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    • Love the updates, keep up the good work!  
    • UPDATE   The Magister New slayer boss that need 99 slayers to be kill (For the rs3 player, notice that it is a custom combat script and got nothing to do with the real script! )   His main rare drop is his journal witch when you got all 5 you can extract the Magister soul  to upgrade Chaotic Longsword and Chaotic Crossbow Exquisite Crossbow Aurora Longsword This 2 weapon set is comparable with Zaros Godsword and Seren Godbow but the weapons from telos still the best.  The rarest loot from the Magister. This gloves set are a brand new cosmetic that gives you the ability to morph into the Magister! After equip, just type  ::magister And to return in a normal form ::return   Slayer - The Magister has been added to slayer boss task - Twang crossbow can now buy into the special Salyer shop for 800 points each!      The stats are comparable with chaotic Crossbow but it as a damage boost in a task like the Khopesh set. Defender - Corrupted / Ancient / Drygore defender has been buff - We also added the version of the defender for Range/Mage There are the Rebounder and Repriser t90   Other - Training teleport has been changed to NPC in the quest tab - Changed the Cold Breath GFX on Wyvern - Slightly buff the orb drop rate on Telos                 
    • It's me that started the wiki page of Helwyr! for sure help for that would be nice. Hit me on discord
    • Update   - You can use other bolts with wyvern crossbow and the crossbow now can deal poison damage  - Acheron Mammoth health has been reduced to 13 000 - Ripper Demon health has been reduced to 8 000 and we remove one of his damage when he attacks - You can now find a décorative armor into PVM shop 1, you can add it to your house as decoration - Farsight sniper neckless been added to Dungeneering shop ( can be upgraded with blood neckless shard ) - Added Hellion Blade/shield to raptor chest        Hellion Blade as basically the same stats of Drygore mace but with slash ability / Hellion Shield is a better DFS, its as good defensive stats and give health boost like              ROTS shield and it also gives 15% damage when used in a Reaper Task. - Comp cape stand been added to Home - Telos has been added to Reaper Task - Blood heal message of blood amulets/neckless will now be in RED  - The Sagittarian Longbow has been buff        
    • nice, was expecting like mechanics of how to beat it, equipment etc. This guide has much to add.
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