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Update # 1

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Fixed the crowns of the following

  • IronMan
  • Hc.IronMan
  • Bronze Member
  • Silver Member
  • Gold Member
  • Platinum and Diamond Member


Added Autovoting

7 Voting top list has been added

  1. Runelocus
  2. Topg
  3. Top100arena
  4. Rsps-toplist
  5. Runelocus
  6. EverythingRS
  7. Arenatop100

Each toplist you vote you recieve 1 votepoints which you can claim ingame via command
;;reward 1

The reward is Votebook if you click, It will give you a choice if you want to have a 1M Gold as reward or Exp boost for 1 hour.


Added Highscores

Added highscores with all the different game modes and a chance to compare your stats with other players. 


Added AuotDonation

Autdonation is now added and would now be able to donate and claim it ingame automatically.


Added Merchant Xenia at Home.

You can now change up your character's attire by talking to Xenia.

Xenia has tons of cosmetics to choose from for FREE!


Commands Fixed

  • ;;discord
  • ;;update
  • ;;guide
  • ;;forums




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Nice updates :) keep up the good work!

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