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Battle Pets

Battle Pets.  

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  1. 1. What method of leveling pets do you prefer?

    • Shops
    • Custom boss
    • Experience based

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After a long discussion with Zeus. We will be addding battle pets. We are still working on the full details on what they will do and their abilities. I am creating this poll to get player feed back on how our community would like to level up these pets. We can either do a experience based style (lvl 25 pets will be max) or a ticket based style to level up the pets.

For tickets we are thinking either putting them in shops ( 25 votes =1 ticket, 50k pvm points = 1 ticket, 5 dollar store credit = 1 ticket, and 10 prestige points = 1 ticket), another option would be making a custom boss that can drop a ticket as a rare drop or as a ultra drop can drop 2 tickets. (side note each ticket = 1 pet lvl).

Or the other option is not doing tickets and making it exp based where you kill mobs (we will probably make spacific mobs to make it a tad easier to code) will give you a set amount of xp to level the pet (also as pets lvl up their added effect is boosted).

So we are gonna make a poll to get the communities opinion on this matter, comments and feed back are welcome. please everyone vote to help make this update happen ^.^

Additonally if anyone has better ideas on how to level the pets please do let us know, we are a growing community and your feed back is more then welcome.

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