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Nomad minigame rework

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We alredy have a full coded avalable fight with Nomad and i feel its kind of a wast to dont have any reward when doing it.

So there is what i would do! 


I would Buff his total health pull and maby buff his domage a bit! 


What could be the reward from him? 

latest?cb=20180513203950 Ice Dye



  - Nomad Outfit88?cb=20150223051853

https://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Nomad's_outfit The nomad outfit could be just cosmetic or have stats on it 

- And to complete this i would had to him a chance to give a uncut Hydrix latest?cb=20160502085414

-I was thinking about having a mini nomad pet :P 

This 4 loot would be pretty rare! 

As % loot it could be between 50k to 250k 





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i love it.

just dont like the hydrix ide, because if zeus add it no1 will do reaper tasks.

the rest i like


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i like the dye ice dye and fire dye would be dope lol if they had it 

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