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Forum Rules Should be respected.
Rules will be ranked from low punishments to higher punishments.

1.    Use Common Sense
Act normally on every post.

2.    Do Not Spam The Forum
Spamming the forums with the same content will resort in banning of your account.

3.    Do Not Bump Your Post More Then Once Per 12 Hours.

Bumping the same post under 12 hours of post or later bumps will resort in post being ignored and locked.

4.    Do Not Throw Hate Towards Anyone On The Forum

Throwing hate towards anyone on the forums will revoke in the account's ability to post on the forums.

5.    Don’t Ask For Staff To Look At Your Post.

Staff can’t immediately watch your thread. They will look at your forum post when they can. This could lead your account facing a ban of your account.

6.    Don’t Ask For Administrator Rights On The Forums

Asking for administrator rights to the forums will resort in your account terminated.

7.    Don’t spam other people’s private messages.

Spamming other people's private messages will resort in revoking of sending messages to others.

8.    Don’t Make Multiple Accounts To Give Yourself More Reputation

Giving yourself more reputation with fake accounts will resort in total reset of reputation.

9.    No Posting Of Sexual Or Racist Posts On The Forums

Posting of any sexual, racist or racist graphic content will get your account terminated and posts removed.

10.    Making More Than One Account To Appeal For Bans/Mutes

Making Other Accounts to send appeals to in-game banned/muted accounts will resort in the account staying perm banned/muted.

11.    Hijacking Or Sharing Accounts With Other Players Is Not Allowed

Hijacking or sharing forum accounts with other players will resort in accounts being locked and/or banned from the game and the forums.



Got any questions? Send a private message to any staff member.

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