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    Fixed the attack animation of the following magic. Wind rush Airstrike Water strike Bind Snare Slayer Dart Entangle Stun Earth Strike Fire Strike Air Bolt Water bolt Fire bolt Crumble dead Air blast Earth Blast Fire blast Saradoiin strike Claws of guthix Flames of Zamorak Air wave Water wave Earth wave Fire wave teleblock Air surge Water surge Earth Surge Fire surge Storm of armadyl Smoke Rush Shadow rush Mismuc rush Mismic rush Mismic burst Mismic barrage Blood rush Ice rush Smoke burst Shadow Burst Blood burst Smoke blitz Shadow Blitz Blood Blitz Ice blitz Smoke barrage Ice barrage Blood barrage Shadow Barrage Fixed the Bug in House Construction that would not able you to Build any types of furniture in your house. Reduced the GWD kill Requirements to enter from 25 to 20. Forums Added All the Ranks of Donator and Staff Enhanced User info panel.
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    #1 guy to get max cape
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    Thanks you guys <3
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    congratz bro!
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    Congratulations Goodluck on the completionist cape!


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