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  3. Update # 32

    Update Log #32: New content: - Offhand Primal longsword and offhand Primal rapier have been added to the Dungeoneering shop for 1,200,000 tokens - Added a pack of Sagittarian arrows to the Dungeoneering store - Added a loyalty shop with cosmetics Other stuff: - Increased the fire rate of the Sagittarian longbow to the same as Zaryte and Boogie bows
  4. Update # 31

    Offhand is 1.2m tokens
  5. slayer rework idea

    i love it. +1
  6. Update # 31

    dam... 1m token lol so its 2m for the set ?
  7. Update # 31

    Update Log #31: New content: - Primal weapons: * Rapier * Longsword - Sagittarian weapons: * Longbow * Arrows - Celestial weapons: * Catalytic staff - The above weapons will have adjusted stats to make them slightly worse than t90 equipment (Drygores, Tectonic, Sirenic) but better than port equipment (Tetsu, Seasinger, Deathlotus) - All weapons will be available from the Dungeoneering Rewards Trader for 1,000,000 tokens (might be changed in the future) - Sagittarian arrows can currently only be purchased one at a time, however in a small update tomorrow there will be a pack of 25 arrows players can purchase for 12,500 tokens Bug fixes: - Runespan is now spelled correctly in minigames teleport - Edimmus now give 5 Pvm points per kill instead of 50 - Fixed the announcement when a player receives a pet from skilling - Fixed the where a pet would null when a player receives it Other stuff: - Removed the complimentary Pots of Gold that came with donation perks - Improved the stats of Chaotic Rapier and Tetsu Wakizashi - Added quest dialogue to Party Pete - Added a warning players must accept when teleporting to wilderness bosses - Reduced rewards for weekly top leaderboards
  8. Losing items in wilderness

    Blood fury is an item that dont turn into dust and i lost it.... so just dont bring any item that degrade just to make sure you dont lose anyting
  9. - 3 videos made for the server minimum - Server name in the title - Website in the description - RuneScape related keywords - Good showcase of content - 1 minute length minimum - At least 50 subscribers All requirements are subject to change as the server develops.
  10. Some people have been reporting that they are losing items like Malevolent armor when they die in the Wilderness. This is due to a system in place that automatically sets the charge on degradable items to 0% when die in the wildy. For items like Tetsu, Malv and others that degrade to dust; this will delete the item entirely on death. I advise people going to wilderness bosses to not bring that gear if you are unsure of surviving the fight. Items lost from dying will not be refunded.
  11. Update # 30

    I will talk to Zeus about it, usually the update logs are just me translating his patch notes into something readable but I can see if he has something for next patch.
  12. Store Issue

    You should PM zeus on discord
  13. Store Issue

    I went in to the store and wanted to get something and it came up blankish when trying to pay for it.
  14. How to kill kalphite king

    nice guide moe!
  15. Update # 30

    nice update! would be nice on update post to have some kind of what's ahead kind of clue at the end of the post
  16. slayer rework idea

    Very cool idea nice alternative to end game slayer. +1
  17. slayer rework idea

    I have some idea for a slayer rework! because curently the only good task to get pretty much is Edimmu and Kalphite because of the good xp vs kk I know that we have the grim reaper task for bossing, but I would add an option to kill bossas task when you reach lvl 99 in slayer! the Slayer master in Priff would be the boss slayer master. There is the list of the boss he could give you to kill 15-40 General graardor Commander Zilyana Kree'Arra Kalphite queen King Black Dragon 5-10 Kalphite King Corporeal Beast Queen Black Dragon 1-3 Nex Vorrago Each task could give 20 bosses task point wich could be use in a new slayer shop! Stuff in the new slayer shop: Slayer helm upgrade witch would cost 500 points ( witch would bring slayer helm to t70 defence ) (need 105 slayer to upgrade it) Super slayer helm upgrade cost 750 points ( bring the slayer helm to t80 and boost the domage by +6% for a total of 20% bonus domage on task npc ) note that you need the first upgrade before having this one (need 115 slayer to upgrade it) Slayer mystery box 150 points would be a brand new tradable item in witch you could get realy good item if your lucky ! if the game mode would effect the luck, the box should not be tradable to prevent multi acc abuse possible item in the SMB : common 90% - Barrow item drops rare 9% - god wars item drops Super rare 1% - Khopesh of Tumeken and the off hand Khopesh of Elidinis (Mele weapon T92 you would need 92 attack and 115 slayer to use it) This would become the best mele weapon set to have ! the stats would be 10% better than drygore long sword and 1.15% faster, the Str bonus would be comparable with the drygore mace The SMB will have a realy tiny chance to get drop by a boss during a slayer task! 0.5% chance Luck of the Dwarves witch would cost 800 points this ring would give 8 in every stats and also give 3x the luck of the ring of wealth
  18. Update # 30

    Update Log #30: Bug fixes: * Removed the bug allowing players to glitch into the Gold members area through player owned houses. New content (ish): * The Party Demon has been reworked: - Hitpoints reduced from 25,000 to 15,000 - Player's max hit on the demon has been increased from 1,000 to 1,500 - Added attack animations and stats - Using the Boogie Bow gives you increased damage - Decreased damage the player does to themselves by 50% Other stuff: * Decreased the hitpoints of King Black Dragon from 10,000 to 7,500 * Added Sunfreet and Dark Lord to the kill counter (displayed after every kill) * Improved stats of the Zaryte Bow * Added stats to the Boogie Bow * Players should now lose items on death when fighting any wilderness boss
  19. 1-99/1b XP Farming/Magic guide

    doesn't work anymore? nvm ignore this comment (idk how to delete it)
  20. Earlier
  21. Prestige Shop

    dragon bones upgrade kit and you could make it so it could be kind of custom... maby make it so it buff dragon armor to like T65/70
  22. Prestige Shop

    would be nice if he could add the luck of the dwarven! optainable only with vet/heroic prestige shop
  23. Peg Legs Application

    Username: Peg Legs Age: 23 Where are you from?: England. Timezone: GMT: +00:00 What position are you applying for?: Server Support. How many hours do you spend daily ingame?: 6+ Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: Because I often find myself online with a few other people and staff members are either offline or heavily afk. Why should we choose you over others: Because I've invested a lot of time into the game since I started about 6 weeks ago, I've learned a lot about Helwyr and already know most game knowledge of RS3 which a lot of items are from. What are some usable skills you have?: A sense of humour always comes in handy as being serious all the time just isn't what people want, Also as I stated above I know a lot about the game which helps when new players ask questions. Staff Experience: None. What are the qualities you have?: I'm easy going but know when I need to be serious, game knowledge, not afraid to speak for the community and take on suggestions people have that may improve the quality of the game. How long have you played Helwyr?: Roughly every day for 6 weeks. In a short paragraph, explain what you'll do with your position: I'll be able to answer any questions people have about the game, i'll be on nearly every day so if anyone needs staff assistance i'll be there to help swiftly and effectively. Hopefully people will be willing to join in with group bosses the get the community more involved with events. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted? I hope to be able to see new players join and help them want to stay for a great experience with us here on Helwyr3. Do you understand that if you break rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member that you will be demoted?: YES I (Peg Legs), understand that if I break the rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, I will be demoted immediately with no warnings. YES
  24. Prestige Shop

    but thats all we have so far!
  25. Prestige Shop

    Cosmetics =)
  26. Prestige Shop

    Zeus is looking for new items to put into the prestige shop, feel free to give your suggestions in the comments.
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