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    Youtube Raffle Event Helwyr is hosting a new YouTube Event where 3 lucky players will receive free prizes. Please read below to see how you can participate and potentially win a FREE Bronze Member Status and Crystal Keychest. What is the event? For 7 Days, players will post videos regarding Helwyr For every qualified video you post during the event, your name will be put in a raffle There is no limit to how many videos you can make, so make the most videos for the best chances in winning the raffle Create a topic for your video(s) on the media section ( https://helwyr3.com/forums/index.php?/forum/11-community-media ) with “[YT-Event]” in the title What are the event rules & qualifications? Videos can be about anything within the game, as long as it doesn’t contain content in violation of the Helwyr rules. Each video must be a minimum of 45 Seconds, and be uploaded within the event’s timeframe Videos must include: “Helwyr” in the title Video description must contain the following link to the server: https://Helwyr3.com When is the event? Start: 3/05/2018 End: 3/12/2017 What are the Prizes? First Will receive: Bronze Member Status ($20 worth of Perks) 3 Crystal Key The second winner will receive: $10 Worth of Perks 3 Crystal Key The Third winner will receive: 3 Crystal Key and 5 Sof Spins
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    just passed the 10 hour time.
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    Finally achieved it :D! https://gyazo.com/0e6bce08d91eff5705d57f3eec8e0a0c


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