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Suggestions & Bugs.

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Haio, i threw a quick list of some suggestions and below that area few bugs that I've seen. (Mostly minor) I'll keep adding to this when/if i find anymore.


    If you're playing on expert mode i don't think you should have to prestige to get those points due to it being very very long to get even 1 99.
    So, remove the prestige points for experts and instead make it so there's like a 1/500 chance of getting 2-3 points randomly from skilling.
    This way we can still get the prestige items without having to spend many days getting 1 item and it would not be so overpowered since,
    we would still get low points and the shop would be the same prices as the normal prestige shop.

    Personally i think the gems inside the donator store should either restore quicker or have an higher amount in there at a time. (I'm at 12.4k cut at 92 craft)

    When you catch/mine/craft and so on an item it says how many you've done exactly. Maybe if this message only came up in intervals of 50 or 100 done to not clog up
    the chat box.(I know you can turn off game)


Bug list;

    When burning sardines you get burnt shrimp instead. (Just wrong ID)
    When you're fishing at a low level and you get to level 14 fishing for example, it will stop you fishing and say you need 15 for anchovies.
    The loot beams don't dissapear. Gets a tad annoying when doing slayer and getting mad ckey parts. (Already posted this in disco)
    When at home and you're at the grand exchange clerk you cannot just click on the shops on the other side due to hitting the bank booths. (Just a small pathing issue)
    Entering Bandos doesn't require any KC.

    Examining the red-stone rock.
    Examining the well at home.
    Examining "Deaths portal" at home.
    Examining the fairy ring next to fight caves. (Might be the same for other fairy rings too)
    Examining the sulfur Pit in tzhaar city.
    Examining the flower patch, allotment, compost bin and herb patch under the farming teleport.

Cheers ~ Zod

Edited by Zod
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tyvm for this brother :)


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Rather than require a full ~13 million xp to prestige, perhaps a lower amount for expert players to prestige. 

And perhaps this would not just affect expert players.

Maybe we can increase the amount needed for easy players to prestige to counteract the ability for them to prestige so quickly.

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Post those under my poll on balancing of the prestige system please :)

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Thank you Zod! Great ideas, and thank you for the bug reports <3

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