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    Forum Rules Should be respected. Rules will be ranked from low punishments to higher punishments. 1. Use Common Sense Act normally on every post. 2. Do Not Spam The Forum Spamming the forums with the same content will resort in banning of your account. 3. Do Not Bump Your Post More Then Once Per 12 Hours. Bumping the same post under 12 hours of post or later bumps will resort in post being ignored and locked. 4. Do Not Throw Hate Towards Anyone On The Forum Throwing hate towards anyone on the forums will revoke in the account's ability to post on the forums. 5. Don’t Ask For Staff To Look At Your Post. Staff can’t immediately watch your thread. They will look at your forum post when they can. This could lead your account facing a ban of your account. 6. Don’t Ask For Administrator Rights On The Forums Asking for administrator rights to the forums will resort in your account terminated. 7. Don’t spam other people’s private messages. Spamming other people's private messages will resort in revoking of sending messages to others. 8. Don’t Make Multiple Accounts To Give Yourself More Reputation Giving yourself more reputation with fake accounts will resort in total reset of reputation. 9. No Posting Of Sexual Or Racist Posts On The Forums Posting of any sexual, racist or racist graphic content will get your account terminated and posts removed. 10. Making More Than One Account To Appeal For Bans/Mutes Making Other Accounts to send appeals to in-game banned/muted accounts will resort in the account staying perm banned/muted. 11. Hijacking Or Sharing Accounts With Other Players Is Not Allowed Hijacking or sharing forum accounts with other players will resort in accounts being locked and/or banned from the game and the forums. Got any questions? Send a private message to any staff member.
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    Added Donator Rank here in forums, Please comment below your Donor rank. So that I can give you your proper rank here in forums. Thanks!
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    Suggestions for server : - Add a npc health bar when u are killing it. - Add mystics to mage shop (not any mage armor on it except ghostly robes). - Add off-hand crossbow in g.e. & off-hands in dungeoneering shop. - Auto gold picker gives this message : https://gyazo.com/25b643416ad762ebeb3a3fd8772b8913 and when u filter it, it doesnt go away and it pretty annoying all those numbers ;-; - Fix crystal chest drops, like tin ores copper ores... i mean ur grinding pvming and as extra reward u get tin ores? Yeah... and they go for like 2M ea so mhm - Add something in-game where u can see the donator features. Or on forums. - Daganoth kings way too op. Cant hit above 100's. - Add other drops at Barrelchest, only gives coins. - Make new slayer rewards, still same from source (not hating), but perhaps abit more custom rewards would be nice. - Update the command ;;rules - Add Dwarf Multi Cannon, with a quest. And please not like other servers quest. Which is completed in like litteraly 2 minutes... - Perhaps a custom donor shop? @members zone. - A list to know what pets can be obtained and which you already have. Im sure some people will grind out all pets in end-game. - Add copletetionist cape stand. & trimmed one also. - Vote highscores don't work (well doesn't show the players). - Keep the server amazing with <3 from me :-D
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    In-Game Rules Should Always Be Respected No Matter What Happens. List Goes From Lower Punishments To Higher Punishments. 1. Respect Other Players If this is not followed you will be getting a 1 hour mute on your account. If continued will resort in longer mutes. 2. Use Common Sense Talk normally to players. If not could result in a temporarily mute. 3. Don’t Spam People’s Private Chat Or Friends Chat Spamming people's private chat or the friend's chat will get you a 3 hour mute. If continued will resort in longer mutes. 4. Don’t Ask Items From Players Or Staff Members Asking for items from players or staff will get you a warning for begging. If continued will resort in a 1 hour mute. 5. Don’t Throw Out Hate Towards Any Player Throwing hate towards players will resort in a week long mute. If continued will resort in a permanent mute. 6. Do Not Abuse AutoClickers (Only Allowed While Semi-Afking) Abusing auto clickers for getting loyalty points will resort in total reset of your loyalty points and a warning. 7. Do Not Abuse Bugs For Your Own Advantage Abusing of bugs for your own advantage will resort in a 1 day ban and a reset of items that were obtained. 8. Do Not Encourage Others To Break Rules If you encourage other players to break the rules will resort in getting a 6 hour mute. 9. No Racism Saying anything racist about someone or a race will resort in a 3 hour mute. If continued will resort in longer mutes. 10. Don’t Ask for A Staff Position Asking for staff positions will resort in a 1 hour mute (if repeated). 11. No Advertising Of Other Server Advertising other server will resort in MAC-Ban 12. No More Than 2 Accounts On The Same Time If you multi-log with more than one account per computer will resort in the 3rd account getting a 1 hour ban. If continued will resort in longer bans. 13. No RWT Gp, Account, Stats Or Item Selling To Other Account If you're selling GP, account, stats or items to other accounts will resort in both accounts getting banned. attempting to sell items to others will resort in a 6 hour mute. 14. No Hacking Or Account Sharing With Any Other Player Hacking accounts will resort in a MAC-ban, account sharing will resort in reset of account and 1 day ban. If Any Questions Related To These Rules Contact Any Staff Member. - Staff Team


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