Boss Boxes; there are some servers with this. But its quite good I guess. U buy it and can choose between few bosses and get loot of the boss u choose from. Hope these are good suggestions :-D
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    Yea, I've made a mistake on it, but its for support rank haha
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    So here's a few suggestions I have for the server: Rise Of the Six: this can also make Malevolent obtainable Celestial Dragons range damage could be nerfed, its pretty op Start implementing player of the month stuff, like whoever wins POTM should gain rewards (sof spins or somethin) Start doing like mini-game event masses for like Pest Control etc. Implement forum events (GFX contest, best video contest) etc. Off lending services for players to lend other players items This is all I have at the current moment! Thanks for reading. Feed back please! Thank you :3
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    hello guys i have made some sugestions to make dungeoneering more fun and better u can see all the suggestion in the poll: if u have any other suggestion that i can add reply plz i will add them king regards, smokey ps. my english is not the best
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    How to donate? If you want to donate you have to visit the Store CLICK HERE! In the store you can purchase: Combat Perks Skilling Perks Utility Perks Perk Packages Cosmetics Overrides Animation Overrides Squeal of Fortune Pot of Gold When you purchase a perk in the store type ;;donated in game to claim your donations. Note: Every time you purchase a perk you get 1 pot of gold. Payment method: PayPal or Credit card Credit CardsCredit/Debit Card Onecard/Prepaid card MINT Donator ranks/benefits: Bronze donator (20usd): Access to member's zone Access to ;;yell command Access to donator shop Access to bronze member title Silver donator (50usd): Access Bronze donator benefits Access to silver donator shop Access to silver member title Gold donator (100usd): Access to silver donator benefits Access to gold donator shop Access to gold member title Access to gold member zone Platinum donator (250usd): Access to gold donator benefits Access to platinum donator shop Access to platinum member title Diamond donator (500usd): Access to platinum donator benefits Access to diamond member title.
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    pvp tournaments sound fun in clanwars white portal ofcource also boss masses
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    Hey guys! We want to know what ingame events you want to see. Post them below and we will take a look at them This can be anything you want. Example: - Boss masses - Hide and Seek - Drop parties - PKing event - Clan wars /Staff team
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    Added Bossing Kill time tracker Track how many minutes you kill the bosses of Helwyr3 Added this features in the Scoreboard @ home Added Bossing kill time tracker highscores. Added Top players online per week. added top voters per week. Added top donators per week. Top 3 player in the top Weekly donator, voter, and player will receive incentives ingame. (5USD worth of perks) Added New skilling teleport system. There are fixes but I forgot to log them. Website Reworked the Homepage Reworked Forums Reworked Donation page Reworked Vote Page Reworked Highscores Page Sorry for not elaborating the updates, making this update thread after coding for 5 hours straight.
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    Any sort of competition, being it skilling/pking or whatever for a decent reward Im down =)
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    WEAPONS: Chaotic Maul: 50m Chaotic rapier: 50m Chaotic longsword: 50m Chaotic crossbow: 50m Abyssal whip: 7-10m Abyssal vine whip: 20m Armadyl godsword: 200m Bandos godsword: 100m Saradomin godsword: 150m Zamorak godsword: 150m Zamorak spear: 70m Dragon claw: 250m Off-hand dragon claw: 200m Drygore longsword: 750m Drygore rapier : 700m Drygore mace: 650m Noxious longbow: ??? Noxious scythe: ??? Noxious staff: ??? Polypore staff: 20m Dark bow: 10m Siesmic wand: 1-1.5b Staff of light: 15m Zaryte bow: ??? Virtus wand: ??? Abyssal wand: 15-20m Korasi's sword: ??? Ascension crossbow: 500m Off-hand ascension crossbow: 400m Armours: Torva Platebody: 300m Torva platelegs: 300m Torva helm: 250m Pernix cowl: 250m Pernix body: 300m Pernix chaps: 300m Virtus mask: 200m Virtus robe top: 300m Virtus robe legs: 300m Bandos Chestplate: 30m Bandos tassets: 30m Bandos helmet: 20m Bandos warshield: 20m Armadyl chestplate: 30m Armadyl chainskirt: 30m Armadyl helmet: 20m Armadyl buckler: 20m Hood of Subjugation: 20m Garb of subjugation: 30m Gown of subjugation: 30m Ganodermic visor: 20m Ganodermic poncho: 30m Ganodermic leggings: 30m Dragon full helm: 20m Divine spirit shield: ??? Elysian spirit shield: ??? Arcane spirit shield: ??? Spectral spirit shield: ??? Dragon fire shield: 80m Celestial hood: 30m Celestial robe top: 40m Celestial robe bottom: 40m Dharock set: 50m Gloves-boots-amulets-Rings: Steadfast boots: 80m Glaiven boots: 70m Ragefire boots: 60m Torva boots: 100m gloves: 100m Pernix boots: 100m gloves: 100m Virtus boots: 100m gloves: 100m Bandos boots:10m gloves: 10m Armadyl boots: 20m gloves: 10m Subjugation boots: 10m gloves: 10m Ganodermic boots: 5m gloves: 5m Celestial shoes: 20m gloves: 20m Amulet of fury: 20m Amulet of souls: 50m Berserker ring: 50m Archer ring: 40m Seers ring: 30m Warrior ring: 20m Ring of wealth: 5m Rares: Red Partyhat: 700m Green partyhat: 700m Blue partyhat: 700m Yellow partyhat: 700m Purple partyhat: 700m White partyhat: 700m Hweens: 650m Santa hat: 600m Others: Magic logs: 10k each Dragon bones: 100-150k each Frost dragon bones: 200-250k each Uncut onyx: 15m Crystal key: 2m Raw sharks: 6k each Raw rocktails: 15k each Gold charm: 6k each Blue charm: 10k each Crimson charm: 8k each Green charm: 7k each Dragon Pickaxe: 10-15m Dragon hatchet: 10-15m ???= Unknow price.
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    COSTUME CONTEST. Need to show my swag outfits
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    Edited that Huh?? I am updating it.if you found a wrong price just tell me I will edit it....
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    In this video Ill be showing you how to do blink with 90 combat character and pretty standard gear just to show you that its doable for pretty much all players on the server
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    Hey everyone! After getting some complains from players about the current behavior of the staff team, we have decided to make a post below where you can review each individual staff member from there performance as a staff member and give out what we can improve on. We would also really appreciate if you could give us our performance as a whole. There will be a poll were you can vote for the best staff member we currently have. Voting is completely anonymous, as we don't want players to give hate to each other for there voting action. Reason why we want to do this, is because we want to get a better bond with each player and the community as a whole. Please don't hate on each others for there reviews, respect each other. We are only doing this to improve our performance for you. If you don't want to make a post below to others to see, send the review to Zeus so he can give it to the respected staff member. //Staff team
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    What is Araxxor? Araxxor is an enormous araxyte spider who lives in the Araxyte lair, He is the second most difficult solo boss in Helwyr. He can be fought alone or with Team, although he is considerably stronger if fought with a friend. His drops include components for three level 90 two-handed weapons, one for each combat style, along with a pet. Location: Araxxor is located in a cavern south-east of Port Phasmatys called the Araxyte lair.(In game just use boss teleports in quest tab) Strategies: Recommended Setups: It's recommended to have at least level 30 Crafting, since that is the level required to make the full Spider leg, and 90 Crafting to create the Noxious weapons. Recommended equipment for Ranged: Pernix cowl Amulet of souls Ava's alerter Pernix body Pernix chaps Chaotic crossbow Elysian spirit shield Swift gloves Glaiven boots Archers' ring Standard attacks : The primary combat style Araxxor uses is shown by the colour its legs are tipped in. A red tip indicates it only uses melee attacks, a green tip indicates ranged/melee attacks and a blue tip indicates magic/melee attacks. The special abilities from these standard attacks occur randomly. In a duo. NOTE:Araxxor's melee form will take notice of Soul Split, and if it is active when he attacks, he will heal himself for a slight amount of life points based on the damage he deals. The special effects from these attacks only occur on Araxxor's dominant combat style, and any can occur when fighting Araxxi. Magic: Araxxor spits a large ball of acid towards the player. This attack can drain overloads and then combat stats and run energy Melee: Araxxor smashes its legs at the player, dealing melee damage. This attack can cause typeless extra bleed damage. NOTE:Only Araxxor is able to utilise the bleed effect; Araxxi is unable to do so. Araxxor can use this attack no matter what his primary style is if you are within melee range. If fighting Araxxor in his melee form, his melee attack will have an attack range of 3–4 spaces for balancing reasons. Ranged: Araxxor launches a ball of spider silk at the player. It can cause poison anywhere from 100–360 damage. The green "You have been poisoned!" message does not appear if you become poisoned by Araxxor’s ranged attack, so pay attention to the colour of your life points icon. (Phases Coming soon) DROPS: Spider leg bottom Spider leg top Spider leg middle Araxxi's eye Araxxi's fang Araxxi's web Araxyte egg Araxyte pet Araxyte pheromone Araxyte arrow
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    Added Donator Rank here in forums, Please comment below your Donor rank. So that I can give you your proper rank here in forums. Thanks!
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    Gold member & support
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    Let me know whatcha think Taelan, if you want another one let me know!
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    What is Nex? Nex (coming from the infernal word for "murder" or "death") is a powerful zarosian general.She is a zaryte from the plane Freneskae and one of zaros most powerful weapons of war.She is located in the ancient prison, sealed away in the back of the god wars dungeon.With a combat level of 1001,she ranks amongst the most powerful monsters in Helwyr. She is called also Angel of death. Location: Nex resides in the Ancient Prison, a room locked behind the Frozen Door in the southern part of the God Wars dungeon. The door can only be opened by completing the frozen key, which is created by killing foot soldiers of each of the gods (Armadyl, Bandos, Saradomin and Zamorak). Note:Key pieces are only dropped by combatants in the god's stronghold and outside the boss room Strategies: Recommended equipment for Ranged: Armadyl helmet Amulet of ranging Ava's alerter Armadyl chestplate Armadyl chainskirt Chaotic crossbow Armadyl buckler Armadyl gloves Glaiven boots Archers' ring Phases: Smoke phase: During this phase, she will use Smoke spells in the form of chaotic clouds,also capable of poisoning the player for up to 120 poison damage. Her special abilities in this phase are: "Let the virus flow through you!" - One player (the one Nex targets) will get infected (this can miss). "There is... NO ESCAPE!" - Nex will teleport and fly through one of the paths of the central symbol, damaging any players who stand in her way. Shadow phase: During this phase, she will use Shadow spells, that are in fact ranged attacks that resemble Shadow Blitz. This is the only phase where she uses ranged attacks.Her special abilities in this phase are: "Fear the shadow!" - Shadow traps appear under every player in the area. After 2 ticks, any player still standing on them will be hit for up to 800. "Embrace darkness!" - Nex will drastically darken the room for players within 15 spaces of her. The closer players are to Nex, the darker the room will be. Blood phase: During this phase, she will use Blood blitz, which heals her for around 600 life points per attack and splashes onto others next to her target.Her special abilities in this phase are: "A siphon will solve this!" - Nex summon two or three blood reavers (depending on team size; sizes of less than 10 will get two while more than that will get three) "I demand a blood sacrifice!" - Nex will target a player who will glow red. If the player does not move far away enough from Nex within a few seconds, she will heal an amount equal to 100% of the target's maximum life points. Ice phase: During this phase, she uses Ice spells.Her special attacks in this phase are: "Die now, in a prison of ice!" - Nex freezes a targeted player using an ice stalagmite attack, stunning them and disabling their overhead protection/deflection prayer. Zaros phase: During this phase, Nex activates Turmoil, yelling "NOW, THE POWER OF ZAROS!".Her Turmoil actively drains stats (stat drain projectiles are shown when this happens). Nex does not have any unique special attacks in this phase. DROPS: Pernix: Torva: Virtus: Zaryte bow: Virtus wand: Virtus book:
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    You can use polypore dung to go to brillant ones it will take only 1min
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    NOTE:You can access to ;;title (1-58) command when you bee Silver member. Title 1: Junior Cadet.Title 2: Sergeant.Title 3: Commander.Title 4: War-Chief.Title 5: Sir.Title 6: Lord.Title 7: Duderino.Title 8: Lionheart.Title 9: Hellraiser.Title 10: Crusader.Title 11: Desperado.Title 12: Baron.Title 13: Count.Title 14: Overlord.Title 15: Bandito.Title 16: Duke.Title 17: King.Title 18: Big Cheese.Title 19: Bigwig.Title 20: Wunderkind.Title 21: Vyreling.Title 22: Vyre Grunt.Title 23: Vyrewatch.Title 24: Vyrelord.Title 25: Yt?Haar.Title 26: Emperor.Title 27: Prince.Title 28: Witch King.Title 29: Archon.Title 30: Justiciar.Title 31: The Awesome.Title 32: The Magnificent.Title 33: The Undefeated.Title 34: The Strange.Title 35: The Divine.Title 36: The Fallen.Title 37: The Warrior.Title 38: The Real.Title 39: Cowardly.Title 40: The Redundant.Title 41: Everyone Attack.Title 42: Smelly.Title 43: The Idiot.Title 44: Sir Lame.Title 45: The Flamboyant.Title 46: Weakling.Title 47: Was Punished.Title 48: lostTitle 49: ...You Fail.Title 50: No-Mates.Title 51: Ate Dirt.Title 52: Delusional.Title 53: The Respawner.Title 54: Cutie-Pie.Title 55: The Fail Magnet.Title 56: Was Terminated.Title 57: Lazy.Title 58: ? Who?
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    Nice,first one in game
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    WOO amazing update!!
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    Completionist cape requirements: Every stat level 99&120 dungeoneering Killed the Queen black dragon. Completed the fight caves minigame. (1hour and 30minutes) Completed the fight kiln minigame. (2hours and 30minutes) Completed the recipe of disaster minigame. Completed the nomad's mini quest. Got the comp cape yayyy
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    Moderator and bronze member
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    Giv me dat dank plat rank pls bby


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