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    Review the staff team

    By Likx,

    Hey everyone!

    After getting some complains from players about the current behavior of the staff team, we have decided to make a post below where you can review each individual staff member from there performance as a staff member and give out what we can improve on.
    We would also really appreciate if you could give us our performance as a whole.

    There will be a poll were you can vote for the best staff member we currently have.
    Voting is completely anonymous, as we don't want players to give hate to each other for there voting action.

    Reason why we want to do this, is because we want to get a better bond with each player and the community as a whole.

    Please don't hate on each others for there reviews, respect each other. We are only doing this to improve our performance for you.


    If you don't want to make a post below to others to see, send the review to Zeus so he can give it to the respected staff member.


    //Staff team

    Player of the Month!

    By Likx,

    Hello everyone!

    Nominations will start at the last week of march.
    Player that wins the Player of the Month will recieve tons of incenstives!


    Players and staff members can be nominated for player of the month.

    A total of 3 lucky players will get nominated for the final poll as were you all can vote on who will be the POTM!

    If you have any questions, send a message to any of the staff members or post below!

    //Staff team

    Update # 6

    By bandos,