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Poll on current prestige system  

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  1. 1. How do you want to have the prestige system.

    • Leave how you gain points as it is, but up the prices on items in the store (More grinding but good for eco).
    • Gain more points depending on skill and up the prices in the store (Little bit more grinding but very good for eco).
    • Leave it as it is, no changes made (Bad for eco).
    • Gain more points depending on skill and leave prices as it is (Very bad for eco).

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This post of reguarding the current prestige points and how to gain points.
For the people who haven't followed with in the latest updates to the server, we have released prestiging and prestige shops.
right now how you gain points; 
you gain points by prestiging in one of your skills that has reached 13m xp, for easy mode players  you gain 1 point per prestige, inter gets 2, vet 4 and expert 20.
This is balanced by the xp rate you chose in the begining when you made your account.

As of now the way to gain points quickly is to level up the easiest skills like fishing, and prestige it when you get 13m xp.
We want to change this so you can get more points for prestiging "Harder" skills like prayer or smithing.
This way we can balance the prices to have a more stable ECO.

Please use the poll above to give us your opinion on what we should do.


If you have questions on what other things we can do to balance this system, please post below or contact us on discord or In-game.

//Staff team

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Thankyou for all of your hard work likx :)

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