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  2. Hey

    Welcome to Helwyr community, hope you enjoy your stay!
  3. I'd like to apply

    Good luck man. Not sure if you fit the in-game experience requirement if there is one. If I were you, I'd apply for youtuber rank and start making some videos to help out the server.
  4. Last week
  5. Hey

    Hi guys Kwengface here (or you can call me Tom) I'm 19 and from the UK, I work nights through the week and i really enjoy it, daytime working isn't for me. I've played RSPS'S since silabscape so i've been around for a while. Never really enjoyed rs it was always the rsps's for me. Hope to see you around in game and feel free to pm me:D
  6. What events do you want to see ingame?

    3 Tiny Drop partys every friday for different time zones!!! containing ( whips, godswords , bandos , armadyl , zamorak , saradomin equiptments ) one time only Cosmetic collector Items made by the owner or possibly a special tittle for the day or squeal of fortune spins... lots of ideas.
  7. I'd like to apply for moderator or whatever is available.. Username: Strainge Age: 19 Where are you from?: Canada Timezone: Eastern Standard What position are you applying for?: The Highest Available How many hours do you spend daily ingame?: Whatever u need bossman Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: to make sure their's other people to play the game with, no fun when its so quiet around here X'D Why should we choose you over others: Biggest Shoe Size TYVM X'''D ,,,, Good at getting people to play the game and stay playing.. What are some usable skills you have?: Fast Typing, Flexable Hours, good editing and video making for the server !! Staff Experience: been playing RSPS since 2006 ever heard of godzhell ? What are the qualities you have?: what arent the qualities i have is the real thinker :? How long have you played Helwyr?: just started first rsps in along time Actually In a short paragraph, explain what you'll do with your position: maintain good clean polite record, Answer all asked questions by players and welcome new ones.. the good guy stuff lol What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted? I can better the server and prolly make you a steady revenue stream if u let me work with ya THANK YOU FOR READING MY APPLICATION
  8. Username: RawMonkey Age:23 Where are you from? The Netherlands Timezone: Central European Time What position are you applying for? server support How many hours do you spend daily ingame? 25-35+ hours a week Why do you want to be part of the staff team? I want to help the server getting to the top. Why should we choose you over others? Im known around the community, Im known to always be friendly. Im not thinking in putting problems away But actually solve them, I just want to do what i enjoy most, Helping Helwyr get to the top! What are some usuable skills you have? I speak 2 language's (Dutch/English), Online everyday, Always trieng to improve the server Staff experience: N/A What are the qualities you have? Im very friendly and known in the commity. Even when im not online im always available on discord How long have you played Helwyr? +375 Hours In a short paragraph,explain what you'll do your position: Welcome new players to the family, Helping wherever i can at any time, And again improving everywhere. Finding bugs Solve problems. And making people enjoy. Also making the new players stay! wich is really important What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted? Getting Helwyre to the top. The place we really derserve #1 Do you understand that if you break rules,or turn out to be a horrendous staff member that you will be demoted? Yes,i RawMonkey understand that, if i break rules, or turn out to be horrendous staff member, i will be demoted immediately with no warnings. yes.
  9. * December Events *

    Christmas Gift As many of you know you can randomly get atm Christmas gift while pvm all around Helwyr! Collect the Christmas unique cosmetic and pet until the 26 December! The rarest item is the mighty Black Santa Hat 7-8-9 Barrow weekend! During this weekend you will have an increased rate on getting Barrow Totem from the barrow minigame! Ithe the best time of the year to get your Malevolent set from the rise of the six! 14-15-16 Tusken Invasion Weekend! During this weekend gain an extra 3 point per minigame! *Take note that if you have minigamer perk, this bonus doesn't stack with the perk 21-22-23-24-25 PVM Points During this time, a double PVM point on some boss all around Helwyr! - PVM point shop will be revisited and some New items will be added! 28-29-30 Slayer Weekend We will give 1.5X the number of slayer points! so a task that actually gives 20 points will give 30 points during this weekend!
  10. Hotfix 2018-12-07

    Hotfix 2018-12-07 Ironman The iron man can now use the option to drop items, but you will get the dialog you get when you want to destroy an item. To clear a lot of items, you can clear your inventory with the cmd ;;empty Loyalty Box Now I completely reworked the way boxes are obtained and its direct link with the loyalty point! So now every hour you should receive a box! Donation Now when you donate, your total donated should be a correctly update! if you have donated recently and don't have the good total, send me on discord screenshot that shows it and I'm gonna adjust your total donated! Clue Scroll A few clue scroll has been fixed, if you got any broken clue, take a note and send it to a staff member so we can fix it as soon as possible!
  11. Big Boss Title Contest

    General Graardor - Commander Zilyana - Kree'ara - K'ril Tsutsaroth - Giant Mole - Whack-A-Mole Sunfreet - Bork - Barrel Chest - Barrel Chested Tormented Demon - Wyvern - Kalphite Queen - King Black Dragon - One Minded Queen black dragon - Dagganoth King - Mercenary Mage - Helwyr - Beast King Vindicta - Twin Furies - Lady Killer Gregorovic - Dark Lord - Light Bringer Kalphite King - Araxxor - Bug Spray Vorago - Rock Hammer Corpereal Beast - Solak - Telos, The Warden - The Warden Blink - Party Demon - Party Animal Chaos Elemental - Controlled Chaos WildyWyrm -
  12. Update #57

    update Pot of gold I have reworked the way pot of gold shop work. Now you just need to be a bronze donator to access the 2 first shop. - 8 new pets have been added to this shop - Nex gear has been removed because it was too much p2w Lodestone Teleport I added lodestone teleport to the home spell into the magic book December Event Now all the rest of this month, for each enemy you kill you have a chance to get a Christmas gift with Christmas cosmetic inside! (if the cosmetic can't be equipped, use the equipment interface) Loyalty Box Now the loyalty box should be given every hour of gameplay as it should!
  13. Big Boss Title Contest

    Hello everyone We need YOUR help to name the titles that YOU can get, while bossing, isn't that awsome? Rules Rules are simple, here are listed all the Helwyr3 bosses, all you have to do is to give a nice looking tile name. 1. Title name can not be named with immature names 2. Title name must not across 3 words like ( The Noob one) 3. First check TITLE GUIDE maybe there is already the tile ingame that you want to add (we dont need duplicates, thank you) Boss list Just copy the following content and fill the title space, Look telos as an example, also you can add the color! General Graardor - Commander Zilyana - Kree'ara - K'ril Tsutsaroth - Giant Mole - Sunfreet - Bork - Barrel Chest - Tormented Demon - Wyvern - Kalphite Queen - King Black Dragon - Queen black dragon - Dagganoth King - Mercenary Mage - Helwyr - Vindicta - Twin Furies - Gregorovic - Dark Lord - Kalphite King - Araxxor - Vorago - Corpereal Beast - Solak - Telos, The Warden - The Warden Blink - Party Demon - Chaos Elemental - WildyWyrm -
  14. Voteing

    Hello everyone Lately there is problem for claiming votes, so i decided to make this little guide for players to understand how this system works. 1. When you are on the server easiest way is to type command ;;vote 2. If you have SPACE between your ingame name then you have to type "_" between words, Like if your ingame name is Noob Noob then you have to type like "Noob_Noob" 3. after you press "Submit" then it takes you to site where is listed all voteing sites that you can vote for. There is 7 pages that you can vote 6 12h cooldown and 1 24h cooldown sites. 4. After you have voted for all pages go ingame, type ;;reward 1 until it says you dont have any code to redeem, sometimes it says it after you redeemed first or secound time, but go on youll be able to get like 10 redeems after you have voted for all pages. Rewards 1. Book of Knowledge 2. Key token (SoF spins)
  15. Earlier
  16. Howdy

    thanks buddy!
  17. Howdy

    welcome to helwyr
  18. Update #56

    Update Staff Update - Rich let go his moderator rank I want to thank Rich for his service to the server and We wish you the best! 2 player been promote! Feelsbadman has been promoted to the rank of Support Kiyo has been promoted to the rank of moderator Kalphite King KK has been rework a bit to look more like in rs3 - Minion will always spawn - Minion damage has been slightly nerfed - Added Rush ability - His green hit ability been change, now this ability will deal you 65% damage to your current health(cannot be evaded) Other Fixed the ASC Dungeon weird message when you teleport
  19. Howdy

    Now known as Bigdaddy in game =)
  20. Howdy

    Hey guys the name is Ripstanlee In game on discord i go by BettyWhite new to private servers been a off and on runescape player for years though looking forward to meet and play with you guys.
  21. Review Format

    Hello All. The current format must be used when making a Thread in this Section of the forums. This keeps it structured and easy for each individual member to find themselves and read your feedback. Owner Bandos/Zeus - Server Developer Kingkenobi - Forum Developer - Moderators Kiyo- Support Jex - Feelsbadman - REMEMBER: These threads are not to be used to flame or hate on any of our Staff. This is to provide honest feedback so that we as individuals can improve and become better staff members for you all. ALSO: If you do not see some of the staff above or run into them regularly. Keep in mind timezones are a thing. They might be sleeping during your day etc. So dont give bad feedback purely based off of that alone. Thankyou, Helwyr Staff Team.
  22. Hey everyone

    Welcome to our community, and enjoy your stay. Hope to see you ingame!
  23. Hey everyone

    Hey, my name is Blake (my ign btw) and I have been enjoying this server very much. The detail put into it, staff, players, and updates are great. I've been around the rsps scene for as long as I can remember (probably around 10 years... lol) I also dabble in GFX and Web design/development. Some may know me as Some, Blake, or Miles. Happy to be here and to continue the grind. See you all in-game.
  24. how to dubble log on a mac

    all you haft to do is download it twice have 2 seperate files n open both of them worked for me
  25. Update #55

    Update Web Store Due to a problem, we changed the way to handle the store. Check the new link : https://helwyr3.com/store/ Weekly Time Reward This system has been removed for a new one that will be an hourly Loyalty box reward In this box, you can get a variety of items such as : dragon gear, Golden Chaotic, Lucky gear, skilling lamp, 5 new pets, 2 ocean cosmetic set and even bonds witch worth 5$ in-game store! I can't wait to get your feedback on this Primal Armor As you know you can get primal Armor from the Party Demon in the wild. This armor has been rework a bit to make it better in some situation. - You will get a passive Strength and Attack bonus while you are in New Dungeneering and also in Elite Dungeon. - This armor will give you bonus hp Just like other tank armor like Torva / Achto Telos Some changes have been made to Telos, He never been intended to be an afk boss. (I'm still working on the instance) - Removed his special melee attack - Added a new special melee attack - Changed his attack delay from 9 to 7 - Buffed his damage on his basic melee attack - Added his respawn animation - Changed the GFX of his poison attack Other - Some Broken clue has been fixed
  26. Update #54

    Update Death Scythe Earn 750 Reaper point to get the new scythe patch which can be used on noxious scythe to get the Death Scythe The Death Scythe as the same bonus as the Noxious scythe, but it gives str and att bonus during reaper task! Tusken Invasion The point per game been reduced to 6. The Minigamer perk will now work with this minigame! so each time you win the minigame with the perk you will gain a total of 12 points! Malevolent I changed the resource needed for the actual one of RS Other - Corrupted ore smelting has been fixed - Some clue scroll has been fixed - Easy clue scroll have now the proper name - Added all stats on the dyed weapon of telos and their special attack
  27. Thanks Giving 2018

    As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. Good Day! We have put a 10-65% Discount to all our Items in Donation Shop.
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