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custom new minigame/bosses sudg

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I have a mini game/ bosses suggestion that could be realy nice to play! it would be similar to rise of the six but with the 4 Ancient Warrior! 

A long time ago, 4 warrior from the 3rd age got exiles into the wild because they chosen the wrong side in the God Wars! 

In the Dark Warriors Forteress we stand! 


LVL 600

20k health 

Max hit : 375

Weakness : Slash

Attack in range and have a % of chance to drain your prayer and poison you



LVL 600

25k health 

Max hit : 400

Weakness : Mage

attack in mele with his spear. Similar to Guthan he gain 10% health of the domage he deal



LVL 600

30k health 

Max hit : 450 

Weakness : Mage

He deal massive domage with his hammer 



LVL 600

20k health 

Max hit : 350

Weakness : Stab

Use Blood Barrage to Deal big domage and Heal himself 



when you kill the 4 ancien warrior's you can open a chest reward

- Ancient warrior piece (T78) witch would be (10% chance to get once piece)

- Ancient warrior's équipement patch  latest?cb=20161114160347 witch could be use to upgrade a piece of ancien warrior equipment to t88  (2% chance to get one)

- corupted dragon gear (20% chance to get once piece)

- cash 200k to 1000k (68% chance)

- Double loot into the chest 2% witch could be upgrade by 1% per ancien warrior équipment on the player 


For sure Malvolent from rise of the six will be better and worth is price because ancien warrior gear will not be as good and non tradable! 



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Me likey :)

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