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  1. Today
  2. Update # 8

    sweet updates! Thanks Zeus!
  3. Charm farming guide

    Will do =)
  4. Yesterday
  5. Charm farming guide

    Didn't know this! Very good guide. Keep giving more like these!
  6. Buying all skilling supplies

    Buying pretty much all the skilling supplies, medium/high level bars, logs, raw food, fletching supplies, high level bones (low price), also low priority on charms and unfinished potions, just PM me in game on 1g1g0d, 1g1dfanacc or 1G1D
  7. Update # 8

    Nice updates,keep it up
  8. Update # 8

    Keep the good updates fam love em 💜
  9. Update # 8

    Fixed blink doesn't do damage on melee, range, and magic Fixed scoreboard showing top voter instead of the top donator Added puro-puro on minigame teleports in the last page /removed on skilling teleport Added new teleport Interface on Bosses Pots of gold now tradeable Reworked Legio boss After you kill a Legio boss you will now be teleported out (entrance of the boss) after 10 seconds, so you better pick the loot up fast after you kill the boss.
  10. What events do you want to see ingame?

    pvp tournaments sound fun in clanwars white portal ofcource also boss masses
  11. Update #7

    great job thank you
  12. What events do you want to see ingame?

    Any sort of competition, being it skilling/pking or whatever for a decent reward Im down =)
  13. Last week
  14. something is wrong

    fixed by changing the settings during the login screen, thank you vex
  15. something is wrong

    i have played on 4x ever since i started playing and as of now it doesnt seem to work, i cant click my inventory and it only lasts for about 10-20 seconds and goes back to 0
  16. Price Guide

    prices arent bad we gotta build of some kind of guide
  17. What events do you want to see ingame?

    COSTUME CONTEST. Need to show my swag outfits
  18. Hey guys! We want to know what ingame events you want to see. Post them below and we will take a look at them This can be anything you want. Example: - Boss masses - Hide and Seek - Drop parties - PKing event - Clan wars /Staff team
  19. Price Guide

    Edited that Huh?? I am updating it.if you found a wrong price just tell me I will edit it....
  20. Price Guide

    I want this removed bad price guide. and no not updated removed.
  21. Price Guide

    spelled Armadyl wrong
  22. Hello everyone! We are still looking for youtubers who can make videos on the server!! How do I get youtuber rank? you need make 3 videos before you can be awarded the Youtuber Rank ingame. What do I get for doing youtube videos? you will get paid ingame with perks and worth 2-3USD per video via Paypal. Any questions post them below or ask a staff member. //Staff team
  23. Update #7

    Added Bossing Kill time tracker Track how many minutes you kill the bosses of Helwyr3 Added this features in the Scoreboard @ home Added Bossing kill time tracker highscores. Added Top players online per week. added top voters per week. Added top donators per week. Top 3 player in the top Weekly donator, voter, and player will receive incentives ingame. (5USD worth of perks) Added New skilling teleport system. There are fixes but I forgot to log them. Website Reworked the Homepage Reworked Forums Reworked Donation page Reworked Vote Page Reworked Highscores Page Sorry for not elaborating the updates, making this update thread after coding for 5 hours straight.
  24. Price Guide

    WEAPONS: Chaotic Maul: 50m Chaotic rapier: 50m Chaotic longsword: 50m Chaotic crossbow: 50m Abyssal whip: 7-10m Abyssal vine whip: 20m Armadyl godsword: 200m Bandos godsword: 100m Saradomin godsword: 150m Zamorak godsword: 150m Zamorak spear: 70m Dragon claw: 250m Off-hand dragon claw: 200m Drygore longsword: 750m Drygore rapier : 700m Drygore mace: 650m Noxious longbow: ??? Noxious scythe: ??? Noxious staff: ??? Polypore staff: 20m Dark bow: 10m Siesmic wand: 1-1.5b Staff of light: 15m Zaryte bow: ??? Virtus wand: ??? Abyssal wand: 15-20m Korasi's sword: ??? Ascension crossbow: 500m Off-hand ascension crossbow: 400m Armours: Torva Platebody: 300m Torva platelegs: 300m Torva helm: 250m Pernix cowl: 250m Pernix body: 300m Pernix chaps: 300m Virtus mask: 200m Virtus robe top: 300m Virtus robe legs: 300m Bandos Chestplate: 30m Bandos tassets: 30m Bandos helmet: 20m Bandos warshield: 20m Armadyl chestplate: 30m Armadyl chainskirt: 30m Armadyl helmet: 20m Armadyl buckler: 20m Hood of Subjugation: 20m Garb of subjugation: 30m Gown of subjugation: 30m Ganodermic visor: 20m Ganodermic poncho: 30m Ganodermic leggings: 30m Dragon full helm: 20m Divine spirit shield: ??? Elysian spirit shield: ??? Arcane spirit shield: ??? Spectral spirit shield: ??? Dragon fire shield: 80m Celestial hood: 30m Celestial robe top: 40m Celestial robe bottom: 40m Dharock set: 50m Gloves-boots-amulets-Rings: Steadfast boots: 80m Glaiven boots: 70m Ragefire boots: 60m Torva boots: 100m gloves: 100m Pernix boots: 100m gloves: 100m Virtus boots: 100m gloves: 100m Bandos boots:10m gloves: 10m Armadyl boots: 20m gloves: 10m Subjugation boots: 10m gloves: 10m Ganodermic boots: 5m gloves: 5m Celestial shoes: 20m gloves: 20m Amulet of fury: 20m Amulet of souls: 50m Berserker ring: 50m Archer ring: 40m Seers ring: 30m Warrior ring: 20m Ring of wealth: 5m Rares: Red Partyhat: 700m Green partyhat: 700m Blue partyhat: 700m Yellow partyhat: 700m Purple partyhat: 700m White partyhat: 700m Hweens: 650m Santa hat: 600m Others: Magic logs: 10k each Dragon bones: 100-150k each Frost dragon bones: 200-250k each Uncut onyx: 15m Crystal key: 2m Raw sharks: 6k each Raw rocktails: 15k each Gold charm: 6k each Blue charm: 10k each Crimson charm: 8k each Green charm: 7k each Dragon Pickaxe: 10-15m Dragon hatchet: 10-15m ???= Unknow price.
  25. I have arrived

    Welcome man
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