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    What is Araxxor? Araxxor is an enormous araxyte spider who lives in the Araxyte lair, He is the second most difficult solo boss in Helwyr. He can be fought alone or with Team, although he is considerably stronger if fought with a friend. His drops include components for three level 90 two-handed weapons, one for each combat style, along with a pet. Location: Araxxor is located in a cavern south-east of Port Phasmatys called the Araxyte lair.(In game just use boss teleports in quest tab) Strategies: Recommended Setups: It's recommended to have at least level 30 Crafting, since that is the level required to make the full Spider leg, and 90 Crafting to create the Noxious weapons. Recommended equipment for Ranged: Pernix cowl Amulet of souls Ava's alerter Pernix body Pernix chaps Chaotic crossbow Elysian spirit shield Swift gloves Glaiven boots Archers' ring Standard attacks : The primary combat style Araxxor uses is shown by the colour its legs are tipped in. A red tip indicates it only uses melee attacks, a green tip indicates ranged/melee attacks and a blue tip indicates magic/melee attacks. The special abilities from these standard attacks occur randomly. In a duo. NOTE:Araxxor's melee form will take notice of Soul Split, and if it is active when he attacks, he will heal himself for a slight amount of life points based on the damage he deals. The special effects from these attacks only occur on Araxxor's dominant combat style, and any can occur when fighting Araxxi. Magic: Araxxor spits a large ball of acid towards the player. This attack can drain overloads and then combat stats and run energy Melee: Araxxor smashes its legs at the player, dealing melee damage. This attack can cause typeless extra bleed damage. NOTE:Only Araxxor is able to utilise the bleed effect; Araxxi is unable to do so. Araxxor can use this attack no matter what his primary style is if you are within melee range. If fighting Araxxor in his melee form, his melee attack will have an attack range of 3–4 spaces for balancing reasons. Ranged: Araxxor launches a ball of spider silk at the player. It can cause poison anywhere from 100–360 damage. The green "You have been poisoned!" message does not appear if you become poisoned by Araxxor’s ranged attack, so pay attention to the colour of your life points icon. (Phases Coming soon) DROPS: Spider leg bottom Spider leg top Spider leg middle Araxxi's eye Araxxi's fang Araxxi's web Araxyte egg Araxyte pet Araxyte pheromone Araxyte arrow
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    What is Nex? Nex (coming from the infernal word for "murder" or "death") is a powerful zarosian general.She is a zaryte from the plane Freneskae and one of zaros most powerful weapons of war.She is located in the ancient prison, sealed away in the back of the god wars dungeon.With a combat level of 1001,she ranks amongst the most powerful monsters in Helwyr. She is called also Angel of death. Location: Nex resides in the Ancient Prison, a room locked behind the Frozen Door in the southern part of the God Wars dungeon. The door can only be opened by completing the frozen key, which is created by killing foot soldiers of each of the gods (Armadyl, Bandos, Saradomin and Zamorak). Note:Key pieces are only dropped by combatants in the god's stronghold and outside the boss room Strategies: Recommended equipment for Ranged: Armadyl helmet Amulet of ranging Ava's alerter Armadyl chestplate Armadyl chainskirt Chaotic crossbow Armadyl buckler Armadyl gloves Glaiven boots Archers' ring Phases: Smoke phase: During this phase, she will use Smoke spells in the form of chaotic clouds,also capable of poisoning the player for up to 120 poison damage. Her special abilities in this phase are: "Let the virus flow through you!" - One player (the one Nex targets) will get infected (this can miss). "There is... NO ESCAPE!" - Nex will teleport and fly through one of the paths of the central symbol, damaging any players who stand in her way. Shadow phase: During this phase, she will use Shadow spells, that are in fact ranged attacks that resemble Shadow Blitz. This is the only phase where she uses ranged attacks.Her special abilities in this phase are: "Fear the shadow!" - Shadow traps appear under every player in the area. After 2 ticks, any player still standing on them will be hit for up to 800. "Embrace darkness!" - Nex will drastically darken the room for players within 15 spaces of her. The closer players are to Nex, the darker the room will be. Blood phase: During this phase, she will use Blood blitz, which heals her for around 600 life points per attack and splashes onto others next to her target.Her special abilities in this phase are: "A siphon will solve this!" - Nex summon two or three blood reavers (depending on team size; sizes of less than 10 will get two while more than that will get three) "I demand a blood sacrifice!" - Nex will target a player who will glow red. If the player does not move far away enough from Nex within a few seconds, she will heal an amount equal to 100% of the target's maximum life points. Ice phase: During this phase, she uses Ice spells.Her special attacks in this phase are: "Die now, in a prison of ice!" - Nex freezes a targeted player using an ice stalagmite attack, stunning them and disabling their overhead protection/deflection prayer. Zaros phase: During this phase, Nex activates Turmoil, yelling "NOW, THE POWER OF ZAROS!".Her Turmoil actively drains stats (stat drain projectiles are shown when this happens). Nex does not have any unique special attacks in this phase. DROPS: Pernix: Torva: Virtus: Zaryte bow: Virtus wand: Virtus book:
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    Hey everyone! After getting some complains from players about the current behavior of the staff team, we have decided to make a post below where you can review each individual staff member from there performance as a staff member and give out what we can improve on. We would also really appreciate if you could give us our performance as a whole. There will be a poll were you can vote for the best staff member we currently have. Voting is completely anonymous, as we don't want players to give hate to each other for there voting action. Reason why we want to do this, is because we want to get a better bond with each player and the community as a whole. Please don't hate on each others for there reviews, respect each other. We are only doing this to improve our performance for you. If you don't want to make a post below to others to see, send the review to Zeus so he can give it to the respected staff member. //Staff team
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    Added Donator Rank here in forums, Please comment below your Donor rank. So that I can give you your proper rank here in forums. Thanks!
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    Hey guys! So after a successful Drop Party @ 15 players, we have decided to do one @ 20 players! ITEMS THAT WILL BE DROPPED: - 1 Nex Set - 1 GWD Set - 100m gold - Various items (Example: Pots, food, low tier weapons) RULES: - NO Multilogging @ Drop party area Don't forget to invite your friends to the server and advertise the server! //Staff Team
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    Congratz to Arrow & Likx, And thanks for having me as a staff member. Much appreciated <3!
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    Three players joined the staff team!! @Likx has been promoted to Moderator @Arrow has been promoted to Server support @Vex has been promoted to Server support Congrats to everyone And good luck with your new position !!
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    Welcome to Helwyr! What is Helwyr? We are a new revision 718 RSPS loading 800+ content, with every enjoyable element of real Runescape. Every skill is trainable, every boss killable. Dedicated developer and constant up-time to ensure the best possible experience out to date! But most of all, we listen to the players their suggestions and actually read them carefully and updating them if necessary. Who is Helwyr? Owner/Developer Zeus/Bandos Administrator *None* Moderator - Dimitriuse - Likx Support - Vex - Arrow How Do I get Started? Step 1 is to select what Xp rate you'd like. You're probably thinking "Why would I choose a Expert XP rate?". Well good question, the lower your xp rate the higher your drop chances will be. So for a longer leveling period you'll experience a better drop percentage in comparison to someone who chose Easy XP Rate. The table is as follows: "How do I know which rate is right for me?" I dont know. It's all up to personal preference. Some people have multiple accounts; one for bossing, Maxing, Skilling, etc. If you're in for a fun casual game experience there's no problem with that, or maybe you want the hardcore grind? In all ways we got'cha covered. Step 2 : You successfully made your account! So welcome to the server. “BUT VEX, HOW DO I GET ARMOUR AND ITEMS?” Well there a lot of shops as you can see when you enter the game. But also a Grand Exchange. Where you can buy a lot of items/supplies at +5% rate. As now all items are in the shops Grand Exchange is the place to go. “And how do I get to training?” Firstly open your Quest Tab and choose “Training”. Than Select where you want to go to training. *If you’re going for slayer in the beginning. Go to slayer tower for the slayer masters. Step 3 : Enjoy the game! How do I Make Money? 1. The fastest and simplest way to make money at level 1 is thieving. The lowest tier thieve stall at home gives you 1K/Per Thieve. While Scimitar stall (Level 95) gives 10-15K + a random scimitar. 2. If you are mid-tier Pvmer and need money, Do Barrows. Not only do you get Barrows-Armour. But also runes and even sometimes (frequently) 1-2M cash. Only thing you would need is a main class to kill these brothers. A whip is even good enough and a few prayer potions and you can get straight to grinding for barrows armour and money. 3. Once you have a few levels you can start to kill higher tier enemys for better drops. Some of the best mid tier slayer monsters include: Abyssal demons, Glacors and Frost Dragons. All these things drop decent tier items that you can either sell or keep or even alch them. Always remember people are willing to pay decent money. Worst case scenario things can be sold to the general store at home (little north/west) for a decent price. I always suggest asking in friend chat to see if anyone wants to buy first. 4. End game boss grinding will differ for everyone. Some people will want to get rare items, more bossing equipment, Cash even. If you're the type to kill Armadyl at GW is right up your ally. When it comes to this point in your Helwyr carrier you really should have your mind made up with what you want to do. What are These Random Events? Currently there are 2 reoccurring events that happen in Helwyr Trivia: A generated question will be asked in the server. First person to answer it will receive 1 trivia point. Which you can spend in the Trivia Reward Shop (Wise Old Man) for some goodies. And also cash, if your fast enough. Shooting Stars : Also there is a shooting star every now and then. Which gives xp in mining. Useful Information This part of the guide is kinda just some random thoughts all thrown together and more opinionated than anything so feel free to skip this part. Useful commands: ;;Commands ;;Vote ;;Forums ;;Empty ;;Discord ;;Titles Voting: Voting is fast and a great way to get new people to join the server. Although a lot of people really don’t do it and just forget it afterwards. While there are nice rewards in the voting shop. And there is also a voting party if we get x/Amount of votes. In other words you really don’t want the server to die out of people and voting does a lot of great work. Donating: Donating is very important to help the server running. I personally find 10$ donating for 50hours gameplay not that bad. As you keep helping the server growing and running. Discord: If you have discord and want to join in with everyone https://discord.gg/z2KCTFZ. Staff is very active here, you can suggest new things or get support for in game issues very fast. The economy: For a newer server the economy is pretty nice. You can get most items you want if you have the cash/item, or sell things since people are almost always buying anything for bossing. If you are buying something don't be afraid to say "No I want X for Y". But Don’t forget you can buy most of the items in the Grand Exchange. The community: Everyone is pretty friendly and accommodating, don't be afraid to ask people for help or to buy items. Joking around and mem'ing on each other is basically encouraged. We all just wanna laugh and play some Runescape in the end. Final Thoughts With all things said and done, Helwyr is a very unique private server filled with a lot of like minded people. There's a lot of stuff to be discovered and to do. If you ever feel like you're lost, need help, or don't know what to do, just ask a staff member or veteran player. We're more than willing to do our part and help the server flourish. - Vex
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    Fixed blink doesn't do damage on melee, range, and magic Fixed scoreboard showing top voter instead of the top donator Added puro-puro on minigame teleports in the last page /removed on skilling teleport Added new teleport Interface on Bosses Pots of gold now tradeable Reworked Legio boss After you kill a Legio boss you will now be teleported out (entrance of the boss) after 10 seconds, so you better pick the loot up fast after you kill the boss.
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    Hey guys I am new to the community. Just downloaded the client and look forward to playing with everyone here. Shout out to Ryan for the sick video that led me here.
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    Hello everyone! Nominations will start at the last week of march. Player that wins the Player of the Month will recieve tons of incenstives! Players and staff members can be nominated for player of the month. A total of 3 lucky players will get nominated for the final poll as were you all can vote on who will be the POTM! If you have any questions, send a message to any of the staff members or post below! //Staff team
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    Completionist cape requirements: Every stat level 99&120 dungeoneering Killed the Queen black dragon. Completed the fight caves minigame. (1hour and 30minutes) Completed the fight kiln minigame. (2hours and 30minutes) Completed the recipe of disaster minigame. Completed the nomad's mini quest. Got the comp cape yayyy
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    Hey guys, As alot of you are PvMers, I thought of some suggestions for more pvm content. Some new bosses : - Blink As many of you know Blink is on every server. Yeah I know that im not "original". But its a great boss with potential good loot which could be added in the server. - Leeuni & brothers Leeuni has 2 other "brothers" maybe you could use them as a quest? Or perhaps for a trio boss. Could be a nice suggestion as you barely see them in-game. - Wildywyrm I just love wildywyrm. Pking the nubs *cough*. I mean great boss with risk of dieing and with good lootations. - Lava Strykewyrms This isn't a boss or anything but it's basically. They drop 3 pieces. Those 3 pieces can upgrade -; Abbysal whip, Dark Bow & Staff Of Light. And they are decent tier weapons. - Celestial Dragons This is somehow classed as a boss for me. BECAUSE they can be though when properly coded. On most servers they just hit mage & fire breath. Which yeah is pretty afk able. They drop Celestial gear. Which is nice magic armour. - Rise Of The Six Please make this happen! My favorite minigame. Which actually gives good reward and which is hard. - Donator Boss? Do good old yk'lagor or something. - Rune dragons Yeah these are classed as boss if they work properly. They do hybrid damage. Which you potentially knock u out. Which would also drop the 3 upgrade parts -(Emberkeen boots, flarefrost boots, hailfire boots) - Automatons Yeah not in-game yet & glvoes aswell. Which are pretty good. - And here is the best one. "Helwyr". If you could add this boss. It would be epic. As its our server name. With the boss. And which is actually most powerfull boss. (If no other bosses are coming which are more OP ) There u go hopefully most of these will come! Thanks for reading - Vex
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    fix asce cb stats 160 range to 240 range strenght 100 to 140 Glacor Hp from 5k to 4.2k and reduced the attack and max attack to 30-50% Glacor minion hp from 1k to 700 and reduced the attack and max attack to 30-50% Frost Dragon hp from 1.6k to 1.3 and reduced the attack and max attack to 30-50% Reduced the Base and Max Damage of all the minions of GWD Boss Dag rex 2550 - 2050 and reduced the attack and max attack to 30-50% Dag supreme 2560 - 2060 and reduced the attack and max attack to 30-50% Dag prime 2550 - 2050 and reduced the attack and max attack to 30-50% Reduced the Max Damage of Kree'ara from 780 - 615 Added the New Donator Shop in Donator Zone Changed all the Pots to Noted in Donator Shop Added Donator Shop at Members Area Added Silver Shop Added Gold Shop Added Platinum Shop Added Pot of Gold in Donator Store Added so everytime you bought a perk you get 1 FREE pot of gold in Perk packages, you get pot of gold depending on the number of perks included in the package. Added a link when you do ;;help ingame. Vex's guide will open.
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    Forum Rules Should be respected. Rules will be ranked from low punishments to higher punishments. 1. Use Common Sense Act normally on every post. 2. Do Not Spam The Forum Spamming the forums with the same content will resort in banning of your account. 3. Do Not Bump Your Post More Then Once Per 12 Hours. Bumping the same post under 12 hours of post or later bumps will resort in post being ignored and locked. 4. Do Not Throw Hate Towards Anyone On The Forum Throwing hate towards anyone on the forums will revoke in the account's ability to post on the forums. 5. Don’t Ask For Staff To Look At Your Post. Staff can’t immediately watch your thread. They will look at your forum post when they can. This could lead your account facing a ban of your account. 6. Don’t Ask For Administrator Rights On The Forums Asking for administrator rights to the forums will resort in your account terminated. 7. Don’t spam other people’s private messages. Spamming other people's private messages will resort in revoking of sending messages to others. 8. Don’t Make Multiple Accounts To Give Yourself More Reputation Giving yourself more reputation with fake accounts will resort in total reset of reputation. 9. No Posting Of Sexual Or Racist Posts On The Forums Posting of any sexual, racist or racist graphic content will get your account terminated and posts removed. 10. Making More Than One Account To Appeal For Bans/Mutes Making Other Accounts to send appeals to in-game banned/muted accounts will resort in the account staying perm banned/muted. 11. Hijacking Or Sharing Accounts With Other Players Is Not Allowed Hijacking or sharing forum accounts with other players will resort in accounts being locked and/or banned from the game and the forums. Got any questions? Send a private message to any staff member.
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    pvp tournaments sound fun in clanwars white portal ofcource also boss masses
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    COSTUME CONTEST. Need to show my swag outfits
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    In this video Ill be showing you how to do blink with 90 combat character and pretty standard gear just to show you that its doable for pretty much all players on the server
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    Damn thats sick Dimitriuse
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    Helwyr3 Summoning guide 1-99 Level 1+: Spirit Wolf - Wolf Bones (Gold charms Level 4+: Dreadfowl - Raw Chicken (Gold charms) Level 19+: Spirit Scoprion - Bronze Claws (Crimson charms) Level 49+: Bloated Leech - Raw Beef (Crimson charms) Level 56+: Ibis - Harpoon (Green charms) Level 69+: Fruit bat - Banana (Green charms) Level 71+: Arctic Bear - Polar Kebbit Fur (Gold charms) Level 79+: Fire/Ice/Moss titans - Fire/air+water/earth talismans (Blue charms) Level 85+: Swamp Titan - Swamp Lizard (Crimson charms) Level 88+: Unicorn Stallion - Unicorn Horn (Green charms) Level 89+: Geyser Titan - Water Talisman (Blue charms) Level 96+: Pack Yak - Yak-hide (Crimson charms) Level 99+: Steel titan - Steel platebody (crimson charms)
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    NOTE:You can access to ;;title (1-58) command when you bee Silver member. Title 1: Junior Cadet.Title 2: Sergeant.Title 3: Commander.Title 4: War-Chief.Title 5: Sir.Title 6: Lord.Title 7: Duderino.Title 8: Lionheart.Title 9: Hellraiser.Title 10: Crusader.Title 11: Desperado.Title 12: Baron.Title 13: Count.Title 14: Overlord.Title 15: Bandito.Title 16: Duke.Title 17: King.Title 18: Big Cheese.Title 19: Bigwig.Title 20: Wunderkind.Title 21: Vyreling.Title 22: Vyre Grunt.Title 23: Vyrewatch.Title 24: Vyrelord.Title 25: Yt?Haar.Title 26: Emperor.Title 27: Prince.Title 28: Witch King.Title 29: Archon.Title 30: Justiciar.Title 31: The Awesome.Title 32: The Magnificent.Title 33: The Undefeated.Title 34: The Strange.Title 35: The Divine.Title 36: The Fallen.Title 37: The Warrior.Title 38: The Real.Title 39: Cowardly.Title 40: The Redundant.Title 41: Everyone Attack.Title 42: Smelly.Title 43: The Idiot.Title 44: Sir Lame.Title 45: The Flamboyant.Title 46: Weakling.Title 47: Was Punished.Title 48: lostTitle 49: ...You Fail.Title 50: No-Mates.Title 51: Ate Dirt.Title 52: Delusional.Title 53: The Respawner.Title 54: Cutie-Pie.Title 55: The Fail Magnet.Title 56: Was Terminated.Title 57: Lazy.Title 58: ? Who?
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    Nice,first one in game
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    What is Pot of gold? Pot of gold is a currency used by donator in the donation shop at member zone. It's used to buy; weapons, armour and rares. How to get Pot of gold? You get Pot of gold for donating for a ingame perk, animation, SoF or PoG alone. Perks, animations and SoF = 1 free PoG. Buying PoGs alone will give you x amount and 2 - 5 free depending on package bought. Compensation for previous donations will be sorted out; For each active perk you have in game you will recieve 1 POG. Same will go for animations and SOF spins. Reason for this is, we don't want items to be flooded into the server like whips and armour. Post a prnt screen below so Zeus can start to give out X amount of POGs to you. If you have any questions, post them below the topic.
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    Hi guys, I'm taelan and yes that is my real name, I'm from England and I love to play football (soccer). I'm new to this server and I am loving it so far, if you would like to speak to me PM me in-game, my name is Taelan ingame too. I also have a goals thread, you can see it here:
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    Welcome taelan! i seen you few times already in game,well Lets make fun and build the memories
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    #1 to get boss pet muahahahha
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    Username: Vex Age: 25 Where are you from?: Original from France. Timezone: +1 What position are you applying for?: Server Support How many hours do you spend daily ingame?: 5-10h Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: Only 1 mod at the moment (hes doing a good job) but he obviously cant help 24/7. Why should we choose you over others: Im quite active. I know alot of RSPS, i've coded 2 rsps's, I played for 7 years RSPS's, I know alot about them and pretty much that helped to get the knowledge of the basics, and once you played a server u know how it is, and I think that I know everything. And im always hyped for new updates to check them out asap. Which helps to 'maybe' make a guide or just tell on server how players should do it. Also love helping newbies. What are some usable skills you have?: Im not the type of guy who AFK's, I actually hate afking, which makes me look at the screen 24/7 and which would help me basically answer more quickly if someone would need help. I can talk to anyone, in other words, if someone is like not the type of guy who likes to talk i'll get him to talk and come friends very quickly with. Staff Experience: 2x owner, 1x administrator, 5x moderator, 3x server support. What are the qualities you have?: Not taking friends as primary members. I don't care if ur friend or not, rules must be applied to everyone, which alot of people forget. Also im very good at making people stay. Like if someone would say "fuck this game I lost everything in wildy", i'd go straight to him and say what happened as example, and try my best to make him stay and actually i've been very succesfull on other servers and I just makeing them stay makes me have also a good feeling so i'll basically do it whenever I see it. How long have you played Helwyr?: Atm 30 hours, about to go higher every day In a short paragraph, explain what you'll do with your position: Helping new & old members. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted? Nothing to be honest. I just want to help people and play the game how I want it. Do you understand that if you break rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member that you will be demoted?:Yes: I Vex, understand that if I break the rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, I will be demoted immediately with no warnings. Yes.
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    Congratulations Goodluck on the completionist cape!
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    Good day everyone! As we all know Helwyr was just released today and as a starting server, We would like to give 10 Donator/Bronze status worth $20 to the first 10 players that will reach a total playtime of 10hours. Bronze status is an equivalent of the 20usd worth of perks. https://helwyr3.com/store Winners can choose any of the perks in our store worth 20usd. Goodluck to everyone! Happy Gaming! -Zeus
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    just passed the 10 hour time.
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    Finally achieved it :D! https://gyazo.com/0e6bce08d91eff5705d57f3eec8e0a0c
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    Giv me dat dank plat rank pls bby
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    Thank you Dimitriuse, let's have fun and create great moments !


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