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    Update Gregorovic Gregorovic is now in Helwyr! Go fight him in tier 2 boss teleport Zamorak Anima Core The Stats of this armor has been changed it's now more similar to Pernix but better Noxious Bow Stats has been slightly increased and a special attack has been added Attuned Crystal Bow The degradation bug has been fixed Celestial handwraps Celestial handwraps T90 Mage glove has been added to Celestial Dragon and Elegorn The Celestial
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    Helwyr3 Summoning guide 1-99 Level 1+: Spirit Wolf - Wolf Bones (Gold charms Level 4+: Dreadfowl - Raw Chicken (Gold charms) Level 19+: Spirit Scoprion - Bronze Claws (Crimson charms) Level 49+: Bloated Leech - Raw Beef (Crimson charms) Level 56+: Ibis - Harpoon (Green charms) Level 69+: Fruit bat - Banana (Green charms) Level 71+: Arctic Bear - Polar Kebbit Fur (Gold charms) Level 79+: Fire/Ice/Moss titans - Fire/air+water/earth talismans (Blue charms) Level 85+: Swamp Titan - Swamp Lizard (Crimson charms) Level 88+: Unicorn Stallion - Unicorn Horn (Green charms) Level 89+: Geyser Titan - Water Talisman (Blue charms) Level 96+: Pack Yak - Yak-hide (Crimson charms) Level 99+: Steel titan - Steel platebody (crimson charms)
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    Welcome to Helwyr community, hope you enjoy your stay!
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    Good luck man. Not sure if you fit the in-game experience requirement if there is one. If I were you, I'd apply for youtuber rank and start making some videos to help out the server.
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